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New Claim -- MJ Was a Home Wrecker

12/8/2009 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 MJ Was a Home Wrecker Michael Jackson allegedly left his Las Vegas mansion in shambles -- this according to the latest in an endless stream of creditor's claims filed against the estate.

Aner Iglesias is demanding $234,000 from Michael's estate, to repair damages to the exterior and interior of the home, and to replace the phone and alarm system.

Aner claims the $234k is just an estimate -- the price tag may go up.


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If at all Michael could have destroyed something inside the house.
But outside??? Please!

And when should that had happened? There's no information about time or year in the story.

1694 days ago


What a load of rot. I’m quite certain that I read sometime after his death that his Vegas property was well cared for by either a realtor or the owner himself. I’d love to be able to pull that article out but there’s been so much written since Michael’s death, it would be buried. Quite possibly the movers left a mess or incurred damages when they moved everything out?? Nonetheless, let it go. The rent was probably over-inflated and was there a damage deposit and was it returned?? These people need to get over it and move on; greed continues to haunt M.J.

RIP Michael, I’m beginning to think you are in a better place although I wish you would have found your comfort on this Earth and hung around longer.

P.S. He may have been messy, but that does not mean he damaged properties.

1694 days ago


Poster #15 I really hope you develope brain cancer.

1694 days ago


Say what you want, believe what you want, but I think that someone who was doing MJs accounting was stealing his money. None of his bills for the last few years have been paid apparently, and yet Michael had a host of lawyers, accountants, and business managers. I'm sure he appointed someone to pay these bills, otherwise, he wouldn't have needed them. He had the money to pay, so why weren't they paid? I'm thinking that he thought that they were being paid. I mean come on, I don't think MJs bills came to him...they would go to his accountants, right? Shady, shady...

1694 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

DEB SHUT YOUR HOLE!We hate you!Jump off a cliff!Put it on you tube.

1694 days ago

Too true    

#18-While I too would love that idea, you need a brain to develop brain cancer, and clearly #15 ('wow') does not have one of those.

1694 days ago


20. DEB SHUT YOUR HOLE!We hate you!Jump off a cliff!Put it on you tube.

Posted at 6:45PM on Dec 8th 2009 by hate DEB

Just so you know, Deb's not here. I know this for a fact.

1694 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

The damage are from changes made to accommodate his lifestyle Fred Farkel, you ignorant bastard. Go straight to hell.

1694 days ago

a fan    

From Lisa Burke's gravehunting website about photos of Michael's crypt at Forest Lawn.

"The world may be getting a better view of it soon enough anyway. Word has it that Michael's brothers were there last week with a camera crew and director.."

Here is the link to her site

1694 days ago

For Sure    

I remember right after MJ 's passing in June ...The realtor he worked with in Las Vegas was interviewed.....He stated then that when MJ had left he trashed the house...I believe he said all the beds were moved into one room a big slumber party and that area was never cleaned or touched ...His words were took considerable time and money to repair...

So where is this landlord comming from 19 months later...I think since the real estate market in Las Vegas has hit the lowest of low ..I bet the landlord has not been able to rent the property and hence owes tons of money and is trying to recoupe lost funds from the Estate ....Story is old and the damage that MJ did was repaired long ago....

1694 days ago


20. DEB SHUT YOUR HOLE!We hate you!Jump off a cliff!Put it on you tube.

Posted at 6:45PM on Dec 8th 2009 by hate DEB

This must be nightmare before Christmas. He can't get over the fact that Deb and her friends exposed him for the sex offender that he is.

1694 days ago

so wrong    

this is a total f@ckin' lie, Zar Zanganeh is the person who leased the house to jackson, back in 2007, way over 2 years ago. we've seen photos of the house and it was in tip top shape and has been up for sale.

TMZ you're such liars!

1694 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

20. DEB SHUT YOUR HOLE!We hate you!Jump off a cliff!Put it on you tube.

Posted at 6:45PM on Dec 8th 2009 by hate DEB

Read more:

Deb hasn't even posted anything...WHO ARE U TALKING TO????

1694 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

Deb is a - - - - -!

1694 days ago


30. Deb is a - - - - -!

Posted at 6:56PM on Dec 8th 2009 by hate DEB

OK I am here now - why don't you tell me how you REALLY feel? I'm sure it will make you feel better.

1694 days ago
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