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Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

Oh, The Irony!!!

12/7/2009 6:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before she inserted herself into the Tiger drama, Jaimee Grubbs inserted herself into a Tiger costume.


Back in 2005, Grubbs hit up a friend's Halloween party sporting the stripes, the ears, and of course, the ... tail.

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1781 days ago


Ok, TMZ, how about a "who'd you rather" with all of Tigers women..... My bet is his wife gets more then 90%! I'm just saying...... what an idiot!

1781 days ago


I fail to see the irony. Coincidence maybe, but no irony.

1781 days ago


Where da black women at?

1781 days ago


is this the one on the reality show that was crying all over theplace because her boyfriend cheated on her? I can't keep track. HOw do you think his WIFE whom he had two kids with feels>

These women need to take a bit of the responsibiilty too- why cheat with a married man- go find your own. SKANKS

1781 days ago


Dang you would think Black Women of America would rise up and take a stand against their men doing all this catting around, especially with non Black women.

I guess it might be a testament to Black aint Beautiful afterall...their men are proving it. Why arent the sisters rising up against this apparent Right of Passage among Black Men?

Gots to do a white women outsides the marriage...

Freaking fools, no wonder there are husband and fatherhood issues with that culture and race---the women need to do like the purest white woman ever created did, Tigers wife, and take a golf club upside their cheating mens heads.

Speak up Black women...

1781 days ago

El Tigre    

Only one with original non-fake boobs.I like Tiger's taste in women, you know, buffet style.

1781 days ago


Well, this black woman is speaking. First of all, from the time Tiger came on the scene, he never wanted to acknowledge the/his "black" side. He seemed to have a serious problem with fully identifying with the fact that he looks black, although he is part Asian (remember, his mother is Asian); therefore to us, Tiger has major issues about who he really is. One thing for sure, we could not take away his God given talent, regardless of his race. The average Black person didn't feel connected to him (at all); except for celebrities and athletes, who are of course all in the same box in the way they are thinking. Forgetting who you really are and where you come from is truly their problem, including Tiger. He of course uses the excuse that my Mom is Asian. So the question is, why wouldn't he look at Black/Asian women? Think about it. Look at his own Dad and his choice of a mate. She certainly wasn't black. He did the same exact thing. So many of the Black men are lost in themselves and the set out to pick women that don't look like their MOM'S because first of all, white women will subject themselves to do just about anything (and I mean anything) for their man and black men are not accustomed to this type of loyalty from their own women. It is just certain things we will NOT do or perform and that is the bottom line. White women are very creative in the devil's kinky stuff (ever heard of blue-eyed devils)and it thrills black men to death to have and know that his white (slave) woman will actually suck and lick the skin off of his black "ass" for the sake of mere LOVE. Look at the women that Tiger has surrounded himself with. First a nanny, a high priced call gir, a felon, a casino hostess, well I can go on and on but I hope you get this black women's explanation. It is sooooo funny! Just hillarious!

1781 days ago


To comment about white women and their issues, well, they do have them and as far as I am concerned, they have many. They have really put themselves in a bad situation and position. Men have learned to take advantage in women who are "needy" and white women always appear to be needy. White women do not know how to survive without a man and black women have been surviving for centuries; including the abuse and neglect she has experienced in life. Black women know how to do without and to work hard to raise their children; alone if they had to. So in case you didn't know, white women have become the NEW SLAVE. It is evident that the Black Man is pleased with their new slaves. Let be honest, look around you; if it were not for today's white woman, some of these men, would be without sex and families. I say to you white women, you go girls! Now... you put up with all the mess and BS! We have suffered long enough. It is time for you NOW. What is so stupid about this whole thing is the wealthy brothers (and sisters)are willing to share (GIVE) their hard earned wealth (POWER) back to the people who don't want us to have it in the first place, white people. At the first opportunity, they will take it back and faster than it was earned. Wealth and power that God allowed them to have and they give it back to white people. Help me to understand this crazy world. Something is wrong with this picture.

1781 days ago


Who said he wasn't good at more than golf


1781 days ago


check out


1780 days ago


check out


1780 days ago


thank you justin (#18)! finally someone with some common sense! the fact the he cheated should be the only central focus. not the color of anyone's skin invovled, and trashing another race is just childish and ridiculous. he is a man who is married and cheated on his wife with several women. whether they are white, black, indian, spanish, or extra terrestrial should not matter. if you wonder why we still have hate/race crimes looking at these post is a perfect example. instead of seeing a unfaithful man you've seen a traitorous black man married to a white women sleeping with white women because some stereotype says white women are kinky whores. we all need to grow up and take a good look at ourselves. maybe we can learn something from it.

1779 days ago


post 19 continued
signed black lisa

1779 days ago


Has anyone noticed that so many of the women coming out with information about Tiger have criminal records. Last I looked, Grubbs was nabbed for shoplifting back in 2004?


1779 days ago
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