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Tiger Woods and Elin -- The Secret Meeting

12/7/2009 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren had a meeting yesterday with a mysterious suited man, this according to a neighbor who talked to TMZ.

We're told Tiger, his wife and the suited man all showed up to Tiger's house in Isleworth around 4:00 PM yesterday. They all arrived in separate cars -- Elin in a red Buick, Tiger in a Black Escalade (not that one), and then the suited man in a third vehicle.

The suited man left after the 2.5 hour tête-à-tête, but Tiger and Elin's cars are still there at last check.

We called Tiger's lawyer to figure out who the mystery man was -- no comment.

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London not England    


"Bill Cosby---drugging white women for sex." Wha Wha WHAAAAT?!?!?!

Where Do you get your information?!?!?!?
Black people MAY have their issues, but I guess 250 years of slavery might "F@*K UP" the Average race.....
What's your Race's excuse for kidnapping and holding your own kids Hostage in the back yard basement??!!?!?
I guess it's the "Deliverance" In ya huh?

1750 days ago


#53, Sooooo, you are another megalomaniac - are you related to Tiger? He's got lots of "brothers" in this world. Sad thing is, he asked her to marry him, he wasn't forced, and he knew what the deal was. You know, love, honor and cherish, forsake all others. Does his golf ball size brain remember that? Well, for acting like a wild animal in the human world it's going to cost him. BIG BUCKS! Cheating spouses should pay - and some pay better than others. LOL For a 9-5 corporate guy, mine paid very well and Tiger will pay much more. You gotta pay to play! Should of thought of that before he said "I do" to Elin and continually screwed many/any easy women. Hope your wife reads your drivel here. haha

1750 days ago


suited man?
may have been OJ
in his prison jump suit?
looking for some work?
everyone knows how oj likes blonds!

1750 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

the chick was a live-in babysitter making $4-5 per hour only a few years ago. today she is worth $300,000,000. I wish i was victimized like her.

like after tiger married her he became a playboy. she knew what she was getting into and thought about the treasures from divorce.

1750 days ago

London not England    


TOO FUNNY...and I guess TOO TRUE!!!

1750 days ago

London not England    


TOO FUNNY...and I guess TOO TRUE!!!

1750 days ago


it was decoy, it was another woman dressed as a man !!!!

1750 days ago


So if Tiger or Elin is not living at the main home currently and Tiger is in the public going to and from somewhere why isn't it reported by someone where he or they are staying? The paparazzi should be able to follow them where they go. Someone is seeing them drive down the road and enter places. There's always Elvis sightings. Isn't there Tiger sightings?

1750 days ago

London not England    


you're FUNNY...
and I guess Probably TRUE!!!

1750 days ago


Hey "BOYCOTTNIKE" I was in NIKE over the weekend and i don't think that any boycotting is going to do any good!! NIKE was packed and want to know something they had a HUGE and I mean HUGE poster of TIGER WOODS!! So go boy!! I Still support TIGER WOODS because he is a GREAT athlete, it has nothing and I mean nothing to do what he does in his private life! If his wife want to dump his ass (Which she probably stays)then more power to her!! Skankalina is a junkie and cutter and a baby buyer and just plain skankie (like Tigers mistresses) and everyone thinks she is a SAINT now!!! So really I still think there are worse people out there that you all still support!!!

1750 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

As men, we all know that a woman's primary objective is to marry. After years of experience I've discovered their most commonly used strategy. here it is:

1. Girl pressures guy for marriage.

2. Guy delays.

3. Girl gradually starts destroying guy's self-esteem and eliminating his friends.

4. Guy becomes too weak and too much of a loser to find something better than what he has.

5. Girl starts to limit sex. In effect controlling the only good thing in the guy's life.

6. Guy is in despair. Capitulates to marriage.

Then 5-10 years later the guy is an empty shell of his former self. Girl is a ruthless manipulating machine. Girl divorces "loser" husband. Girl takes his kids and most of guy's stuff because the divorce court a$$rapes men. Girl lives happily ever after. Guy becomes bald alcoholic who dies of heart attack at 45 years old.

1750 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

the usa has a 60% divorce rate. it's not if she divorces you, it's when.

1750 days ago

The Seer    

I hope she doesn't take the settlement and drags his sorry filthy self through court. He's trying to buy her silence. Elin has an opportunity here to make a statement for all women about husbands who cheat with cheap whores.

As far as I'm concerned, Tiger Woods has put his wife's life in jeopardy through his reckless and willful deviant sexual behavior. There is no way to guarantee that his mucous membranes never, ever touched any of those or all of those other women.

There needs to be dire consequences for people who cheat and put their significant others and children at risk. Tiger's children are at risk of losing their mother to an STD like HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis. Same goes for women who cheat.

Tiger Woods is an absolute moron. An insanely wealthy "man" (I use the term lightly here) like him can afford the best of the best prostitutes who are STD screened weekly and come from a reputable brothel. These women are generally the most beautiful women available and are well educated. There is no excuse for cheating with skanky, questionable women as he has; that is unless Tiger Woods has a severely low IQ or a deathwish. Watch, he'll start playing the "I'm a sex addict" card like the whiny sissy he's already shown us he is.

This story keeps getting worse!

1750 days ago

amazing grace    

Some of you keep telling her to take her money back to Sweden. Do you have any idea what the tax rate in a socialist country is? No? Well, wait until you get it here and you will understand when the government takes over 80% of your income from you. Elin is staying here.

1750 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

divorce of course

1750 days ago
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