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Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

12/8/2009 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made this morning from Tiger Woods' home, after his mother-in-law Barbro Holmberg complained of stomach pains.

Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

The caller hysterically tells the dispatcher that her mother has "collapsed." At one point, you can hear a kid screaming in the background ... and there's no evidence Tiger is in the house.


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cliff donovan    

It is interesting to use but it is actually sad. These are real people that just happen to be rich. You have to feel for them.

1750 days ago


The more I read about Tiger, the more he reminds me of another a-hole, Jon Gosselin. They should hang out.

1750 days ago


Why are 911 operators always so snide and condescending? Notice as the call goes on and the operator knows it is Tiger Woods wife (and the call will be released to the media), she suddenly becomes more polite. This doesn't seem to be an exception since the majority of 911 tapes I hear have rude, patronizing operators.

1750 days ago


I am a golf fan and Tiger has been my favorite athlete for what he does on the golf course. For a long time, other golfers worried TW would mauled them over winning all the tournaments even though TW single handedly elevated the game and money purse.

They wondered what it would be like if TW was married with kids and if his committment to the game be the same. They always talked about this. Then all of the sudden, Parnevik presents him with his nanny and TW is married. I always thought that other golfers were relieved that TW's focus would change a little away from the game. Little did we know his focus changed for the absolute worse.

Here is a guy that was all about golf with a overbearing father all over him and then suddenly he is no longer single and with kids. It didn't take long for his career to go in the dumper with possibly the death of Earl affecting him badly.

Other golfers are now free to rake it in with a TW less tourneys. This I really believe though it may sound wacky.

His life is now a three ring circus. Elin probably kicked him out of the house and he had to go to avoid a row with her family. Anybody wants to be in his shoes?

He needs to end his marriage and pronto, rehabilitate himself and his image, and return to golf. And yes, never marry again and learn to use condoms.

1750 days ago


Wow, real compelling stuff there.
Tigers wife sounds like a complete idiot!

1750 days ago


MelissaB -

"Most of us aren't accustomed to living a daiy existence of personal chaos as does a certain segment of the population (all you have to do is listen to the lyrics of a certain genre of music to figure that one out). "

Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn't a race issue, you just never know what goes on behind closed doors, even the closed doors of fancy homes behind gated communities. Actually your comment there makes you sound like a racist, a blatant one at that.

1750 days ago


47. Wow, real compelling stuff there.
Tigers wife sounds like a complete idiot!
OK,we can be sure the wife is no rocket scientist here...but then,neither is tiger. However this all plays out in the long-run....tiger will always be judged to have been the COMPLETE IDIOT. Hell...even he knows that now ! Coulda,Woulda,Shoulda !

1750 days ago


Where is Tiger's own mother? The in-laws seem to have taken over the house and live in the same area. But where is his mother? Has he just blown off his relationship with her after his father died?

1750 days ago


Wouldn't his wife have a Swedish accent? I don't think this is legitimate.

1750 days ago


Sadly, I have offended someone's sense of 'hero worship' concerning the almighty TW. Oh! For shame. And, NO, none of us is without sin. But,(can I get a witness) only an animal slips around not only a new wife, but
continues his humping when she's pregnant with not one, but both of his children. Man's no good. No earthly good. As far as hero worship, you mean NOTHING to Tiger Woods. Wake up & smell the coffee.

1750 days ago


It sounds to me that she DOES have swedish accent.

1750 days ago


Looks like Rachel Uchitel can't spend the money fast enough...

1750 days ago


a petition encouraging his sponsors to drop him

1750 days ago


#53 - We Swedes start learning English very early in school, and many of us don't have any accent what so ever. Elin has lived in the US for many years, and thus lost her accent. I myself have lived in the US over 10 years, and it's been many years since anyone asked me where I was from.

#55 - I don't think she has an accent, and if she does, that's probably cause she's stressed, she's speaking English to the operator, and switches to Swedish when talking to her mom.

1750 days ago

Chester the CPA    

This chic sounds like a ANXIETY FREAKED OUT NUT CASE!!!

If she is like this for a temporary fainting spell how does she act around kids? Not calm & not like the nanny type we have been led to believe. Think she needs some "counseling" Pretty dang quick too.

Is there any calm person in the Woods household???? We all know Tiger throws clubs..even on the golf course. Add to that his wife might be neurotic.. plenty of evidence on that tape from the 911 call.

Didn't here Tigers voice at all, think he is staying elsewhere for now. Might make good sense too. Take a break from this Drama filled house.

1750 days ago
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