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Tiger Woods -- Mother-In-Law's 911

12/8/2009 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' mother-in-law is the woman who was taken to the hospital after the 911 call.

Tiger Woods -- Mother-In-Law's 911

Officials from Health Central Hospital confirm Barbro Holmberg, Elin Nordegren's mom, was rushed to the hospital from Tiger Woods' home early this morning after complaining of stomach pains.

She is still in the hospital and listed in stable condition.

UPDATE: According to a rep for the hospital, Barbro is suffering from stomach pains ... but they're not sure what's causing her discomfort. We do know Barbro is in stable condition ... she's undergoing tests right now.

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Oh lawd! Now, they gonna have to start testing their foods for poisons. This is better than the daily soap operas. Elin, if u r reading these posts, I suggest that u create a website and charge a small fee for hourly updates. While u r already gonna be "in the money" so to speak, consider this just another business venture.

1746 days ago


I think that people should leave them alone.
how about


They are still human. But misery sure loves company.

1746 days ago


Here is hoping she recovers just fine. There are CONFLICTING REPORTS on one simple fact: Is she in the Hospital or has she been released? One would hope that both Elin AND Tiger would be "spotted" at the hospital, and not just Elin. Kinda nasty when a husband doesn't accompany his wife to the hospital when his Mother-In-Law becomes ill while visiting them. Since said MIL is a hard-as-nails rather prominent Swedish politician skilled in negotiation one would believe she would be able to both console her daughter and also assist the two love-birds in reaching a acceptable resolution to Tiger's transgressions. Tiger needs to learn he is not omnipotent.

1746 days ago

London not England    


LOL....Claaarence YOU SO CRAZY!!!

1746 days ago


Fuzzy Zeller was right!

1746 days ago


Other news outlets had this story first, currently have more updated information, and already had confirmation about the identity of the patient........before TMZ posted it.

Even FoxNews has more updated information than this--BTW she has already been released from the hospital.

1746 days ago


Who is idiot allowing addy to be posted? .. sheesh .. glad I am NOT a celeb though worked w/them most of my life!
Since I do NOT have number to phone you . .YEP . this will be posted .. so .. there ya go ..
I want to know when we see Harvey's 'partner' ..


1746 days ago


Geez people, she had a long plane ride here and the whole situation is very stressful. Her being in the hospital is nobodies fault, it just happens. Maybe she got bad food on the way here.

I hope she feels better soon.

You all need to quit the dramatizing of things that might happen in that house hold. They had a fight, he cheated......I hope they can repair this for the kids sake. We don't know if she hit him, we don't know if he was drunk, we don't know if these other women are telling the truth. It is all speculation at this point. How many nut cases go after celebrities? Look at M. Jackson and the lady that goes to court and her thinking.

You guys get pure mean.

My question is what house was she taken from, the one that was the original Tiger home or the one around the corner that she supposedly moved into (not believing that story though at the moment).

1746 days ago

London not England    

Hey Arnold P. Fuzzy Wuzzy Zeller is a Has Been!
and neither
YOU OR HIM, could score as much USSY as My Boy Tiger!

GO TEAM TIGER....beat the White man at his OWN GAME!!!


1746 days ago


I mean, all I have to say is, how can this woman gave birth to such an hottie?

1746 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

TMZ: You got it wrong!
It's not a "pain in the stomach"
She's the Mother-In-Law . . .
(wait for it)
It must be a pain in the ass!
(I know, lame)

1746 days ago


do you think Elin and her mom would have all these problems if she married a guy worthless money. This is what comes from marrying this type of man. ask any sports star wife. With the money goes the pain. I don't feel sorry for her. With the money she has access to why should she complain. slap a condom on him and keep it moving. CHARGE111

1746 days ago


Posted at 11:37AM on Dec 8th 2009 by The White Man is the Devil

Ebonics much?

1746 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Why do things always happen at Tiger's house at 2:30 am? Tiger's Cadillac Escalade ricochets off of fire hydrants at 2:30 am and now the old bat mother-in-law gets indigestion and a panic attack at 2:30 am.

The only good publicity out of all this chaos is the mighty Cadillac Escalade. The thing is turning out to look like a combination of an M1A1 Abrams tank with Tiger at the wheel, a luxo commuter SUV to run doggie errands and a great emergency pursuit vehicle at 2:30 am for Elin. If I were GM I'd start thinking about a new Escalade ad featuring Tiger and his dysfunctional family.

1746 days ago

That's A Man Baby    

I can just imagine what the devil white people are going to do to David Ortiz when he is caught sleazing around with his whores. The already tried to crucify Alex Rodriguez when he cheated on his wife with strippers.

1746 days ago
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