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Tiger Woods and Elin -- The Secret Meeting

12/7/2009 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren had a meeting yesterday with a mysterious suited man, this according to a neighbor who talked to TMZ.

We're told Tiger, his wife and the suited man all showed up to Tiger's house in Isleworth around 4:00 PM yesterday. They all arrived in separate cars -- Elin in a red Buick, Tiger in a Black Escalade (not that one), and then the suited man in a third vehicle.

The suited man left after the 2.5 hour tête-à-tête, but Tiger and Elin's cars are still there at last check.

We called Tiger's lawyer to figure out who the mystery man was -- no comment.

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What a Lion-Azz Cheetah! Confused Tiger is really Eldrick Woods. A lot of women are beauties, Elin is no different. If Tiger have never gotten married, then he would have to deal with the media questioning his sexuality. Either way, he can't win. If his wife had any class or self-esteem, she would be gone and let her lawyers handle it. What a humiliation? Not to mention she had to inadvertently have dirty sex and sleep with countless people, thanks to Eldrick (tiger) Woods. SMH

1746 days ago


I feel so bad for his wife...nobody ever thinks of the wife or fiance or girlfriend!...so sad all because he has problems with woman and is insecure and needs attention from other woman... and these woman are dirty sluts!...eeewww time to drink my chrome soda

1746 days ago


This has nothing to do with Color. Rappers, thugs, Black athletes, etc. sleep around with Black females just the same as any other female. Black females do the same thing and are well known for having low self-esteem, buying into hip-hop/rap lyrics that degrades them and call them all kinds of names from pigeons to chicken heads, B**ches, Good Brain giver, etc. These Black men do not respect these black women on here who are trying to make Color an issue and attack Tiger. Tiger is just like any other man who sleeps around. Hey Shaq, Usher, MJordan, and a whole list of them stepped out on their Black woman or wives with other black women. Therefore, would it have made it any different if Tiger's wife was Black or the women were Black? Give me a Break. I can't seem to wrap my head around that slave-mentality that continues to affect a large number of people in "certain" population of the poor inner-city, or rural South in the Black Community. Bringing of color issue is just reinforce that you do not consider yourself equal in America, good enough, & have a large chip on your shoulder with an inferiority complex. Black citizens in Canada are called equally Canadians, same in France where they are called French, and in Britain...Brits. Only in the U.S. are Blacks still struggling to overcome the affects of being brainwashed by slavery. By the way, Tiger Woods is Mulatto. I bet that will set of the self-loathing Blacks that read this. Get over yourself. Free your minds & learn to think outside the box. Better yet, get out of those poor HB colleges that keeps your minds shackled with the past. Not all Blacks feel the same way you do, nor have they all had the same dysfunctional upbringing in the hood or rural south with a limit worldview as you do. It's a new day. Who Tiger loves, likes, dates, cheats with is his business. The only issue is that he is a married man who cheated on his wife & is promiscuous just like a world of men across this planet regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. Those are facts.

1746 days ago


@ eww Don't attack these women simply because they are white. The fact of the matter is that they (white women) are what Tiger prefers. Why are you so upset by his decision? It's not as if he was treating them like royalty. Are you any less of a woman because he didn't have an affair with a black woman? Look at the bigger picture-these women don't really mean anything to him. They are more or less depositories for Tiger's sperm. If he wants to use them (with their permission) far be it from me to lose any sleep over the situation. My concern is for the wife and children. I could care less about the fact that she is white. She deserves honor, respect and commitment from him. If he can't or won't do that, then he should have remained single and allowed her to be with someone who would appreciate her. This is not a black or a white thing-it's about preserving the sanctity of marriage. Is that so wrong?

1746 days ago


Tiger Woods needs to hold a press conference and admit to ALL the affairs and wrongdoings. He needs to beat these money grabbing whores to the punch.
Just come out and say it, Tiger. I cheated, I wrote raunchy text messages, I said my marriage is a sham. I said it all and I did it all. There, it's all out in the open and the whores can go suck weeds because there won't be anything more to divulge.

Why can't Tiger do this?????????????????????????????????????

1746 days ago


Of course it was Dr. Phil!!

1746 days ago


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1746 days ago



SMH at some of these foolish remarks. Only Black Women from prominent Universities like Stanford that have had a different upbringing like Tiger would really get & connect to Tiger Woods. Tiger doesn’t even sound Black (or country-grammar, Ebonics and uneducated from the hood.) Why are these same black people hatin’ on Tiger when they would not have given him time of day in highschool. Now that his conditioning has landed him on top, they want to claim and hate on him at the same time. I don’t blame Tiger for sticking with the women who did give him time of day in High School, etc. Be happy with your all of your low-life babies’ daddies leaving you high & dry, ruined, promiscuous, struggling and just a hot-messed trying to cover up your low self-esteem & shame with hype & ghetto fabulousness! Tiger is Mulatto (mixed) and is free to date who he is attracted to. Would you say that his white wife is attracted to his skin color? Would you say the Russian Billionaire who left his white wife for Naomi Campbell is attracted to her skin color? Your ideas, theories fall apart because they are not consistent or true. It is hard for you to think outside the box because you are so deeply affected by slavery in the US. This is why it pays to live in diverse, progressive communities with diverse school systems, and avoid those slave-related HB colleges for the poor inner-city or rural area of the South kids. It keeps your mind in a slave-like bondage. I am not ahead of my time. Go to other countries. What we call Blacks or African-America in historical slave country “U.S.” is not the same mentality for their citizens. People are mixed, etc. and are called equally their countries fellow man (say called Brits, Frenchmen, Canadian, etc regardless of skin color). We Blacks here in the U.S. have so many slave-connected issues with an inferiority-complex & chip on some of our shoulders that we see life thru a fuzzy lense as we have been condition to believe that we are not good enough and should stick with other slaves or blacks with limited potential or outlook on life. There are blacks those who still try to control & claim those who defy the odds and step outside the box or boundaries, like the great Oprah, Tyra, Tiger, Halle, Michael Jordan, Kobe etc they know know boundaries and are able to reach for higher heights. I know it is hard for a number of you to imagine such a mind or life where one is free of slave-related bondage. Tiger is just a man like Usher and all the others who happen to cheat on their wives. What do their wives have in common? Well they are all females with vaginas. What’s different about them: Personalities, flavor, variety, spontaneity, etc. Bottom line is they are all of the human race. They are all women/females. That color crap is just your own self-hatred, etc. Are you suggesting that you are not good enough to date any one else of the opposite sex in the human race created by God? How sad! You are the way you (in terms on being narrow-minded with a limited worldview) because of slavery in the U.S. If you were born in another country, you would would not feel this way or be looking at life with such limitations. Thank God Tiger was raised in diversed/mixed-ethnicity Orange County CA and attended Stanford where his family didn't place limitations on him. Black people only took an interest in Tennis & Golf when the Williams & Tiger excelled in both. Dare to be different and reach your potential. By the way, the Williams Sisters dated white men too. Go figure, those of you with limited minds (like Ewwww)! This has to do with the Tiger being the new Regis, David Letterman, Usher, etc. who have all cheated on their their wives. Tiger is just the latest cheater that is all the rave in the News. Who cares what color his women are? I guess it would mean less if he did the same thing to black women. Oh, here's a thought...black women coming out of the woodwork would be marked, threatened, hated and said they are throwing Tiger under the bus, etc. It would not be as interesting if Tiger's women were Black because Black people just do not care & value their own black women. They want to control and keep them trapped in the hood with a slave-like mentality with low self-esteem. Why is that? You see, blacks didn't really care about Rihanna being cheated on and severely beaten by Chris Brown. In fact, they blamed her & said that she deserved to be treated like other Black women. Furthermore, threaten her and says that she threw Chris Brown under the Bus by speaking the Truth. Blacks are only coming out and hating on Tiger because he doesn't play by their rules and will not put himself in a box to be control by their by such ignorance & self-hatred. I'm sure in time Tiger will be straight! After all he is still a talented Golfer!!

1746 days ago


@Life without limits since when are you an expert on race relations in America? You sound like an ignorant white person trying to be hip and "get the black experience". You are obviously a dumb ass otherwise you wouldn't write such racist remarks by saying black women have low self esteem. I am far prettier than Tiger Woods wife or any of his jumpoffs and I am black so I definitely don't have a self-esteem issue. So unless you are a black woman I suggest you keep your racist and stupid opinions to yourself since you would have to be black in America to get it.

1746 days ago


91. This dawg wanted his privacy because he did not want the world to know what a dirt bag he is. Elin needs to take this clown to the cleaners, now that the horse is out of the barn and the genie is out of the bottle. Good luck TIGGER trying to get them back in.

Posted at 12:17PM on Dec 7th 2009 by barneybush


couldn't have said it better!

1746 days ago


00. 90% of the women here posting how Tiger is such a bad person would drop panties in a heartbeat just to be with him it's all about the money!

Posted at 12:52PM on Dec 7th 2009 by evilblood

in your puny little mind, perhaps. but what you don't know is most of us are propositioned all the time, who do you think those men are hitting on? lol

and we say, no.

1746 days ago


88. "everyone knows how oj likes blonds!"
Yup. Notice a trend? The confused, self-hating, Bryant Gumbel oreo "brothas" are the ones all caught up in that jungle fever nonsense. And as soon as they take a misstep, all the folks who's asses they worked so hard to kiss are more than willing to quickly remind them just how black (not caublinasian), they really are. The smart, self-confident, racially comfortable brothas, like Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Courtney Vance, Samuel Jackson, and our beloved President have nice drama-free marriages with beautiful black women. Jordan had it at one time, but he too got lured by the Becky trap and lost a beautiful black queen. Then again, he and Tiger did spend a lot of time together, golfing and obviously nailing white skanky chicks. At least Jada wasn't a two-bit broke-ass flea when Will married her. Now SHE deserves something if anything were to go sour in their marriage. This blonde Nordic bimbo doesn't deserve a cent. She is free to leave at any time. She (and all the other Becky skanks) were nothing more than forbidden fruit and toys for a self-hating and racially confused man.

Posted at 12:12PM on Dec 7th 2009 by Truth


ummmm...he took a vows, and chose to break them. he lied.

she will take him for all he's worth, and she SHOULD! I can't believe she trophied his arse...HE DID NOT DESERVE HER.

But, all the signs of a selfish man were there in the prenup. Anyone who would have that type of prenup does not have faith in love, and does not love.

1746 days ago

Juliet Light    

I love Tiger, being a golfer, and watch usually every second he is on.
My husband is baffeled since I get so mad at other cheaters.
I feel Tiger has taught me and others so much on the golf course so now we finally find out what would happen if we on too.
Please keep playing or what will I do in the winter now that my joints hurt too much to play.
I guess this is another example of someone's focus on his own weakness by an obsession on his privacy so we wouldn't find out his bad actions.
Please Tiger clean up your act for all of you sad fans

1746 days ago


Tiger Woods was seeking hookers who knows how to dress it up and take it out! Something, Tiger woods is lacking in his marriage to Elin! LOL!

Hey, stop blaming women for sleeping with married men. We know when woman says, no to sex, they will continue to the next woman, until they get a "yes" woman. That is what Tiger woods been doing, for 3 years!

1746 days ago


HaHaHa!! is this even news? some rich black guy cheats on his wife?! Who cares this isnt worth any more time!

1746 days ago
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