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Tiger Woods -- Not the Best Man

12/8/2009 2:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods will not be showing up for his best friend's wedding this weekend, where he was scheduled to serve as best man.

Woods' childhood friend, Bryon Bell, is getting hitched in South Carolina on Saturday. Bryon got caught up in the whole mess with Rachel Uchitel. As we first reported, Bryon is the one who secretly booked and paid for Rachel to rendezvous with Tiger Woods in Australia last month.

Even though Tiger will be a no-show, people involved with the wedding tell us the wedding party has laid down the law -- no cell phones or cameras.

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One thing that was certain was that Tiger's soon to be ex, wasn't going to show up with Tiger to BB's wedding, after his lackey friend was arranging flight plans for Wood's mistresses.

1780 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Bell calls himself a friend? With that kind of a friend, you don't need enemies.

1780 days ago

Deep Digger    

if tiger pays for a prostitute, this guy is gonna have sex with. i would not marry this creep. i wonder what kind of woman this is, maybe one of tiger's left overs.

1780 days ago


C'mon TMZ, MSNBC is reporting about an adult woman being rushed to Orlando hospital on advanced life support and you're silent. What are you guys, ASLEEP? Little bit of rain in LA and you close up shop? This story has gotten away from you. Sad. I thought you were the Gossip Leader.

1780 days ago


"Bryon got caught up in the whole mess with Rachel Uchitel. As we first reported, Bryon is the one who secretly booked and paid for Rachel to rendezvous with Tiger Woods in Australia last month."

Why on EARTH, then, would Byron's fiancee want to proceed with marrying him? Byron has no scruples, which is evident when he's booked a rendezvous for Woods to meet with a woman who isn't his wife --- Bryon's bride-to-be needs to open her eyes or not be surprised when the same thing happens to her!

1780 days ago


keeps getting worse.

Tiger Sex Videos Found! http://thedailyjabber.com/?p=4767

1780 days ago


This dweebs marriage is now doomed. The bride better run while she can

1780 days ago

holly larsen    

I am shocked that Bryon Bell's wife would still want to marry him. Knowing he's the kind of guy who doesn't mind hooking up two married people behind their spouses back. Good luck with that marriage mrs. bryon bell...

1780 days ago


I will be in the plantation that this wedding is happening in and I will be looking very hard for Tiger because I can see him showing up and this whole part of him not attending being a bait and switch.

1780 days ago


The big question is....who HASN'T Tiger had?

1780 days ago

Don't Socialize Health Care    

Any woman who would marry a man who HELPED him best friend cheat on his wife deserves everything she gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1780 days ago

travis compton    

The stud sure likes the white women. Oh, I thought black was in!

1780 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

thisgirlJulie,hatever her nameisis stupid.
Why marry a cheat ,a lair? At least seh is lucky to Bryons' values,moralsbeforemarriage. I guess he told,he made a mistake, Tiger paid him.
Bryon BELL COULD have said no and SHOULD have said no and TALKEd sense into Tiger. Friends do that.
Bryon is a spinless yes man, greedy, insecure,afraid of lsoing the perks offreindship with Tiger, has no morals,values.
If this girl goes through with this, I give her 4 yrs. max staying with Bryon

Why would you want to be married to Bryon and have guest talk about Bryon and Tiger or at least their minds areon it rahter than you and your groom, wedding party and wedding.

1780 days ago

Common Sense    

to Cirque (#5):
this is a right on analysis of the situation. can i use your analysis on facebook, etc?

1780 days ago


Women who have affairs with married men should be vilified, not turned into wealthy celebrities. Why should hurting wives and children be rewarded? Tiger's best friend also hurt his wife, totally betraying her. Why would she show up to celebrate the wedding of a man she might have thought she knew, but who she now knows was an illusion, just like her husband, someone she only thought existed on a genuine level. Tiger can't show up alone or at all for many reasons, not least of which would be the madness created by the press.

1780 days ago
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