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Wife Told Cops Tiger Boozed on Crash Day

12/7/2009 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Florida Highway Patrol wanted to get a blood test from Tiger Woods after the crash, because a witness told them Tiger was boozing earlier in the day -- this according to new documents obtained by TMZ.

FHP had requested Tiger's blood sample, after a witness -- we're told his wife -- "stated that the driver had consumed alcohol earlier in the day and the same witness removed the driver from the vehicle after the collision."

The document continues, "The same witness stated that the driver was prescribed medication (Ambien and Vicatin [sic]}."

As we first reported, it was Elin Nordegren who pulled Tiger from the crash and told cops he had taken medicine (but she didn't know when) and even brought the pill bottles to the EMTs.

The document concludes, "Impairment of the driver is also suspected due to the careless driving that resulted in the traffic crash."

Ultimately, the FHP's request for the blood sample was denied, on grounds of insufficient evidence to issue a subpoena.

The FHP has determined alcohol was not a factor.

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1788 days ago


Better that Tiger should address all of his addictions and get help. Elin and the children are safer away from Tiger for many reasons.

1788 days ago

Deep Digger    

#106 cake and lion cheetah's accomplices:

if elin beat him with a club to cause a concussion, he would have a bruise. that would have been reported in hospital report. it would be impossible for doctors not to see it. tiger is an expensive patient, they are not going to let him leave without doing all unnecessary exams. you can bet cops read the hospital record and there was not anything major. otherwise, cops would be investigating more.

i personally do not think a hit by a club can only cause a cut on his lip. it would cause a major damage, maybe broken jaw and tooth. like that, hospital would not release him. and he is not seen in public. i am not sure if any doctor is visiting him. tabloids caught the stroller so they would be able to spot a doctor going in.

so, it looks like cut in his lip is caused by him hitting the steering wheel. his snoring is very likely due to ambien. he may not have a concussion at all, maybe he just passed out once the drugs kicked in since his heart rate was higher due to being chased by elin and accidents.

i think elin only damaged the window of the car and maybe inside the house. any physical injury would be noticed by cops and doctors.

1788 days ago


Ever thought that maybe Elin was hitting the car in an effort to stop him? She knew he was in no condition to drive and would sleep at the wheel. When he took the keys and went behind the wheel locking the doors, she tried hitting the car to make him stop. She might have saved him killing some innocent people on the road. She was probably frantic.

1788 days ago


Tiger really needs that woman to take her 300 mill prenup and piss off forever. Then it's party time at Tigers crib every night. He made a mistake that all rich guys make...he got married. His wife was a parsitic wretch and now he has the opportunity to set things right and enjoy his life. Hope he learns from this and stays a swinging single now. His wife was like an ship's anchor around his neck.

1788 days ago


why are white people such vicious and hateful animals? are you all really so angry that tiger cheated or are you just happy to finally see his name being dragged through the mud because he "infiltrated" and DOMINATED golf for so long? let's be honest here. YT is the devil.

1788 days ago


i don't know why he's protecting that bitch. he needs to tell the police the truth, get her pasty ass locked up and divorce her while she's in prison being broom f*cked.

1788 days ago


why is he protecting that b*tch? he needs to tell the police the truth, have her arrested and divorce her while she's in jail getting mop handles rammed up her frigid c*nt.

1788 days ago


It is easy to get hooked on Ambien. It's not like you physically nee it. It's psychological addiction. High powered people need it because they need to get rest at weird hours to make public events. John McCain and Obama used it during the campaign. It was the only way for them to get rest on their crazy campaigns across America-they had to be in the media every day. That is the danger of the internet age-people don't actually get any down time.

1788 days ago


He has developed a very bad sex addiction and needs to deal with underlying issues (his dad's death, control, power, distracting from sad feelings, depression and grief)) and other non-sexual issues he is dealing with in the context of physical sex.

1788 days ago


15. I want to see Tiger crash and burn. I want to see him end up in a mental hospital under suicide watch. I want him to pay for all of his "transgressions". I take immense pleasure seeing all the negative reports about Tiger. Give me more! Let's all be happy Tiger with all that money is probably one of the most depressed and lonely persons 24/7.........HA HA HA!!

Posted at 3:22PM on Dec 7th 2009 by anotherfnday

No! You are!!!!

1788 days ago


34. Where the black women at?

Posted at 3:34PM on Dec 7th 2009 by Mikey

The same place the Thai women are......far away from Tiger Woods!
They're not into anal sex!!!

1788 days ago

Celebration Florida    

WTF?? .......

"the FHP's request for the blood sample was denied, on grounds of insufficient evidence to issue a subpoena"

Are you kidding me??? Isn't that exactly why they give blood tests???? .......to find out if there is alcohol/drugs in the blood??!!! Duh.... Imagine if someone tried giving that response after being pulled over. "Sorry officer, there insufficient evidence...." Yeah, that would go over... not! How is being pulled over for speeding sufficient evidence, yet hitting 2 curbs, a fire hydrant, and then a tree- all within a couple of doors down is not??? Try that if you ever get pulled over....my dollar says that won't work, unless of course, you are "Tiger Woods". What an absolute joke! My money says he'll pull the old "going to rehab, the drugs made me do it.", and everyone will excuse his past behavior and he will get his star status back..... unbelievable..

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/07/tiger-woods-boozed-before-crash-accident-suv-florida-highway-patrol/#comments#ixzz0Z5StRPRP

1788 days ago


Why was the request denied? It seemed COMPLETELY legitimate.

1788 days ago


why wasn't it more publized when just the otoher day a kid was a victim of a hit and run in medford a women was run over in riverhead and both were drunk and left the scene of the crime since when do they carry on so much when this happened in tigers yard why isn't the wife charged with spousal abuse why can't he have money in his car and if it was there whose business is it don't be black and rich

1788 days ago
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