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'Jersey Shore' Scares Off Another Sponsor

12/7/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Call it the "Domino's Effect" -- another sponsor is following the pizza giant's lead and getting the hell out of "Jersey Shore"

Jersey Shore

TMZ has learned American Family Insurance noticed their ads running during the premiere episode of the MTV reality show last week -- an episode that "outraged" one major Italian group -- and immediately called the network to make sure it doesn't happen again.

A rep for the insurance company tells us, "Since our relationship with MTV was in its final days, we took the simple and prudent step of asking MTV to not air any more ... promos during 'Jersey Shore' reruns over the weekend. MTV stated they would comply with the request."

The move opens yet another spot for advertisers looking to sell hair gel, fist-pumping instructional DVDs, tribal tats, pink eye remedies, more hair gel, Drakkar Noir, eye-brow waxing kits, and yes ... even more hair gel.


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TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

That group of lowlifes is not representative of Italians, they're just a trashy segment of humanity in general -- & every ethnicity has 'em. This particular bunch is not only stupid & low class -- they are butt ugly! it might not make them any uglier, cuz that's not possible; still I'd like to smash in the faces of a couple of those chicks.

1725 days ago


I'll tell you what the big deal is, as an American of Italian descent - these and the other examples you highlight are Americans just being "stupid" and why is MTV rewarding and promoting the exceptions and not the reality in the majority. Stupid pointless show, as are the other fame whore exceptions be they "hill billys", "rapper wannabes", etc. They make me wince the same way Kanye West made me wince. The majority of Americans of Italian descent worked very hard to advance themselves, as have other groups .... MTV needs to grow up. We have serious civil rights issues happening in this country right now and all they can do is put some stereotypical hair gelled meat heads on tv. Here - watch this and get a clue. Sick and tired of seeing "stupid Americans" when together we have a whole lot more to do.
"I really don't get the "outrage" by Italian-Americans.

People like this do exist. As a native New Yorker, I can tell you that there is a large subculture in the tri-state area of young people exactly like this. Do they represent all Italian-Americans? - of course not.

Not every white guy from the South is a pick-up driving hillbilly, but they too exist. Not every young black kid from the inner city is a wanna-be rapper, but they too exist. Stereotypical segements exist in all cultures and have been portrayed on tv and in film. What's the big deal?

Plus the show is hilarious!"

1725 days ago


I don't get it ? This show is no different than Real World. If italians want to boycott this show- the PTA should boycott and be up in arms over Real World because some real goofy people are wandering around that show too! I think the PTA should be upset over Real World because those kids are a bad representation of offspring! lol

1725 days ago


best show EVER!

1725 days ago


My point is that MTV once covered serious issues in the early reality shows with young people of various backgrounds learning to get along as they matured. Sure, some things were "dumb" but the majority of kids make dumb mistakes/do dumb things, as they develop and mature. This show is not only playing to the lowest common denominator but it's stupid. Moreover, it is perpetuating negative stereotypes. The statement below is 100% accurate.

Use of the name "Guido" to depict Italian-Americans is as offensive as calling NYC "Hymietown". Nuff said. And anyone who fails to see this as hate speech must have some racial intolerance themselves.

1725 days ago


the show simply sucks. its a joke. ill watch it just to get my FEW laughs in of the day. lol. thats all its good for. who cares where they are from and what they do and what stereotype u wanna put em in. its their problem not ours, we r just here to watch and enjoy the "humor/drama of it i guess? as with allllll other "reality" shows

1725 days ago


I think it's ridiculous to call this show offense. Have you ever been to jersey? This is pretty much it. Guido's every where.

1725 days ago


Ok, the guys are complete tools, but at least they wear some nice gear - Affliction, in particular. I found the cheapest Afflication gear on the web at

1725 days ago


August 21st. my family and I went to Seaside Heights. We stayed right next door to the "house" where those animals were living. The noise was a joke - yelling, cursing, the Escalade alarms going off, the doors slamming and the police. Frankly the fact that the area is family oriented, for the most part, made the behavior of those cretins even more disturbing. We were there when a blonde and her friend (or sister) were involved in a fight with one of the bimbos, at 4:00 in the morning! The mouths on those girls was worse than anything I have ever heard. And loud! My God they just had no consideration for anyone else. I hope that now the taping of the show is completed and televised, those idiots realize how immature and stupid they came across just for the sake of their 15 minutes of fame.

1725 days ago


OMFG...I was trying to add up the IQs on the show, and I got as far as 3. This is even a guido's nightmare.

1725 days ago


I went to high school with the jackass known as "The Situtaion". Yes, these people exist, no most of us are not like this and honestly the only good thing about this monstrosity is the fact that now the whole world can laugh at what everyone who had to deal with these douchebags while growing up had to put up with. Finally these egotistical, moronic, trashy and pathetic a-holes can get all of the laughter,scorn and derision that they deserve thrown their way.

PS - I dunno about the rest of these morons but "The Situation" is not a "young guy who is just being a dumb kid", douchebag is pushing 30. What person with any sense of self or maturity is still acting the same exact way he acted when I knew him at 16? Yeah.

1725 days ago


I see the same type of Italian kids everywhere .....
Any remember the that gotti show with the kids...

Anyways same Sh! T here.... these type of Italian people are the A$$ wholes of America hahahaha :) hahahah :) hahahah

1725 days ago


I would seriously be embarrassed if I was from New Jersey these people are idiots...I met girls from New Jersey and I tell you what they where the sluttiest girls I ever met in my life I swear I mean just slutty as hell not bad looking but just going all out the first time meeting them it was kinda sad cause I never been with a girl like that and it really wasn't attractive at all I could see if she was just wanting to have fun but she was trying to be my girl I was like noway never that I could never be with a girl like that...I never really had friends from NJ but if they act like this than I don't want to I would also be embarrassed if I was Italian Lol cause they are not respecting the real Italian life style and tradition the worst thing about it all is they think they are cool and so good looking when you can never see past there personality's cause they are lame even the girls on the show talk to much Sh*t about the dudes and the girls are sluts

1725 days ago


I'm from New Jersey and I can tell you first hand that these kids do exist. I'm from their parents generation and I was one of those girls, although I must say this group doesn't hold a candle to what we looked like. These are fugly versions of guido's. But I would also like to point out that these kids aren't actually from the "Jersey Shore." They come down to the Jersey Shore on weekends to trash the place, go back to where they came from, and do it all over again until September. They are nasty little pigs who would never act or treat their own towns this way but feel free to do it at the beach resorts. I now live at the Jersey Shore year round and the residents that live here year round can't stand these people. They don't bother me, they spend their money here....

1725 days ago


These people are not Italian. They are jersey shore trash nothing more. My boyfriend is a first generation American (his Mom and Dad moved her from Agrigento, Sicily when she was 6 months pregnant with him. He watched a total two minutes of the show before wanting to vomit. I've been around all his family all his cousins who are all first generation Americans, none of them have ever behaved this way. An Italian sounding last name does not make you Italian.

1725 days ago
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