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Alleged Mistress #6, Of Course Of Course

12/8/2009 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cori Rist ... Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #6 ... at a friend's wedding this past April.


Cori was a bridesmaid. No groom was hurt during the filming.


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oh yeah    

while it is true that there are a few god men. men with moral and standards, it is also true that most men are pigs. to all the beaufiful people out there-- men don't care about how prety the face is. they always cheat with women who are fatter add ugliear than their's all about how it feels down there. men think differnt from women. they can have sex with someone they are not even attracted too. it's thier makeup.
the famous guys who don't cheat are simply too afraid to do so but they commit adultery in theier mind all the time. gi ve tiger a break. no one knows wht he's marriage life was like.

1780 days ago


Think she needs some more gums !!!! Seriously...Tiger Woods has to be the biggest fiasco there is. He has been shagging around like a nympho and when he gets busted he drives under the influence of alcohol & pills, and he can´t even get out of his driveway. Why don´t you run home to your mama, Tiger. I bet you wet your bed at night you little wimp !! People can slag off all the skanky women he has been sleeping with, but the biggest skank in all of this is Tiger Woods. His mother in law might look like a horse, and his wife might be boring (only quoting some of people´s comments) but the fact remains.. Tiger is a stupid wimp who deserves to be dumped !! To think Elin actually gave him two beautiful children and he decided to gamble it all away. He also looks like a trout and that doesn´t help matters !!

1780 days ago



1780 days ago


Tiger calls himself Thai... LOL that like a white guy saying he is native American Indian. He is BLACK as well as Thai. Of course he onlt chaes white women.... it's a status thing for the bros...

1780 days ago


#28 Everyone knows they want the white ones....why take dark meat when you can have white. Just sayin....

1780 days ago


While here teeth/ gums are kinda big I mean come on...All you guys who are goofing on her would be proud to have such a pretty girl on your arm. Give me a break, she's hardly ugly

1780 days ago


Short NIKE stock. It will be quite profitable.

1780 days ago

Not me    

Tiger's mother must be so proud.

1780 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

@24. funny how easy it is to take a pic of someone and tell a story about them. and everyone believes it.

in real life, it's called slander. in your world, it's "entertainment".

yikes yall believers SUCK. and so do you TMZ! get real jobs and contribute something to this country and the world. sheesh there are thousands of soldiers giving their lives and what not. and you bash people that matter CERO ????

your mamas sure are proud of yall

Posted at 12:51PM on Dec 8th 2009 by wtf

Read more:

Hey they are announcing to the World and exposing themselves and should be shameful of themselves.. Oh now were suppossed to feel sorry for Cheap Sluts?

Oh Well reality is they are all a JOKE and are out their for their 15 min. of SHAME, so there you go! Take it w/ a shot of Propofol if you don't like it. Dr. Murray is in his office and accepts walk-ins!

1780 days ago


How long until the mainstream media picks up on Tiger's beastiality?

1780 days ago


Good god..........if she was smart, she'd sell that space as advertising space and tattoo some corporate logo on there!!!!

Shivers down my spine.....

1780 days ago


NONE of you would kick her out of bed! She isn't ugly. Have you looked at Tiger closely? He isn't exactly George Clooney himself! Take his hat off & he is down right goofy looking.

I'd pass on this one simply because she has been soiled by Tiger/Cheetah! I wouldn't follow him on a bet!!

He has dipped it in too many hos now, he probably has some creeping crud on his wang by now... Elin better get tested & have a physical!

1780 days ago


If tiger can win another tournament after all this then he truly is the best golfer there is. It's funny how they can't beat him on the course so they go after him big time off the course ( not that they shoudn't to an extent ) but this is crazy. Oh how the mighty fall.

1780 days ago


26. funny how easy it is to take a pic of someone and tell a story about them. and everyone believes it.

in real life, it's called slander. in your world, it's "entertainment".

No, actually it is called libel. Slander is when it is not in print.

1780 days ago


Jesus, shut your mouth and keep it that way. Nasty.

I'm guessing some of these tramps are bs'ing, unless Tiger has a serious problem with his eyes.

1780 days ago
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