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Alleged Mistress: Tiger Said Marriage a Sham

12/7/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods told one of his alleged mistresses his marriage was a sham -- "It's only for publicity" -- this, according to her lawyer.

We've also learned she has lurid details of the alleged 2-year affair and Tiger's lawyer has already contacted her attorney.

Michael O'Quinn tells TMZ his client -- O'Quinn asked us not to ID her by name but it's not Jamie Junger -- met Tiger Woods at Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Tiger was engaged at the time. The woman -- then a 20-year-old cocktail waitress at the club -- claims she went back to Tiger's and had sex the night they met, and then carried on an affair for the next two years.

At a point she says she wanted out of the relationship because Tiger had already married Elin Nordegren. She claims Tiger told her his marriage was for image -- "It's only for publicity," she claims he said.

We've learned famed attorney Jay Lavely from Lavely and Singer reached out to O'Quinn this weekend. We've also learned Lavely has had "multiple contacts" with attorneys who represent other women as well.

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Yeah, I saw much details of it in http://www.crabzy.com
It is kind of search engine for forum discussion about whatever you want, to give advice, feedback, questions/answer....

1783 days ago


Oh my! If this is true, then Tiger is an ass hole! I hope he didn't marry that poor woman, for show! What about their cute little children? A selfish jerk! What's up with the need to go screwing around with a bunch of skanks? Low self esteem?

Those poor little children! It's a shame their father has tacos on his mind instead of them! All I can say is nothing good is going to come out of this for Tiger. He made his bed now let him lay down and sleep in it! Surely Elin had to have had a clue! I’d make that jerk go and get an AIDS test. No I wouldn’t, because he would never touch me again! A skank lover!

1783 days ago


I just read in a Swedish newspaper that Tiger Woods togeather with his wife is said to apear in Oprahs show to apologise. Most likely he will also apologise to his wife and fans in public.

If Elin Woods accepts to accompany him to such a media circus she must be stupid. If a man degrades a woman in such a mean way there is no reason to help him save his reputation and fortune. Her children will never understand her the day they are grown ups. Once they understand the whole impact of their fathers behaviour they will not understand how she could suport him.

LOVE!? I have no idea. I only know it would be crushed for ever if I was in her place.

Money? I hope she has some values left from her childhood uppbringing and does not act like many american exwifes do. Why go for money if the only thing she needs is her dignaty back.

If she does that she gets respect not if she suports her hopefully soon future exhusband.

1783 days ago


The wife did not know all those time? So many women with her husband? Too busy at work?

1783 days ago

doc murry    

if she will stays with him then she is no better than he is and it will show its all about money.with most women it is about money.true love went out the window 200 years ago.tiger deserves to be sent to the curb but she wont because cha cching she wants the dough..typical female.sad but true,looks like over the weekend it has come out ol tiger likes to party with some heavey duty drugs ..run tiger run to the nearest cliff and jump off of it.

1783 days ago

doc murry    

I truely believe this is all michael jacksons doing,,he arranged for this to come out after his death so he can help dr murry avoid getting in trouble as we all know it wasnt dr murrys fault..after tthis came out almost 2 weeks ago we have heard nothing about michael jackson(wacko) and dr murry (mr innocent)..this just proves that even in cold cold death mj has control over us all..the media the tabloids even our own thoughts..no if he could just do something about the economy,,we all would be fine

1783 days ago


That's a pretty hurtful statement. These women and their attorneys have no shame. You'd think they would show some compassion. There are things that don't have to be repeated, and this is one of them.

Tiger is a pathetic cheating man-whore FRAUD!

1783 days ago


Why should a woman like Elin, from a wealthy high class Swedish family, enter into a sham marriage? She is beautiful and educated (her father is a top journalist and mother is a politician and former cabinet minister)so why on earth should she marry if she didn't love him very much.

All his escapades with this long list of amateur hookers were arranged and backed by his management who were obviously happy that their rich investment and his "golden boy" image was "happily married" to such a lovely sweet young woman. They knew that their client had a serious addiction and no, it isn't normal behaviour to have tens of cheap women servicing him. He wasn't in love with them, he just used them.

If I were Elin's mother (and I have adult daughters), I would advise her to take the children and leave him immediately. There is NO way that this marriage can ever work and she and the children will be financially secure even with the "smaller" amount due to her now. How can she continue to live with such a tainted person who has humiliated her in such a brutal way.

1783 days ago


Is Cheetah Woods the most hated man on the face of this earth right or what? LOL

1783 days ago


What a creep.

1783 days ago


Hilarious. Imagine how his wife feels. She is the one he committed to, not some NYC skank. Unbelieveable that she would have the nerve to feel this way. What, did she think he would leave his trophy for her? Yeah,let's leave the classy mother of his child for some bar skanks and see the endorsements come pouring in. These girls are egotistical, selfish trash.

Tiger's mistress Boob Job Pictures!

1783 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Is this the line to lose my children, 18 years of income, and $300,000,000? Awesome. Look. The line is movin'.

1783 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

My administration inherited this from Bush.

1783 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

This is a great story. TMZ needs to keep us abreast of this one. We love it when the mighty crumble!

1783 days ago
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