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Domestic Violence Group Rips SNL's Tiger Sketch

12/7/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Saturday Night Live" joked about Tiger Woods being beaten by his wife Elin during a sketch on the show this weekend -- but the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ... they ain't laughin'.

TMZ spoke with the organization's Executive Director Rita Smith, who told us she was "horrified" that SNL "made such a mockery of abuse."

During the sketch, Woods -- played by Kenan Thompson -- is visibly battered and holding up signs warning that Elin -- played by Blake Lively -- has beaten him.

During the show, the audience laughs, but Smith claims, "There's nothing funny about this story, particularly if violence was part of the events that took place ... I hope that SNL refrains from using this kind of skit in the future as it diminishes people's support for victims of domestic violence."


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oj simpson raped in prison

1745 days ago

Medical legal issues    

If Elin cheated, would it be funny if SNL did a skit with the roles reversed?

Vote: Yes, it would be funny if Tiger beat Elin since she cheated. She deserved it.

Vote: No, domestic violence is a crime.

1745 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Violence against men is entertaining and is gonna happen. But never touch a woman.

1745 days ago


f@#k tiger wood he's not a victim he's an a@#hole and he lied to his wife and kids and treated them like s@#t just because he provide for them doesnt mean he didnt treat them like they where nothing in his life and the girls who knew he was married f@#k those home wrecking c@#ts they r as bad as him and now they r saying there victims there full of s@#t and should get no sympathy like b@#cha@# tiger woods his wife should leave him and take the kids

1745 days ago


25. Can you imagine (for those of you old enough) if the Archie Bunker show came out now instead of many moons ago? My bet is it would be canceled due to outrage after one episode!

My point is this levity! You can laugh at situations that may perhaps not be the most proper but that does not dictate your views it merely is an avenue of escape. In this day and age everyone has so much pressure a good laugh is good for you however knowing not to club someone with a golf club is common sense.

People need to lighten up..........

Posted at 5:25PM on Dec 7th 2009 by Scott

Very well said, Scott.

Ms. Smith, it's called SATIRE for a reason!

I thought the skit was hilarious!

And, Blake Lively was perfectly cast as Elin!

Personally, I'd love to be "manhandled" by a Swedish goddess! LOL!

1745 days ago


I thought it was Hilarious and that's saying a lot for SNL. I think this organization shoule be worried about real abuse rather than a TV show.

1745 days ago


Rita Smith can go choke on a big fat one. Stupid PC idiot. It's a skit and any woman would do the same thing to their man if they found out their boyfriend or husband was a professional man whore. This stupid **** took a skit that was supposed to parody the man whore and how his wife reacted and turned it into a "OMG, they're saying domestic abuse is funny!!!! ZOMGWTFBBQSAUCE111111111" comment. Someone should go upside Rita Smith's head with a golf club for her utter stupidity.

1745 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Rita needs to take a freaking pill. Does she know what a JOKE is?
That skit is hysterical on several levels. Rita's so wrapped up in her own sick little world of domestic violence that she doesn't recognize a joke when she sees one.

1745 days ago

Lil L    

Gosh! Stop being so sensitive! Can't have a good laugh! Stop getting offended for no reason at all!

1745 days ago


Rita should snap out of it.

1745 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are bad, women are good.

1745 days ago


I'm so glad SNL is not an obama lovin' groupie show.

1745 days ago

Ralph H    

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence can go suck a fat d*ck, that sketch was funny.

1745 days ago

Medical legal issues    

MSNBC is now reporting Woods ended up in the intensive care unit after being nearly beaten to death by Elin:

"When Tiger Woods was brought to the Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, Fla., his condition was more serious than previously reported. According to a person with knowledge of Woods’ hospital admission, the star golfer had to be admitted directly to the hospital’s intensive care unit, where he was immediately intubated and his breathing stabilized." He was "snoring" at the scene because his windpipe or trachea was damaged.

Does someone who committed aldultery deserve to be beaten so badly they are in an intensive care unit? he was also prematurely discharged to home to protect "the families privacy".

Elin Woods deserves to be convicted of domestic violence. Not protected.

1745 days ago


We're a nation of apologizing for everything! Lighten up.

1745 days ago
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