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Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

Oh, The Irony!!!

12/7/2009 6:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before she inserted herself into the Tiger drama, Jaimee Grubbs inserted herself into a Tiger costume.


Back in 2005, Grubbs hit up a friend's Halloween party sporting the stripes, the ears, and of course, the ... tail.

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I cannot believe some of these posts regarding race. You people need to take a good look at yourselves and realize that this is why racism exists. To the woman who thinks that only black women know how to be independent, work hard and be without a man - you need to open your eyes and realize that there are many women of all races struggling to get by and doing it on their own. It is people like you that perpetuate racism and I believe that YOU are the slave - slave to hostility,resentment, and negativity that you will never overcome because in reality it is easier to stay where you are than to rise above it and be the better person.

1776 days ago


Black, white?? who cares?

For the angry black woman, Tiger broke the barriers of the Golf World. Before him, no black man would be seen on the golf courses and in the old boy's network of the golf world. He wasn't an angry black man--he was a great athlete. He's still the greatest golfer in the world, and the first billion dollar sports figure.

But he screwed up. All that fame went to his head. The victims here are his wife and kids.
Up here in Canada black men marry white women and black women marry white men. It makes no difference.

Get over the racism. It doesn't belong here!

1775 days ago


Truth hurts (doesn't it?). This is not Canada (or any where else for that matter) either. You can pretend this is ALL about "the children" and a "hurt wife" all you want, this is your choice. The rich (and famous)regardless of who; this kind of stuff is outted everyday. So, come on folks, be honest with your "self", all this hipe about Tiger is about more than just his hurt "family". If Tiger were married to a Black or Asian, by now, all this would be a dead subject. If all these whores that are coming out of the woodwork were Black/Asian, again, the subject would be dead by now. Sorry you do not like the truth, but it is what it is. To the white man, you need to wake up! Those precious little jewels, your sweet little darlings (white women) are non-existing (they didn't exist in the first place)anymore...it is a wake up call. Wake up...your pickings are dwindling! In this case (and most),all that really matters to them is, "show me the money...the green stuff. Just ruthless whores. Sorry, you don't like the truth.

1775 days ago


LMAO! 2594036d and SANDY are hilarious! Obviously, ladies, you have been hunched on the sidelines your whole life just waiting for the chance to pounce on a white woman..you are pitiful. I will admit, Sandy, you do sound educated, which is why it's disheartening to see you would waste all that time typing just to sound, at the end, like the cliched vision of a woman your race so easily portrays. Go back to school, LOSER. Things are so much more complex than what's in your baby brain. So white women are the "NEW SLAVE"? Effing retarded..where do you live, a box? If you two ladies weren't so narrow you could see the bigger picture. It doesn't matter what color all these girls are and to be honest, for every one white "nanny, a high priced call girl, a felon, a casino hostess, (I would go on but it seems Sandy already has)" I can recall 100 times when it was a black woman in the position being talked about. Yes, I said it, the girls Tiger found were the "minorities" of their professions, lmao be realistic, loves, if you can understand me ;)...but that, of course is the smaller picture. Another thing, the only powerful, INTELLIGENT black women that can make choices on her own that I know is Oprah, a woman who is money hungry, scared of real love and real commitment, way to go black woman, you've mastered the art of having a lap dog. *Enter Steadman* WOW...and I very seriously doubt that the "black man" as you so eloquently put it #13, is happy with their 'new slaves'...lmao, you ignorant little person, I think the decision to venture into a woman who is not colored (white or whatev) leans more towards the complete and utter failure of YOUR kind of woman to be just that, a woman at all. You can raise kids? More like the GOVERNMENT can raise kids. Once you get an effing JOB and raise all those kids without getting a handout 3 times a week, then stand up and shout. ;) One more thing, how is it that you think white women "put up" with what a man THINKS he can dish out? Isn't it the race YOU'RE defending that has been at a social/evolutionary standstill for a veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry substantial amount of time? Maybe you should take a break from the computer, cause I know that ghetto booty is just a-growin lmao, and GO READ A BOOK

1753 days ago
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