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Alleged Mistress: Tiger Said Marriage a Sham

12/7/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods told one of his alleged mistresses his marriage was a sham -- "It's only for publicity" -- this, according to her lawyer.

We've also learned she has lurid details of the alleged 2-year affair and Tiger's lawyer has already contacted her attorney.

Michael O'Quinn tells TMZ his client -- O'Quinn asked us not to ID her by name but it's not Jamie Junger -- met Tiger Woods at Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Tiger was engaged at the time. The woman -- then a 20-year-old cocktail waitress at the club -- claims she went back to Tiger's and had sex the night they met, and then carried on an affair for the next two years.

At a point she says she wanted out of the relationship because Tiger had already married Elin Nordegren. She claims Tiger told her his marriage was for image -- "It's only for publicity," she claims he said.

We've learned famed attorney Jay Lavely from Lavely and Singer reached out to O'Quinn this weekend. We've also learned Lavely has had "multiple contacts" with attorneys who represent other women as well.

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The funny part of this is if he didn't have a so called "sham" marriage, none of this would really matter.

That "sham" marriage is going to cost him millions! And Elin should take him for everything she can.

1750 days ago


tigers just a male whore. if that is what he wants he should not be married with kids.

1750 days ago


#112- John Charlton:

Best analysis I have seen anywhere on the Woods situation. Thank you.

And I didn't realize that his father had been married before.

1750 days ago


It's funny how we tell people its okay to sleep around when they are single and when they bring those habits to a marriage we jump on them and call them the worst human being on the planet.

Perhaps we need to teach kids/young adults its not okay to be sleeping around even when they are single and sex is more than just something physical.

I don't think Tiger thought he was doing anything wrong. He was just getting off. In his mind he probably thought he was a good family man because he provided for his family and made sure all their needs were met.

1750 days ago


When Tiger played at Southern Hills In Tulsa, Ok he paid me for a blow job.

1750 days ago


Why would you have a marriage that was a sham and bring children into it?

1750 days ago


The steroid story ought to get some steam here before long. I mean overnight he had arms like King Kong. I think before he plays another tournament the PGA will be checking him out very closely.Not to mention NIKE. Granted he is naturally a great golfer...BUT...it appears he had some help.Humping boatloads of white tail wasn't his only..."transgressions ".
tiger...you sure are a great role model for your own kids.
"Daddy...where you going?" "Hey I'm busy...I'm going down to the Blue Martini and find some white tail to get freaky with...your mother bores the living daylights out of me...now go to be".
Nice tiger...really nice.

1750 days ago


Well they say is bigger you are is more noise you make when you fell..yes he is a CHEATER..indeed.
His big EGO and is crumbling,it is about time someone take his place.
Hope she divorce him and take all his money ,he is a bad example for future golf generation..like Agassi being in drugs and playing tennis is that admisible ? not of course they are Rich and Famous not one touch them.
We put them in PEDESTALS we are the ones who make them rich and famous and they became DIVAS is his time and downfall and the saga continues.....

1750 days ago


If his wife is marriage is just a sham what does that make his children? So sad.

1750 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Dear Tiger,

You have to seem a sex addiction - It will cost you a lot of money but at least it's safer than Michael Jacksons addictions as well as other stars.

Good luck with the money grubbing hoes coming out of the woodwork.

1750 days ago


Here is a great idea to teach people like Tiger a lesson; We all go to the website of his sponsors and let them know how we feel about his behavior.

1750 days ago



1750 days ago


I dont think his marriage is a sham. I think they will stay together. I think Tiger is immature, and had to much money and fame thrown his way. He wasnt even a good cheater, so this tells me he was very naive. I am sure he now realizes that these home wrecker-women, only wanted him for his fame and money too. I think this may be his wake-up call, but if not- I hope his wife gets everything.

1750 days ago


Here is some real 'Tiger-bait'

Not far from Tiger's home as this is in Miami Beach.

1750 days ago


I do not feel sorry for Elin one bit. She new just what she was doing when she married him. Do you think this hot blonde model would have been interested in him if was Jerome the tire washer at the local car wash. Hell no!!! He was AND IS MORE THAN EVER NOW her meal ticket. She is just as big a whore as these other skanks coming out of the wood work she just went about it different and as a result she will get the biggest piece of Tiger's fortune. She has just hit her payday earlier than she thought. Please do not feel sorry for her! She is one happy whore!!

1750 days ago
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