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Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

12/8/2009 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made this morning from Tiger Woods' home, after his mother-in-law Barbro Holmberg complained of stomach pains.

Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

The caller hysterically tells the dispatcher that her mother has "collapsed." At one point, you can hear a kid screaming in the background ... and there's no evidence Tiger is in the house.


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What Tiger Woods has done to his lovely wife and family is absolutely disgraceful. He needs to get off the golf circuit completely, enter serious therapy, grow-up, and become a real man. These are upperclass women under a great deal of emotional stress (caused by his narcissistic actions) unlike those along the rugged road he chose to go down either due to mental illness, alcohol, drug, and/or sexual addiction.

Did he really think for one moment the whores would not sell their sordid tales for money. At this point in time, it is better for him not to pay them off and simply let the chips fall where they may as the pay-off to the first whore, Rachel Uchitel, through her despicable 78-year-old attorney simply opened up a whole can of worms. You'd think at that age she'd want to go out of this world with more honorable clients. When does this all cross the line of being extortion?

As far as his wife and the mother of those small children, I don't know what to say except that she should be near her family for awhile. I hope she has an extraordinary attorney and one that is not being pushed around by his lawyers and accountants. With his fortune he certainly was stingy with the Prenup monies when he was likely whoring around (exposing her to Aids, HIV, and other venereal diseases) during the time he was dating and beyond. He has turned out to be one truly sick animal.

1746 days ago


Still I wonder if Tiger Woods wasn't at home - why did no one see him leave the house?? Strange.

1746 days ago


This poor girl has been through hell this week. Elin, you need to distance yourself, take the children and go to Sweden and spend your time with family.

Poor thing is probably terrified to do so...or her husband might cheat on her while she tries to find some peace.

1746 days ago

Betty Chain    

Elin is a gold-digger. Now Tiger will leave and she will get her payday. Her mom probably had a heart attack when she was told the prenup was ironclad. He covered for her attempted murder so she should keep her skanky ho mouth shut and her mother's too.

1746 days ago

Tim Bierman    

These poor people. What have they done?
Tiger, I was a fan until I heard that call. I don't give an f who you screw. But when you realize all the people you are putting through hell..
that poor old woman and those kids crying in the background
burn in hell tiger and whores

1746 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

elin bought a home in sweden reports are in8 hoursago. tmz is slipping

1746 days ago


Wonder how many of you would be a "strong woman" when your entire private life has been made public and scrutinized moment to moment (most of which is not entirely true) and your entire existence of the past six years turned upside down? This beautiful woman is in a most vulnerable position right now not only with regard to the man who BETRAYED her but with all of his despicable handlers, lawyers, and accountants. There is nothing common about this ugly story!

Her mother just needs to get well and take her, along with her gorgeous children, out of the mess he has created and/or until the dust has settled. One can be assurred all of those men are hiding assets right now as she endures this terrible trauma as a mother of two children under the age of two years. In the past 10 days, I have grown to hate Tiger Woods and everything he has represented up to this point and hate isn't a word that is common in my personal vocabulary.

1746 days ago


Run, Babro! Run while you can still get away from Tiger and his cheap floozies. Run like you never ran before!!!!!!!!!!

1746 days ago


WTF!!!!!!! Tiger has no CORDLESS PHONE???? LOL

1746 days ago


Her voice was so soft and sweet....with no attitude and she obviously had respect for the 911 operator. I'm sure she is on a hair trigger for a nervous breakdown - I can only imagine your entire world falling apart and then your mom passes out.

One thing to see a picture of her, totally another to hear her tiny voice while she is so upset.

Tiger is disgusting.

1746 days ago


If he loved his wife, he would have been there for her. Or would have come running from wherever he is hiding out.

My bet - he is on Privacy in the middle of the ocean.

1746 days ago

love her!    

Poor family seriously, I feel so sad for Elin. Tiger karma is a bitch ET reported that you lost Gatorade endorsement today. Hey Tiger how about some haterade!

1746 days ago


This poor family. I am sure the mess that Tiger caused added to this situation. What a joke Tiger is. I can not imagine the humiliation that Elin has to deal with. I am glad her sister and mother are with her!

1746 days ago


*** 9-1-1 whats your emergency?
*** my mother, she is sick!
*** please describe the problem
*** bad stomach pains, very bad
*** has she eaten anything out of the ordinary lately?
*** Tiger's balls, swedish meatballs style....


1746 days ago


My God, let's leave these people alone. Listen to this woman and the kids. It breaks my heart. Pleeeeeeeeze, God be with them and shew the rest of us away.

1746 days ago
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