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Tiger Woods' Wife In the House

12/8/2009 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' Wife In the HouseTiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, briefly returned to the family home in Windermere, Florida, today along with her twin sister, Josefin.

Elin and Josefin spent the evening at the home last night, along with their mother, Barbro Holmberg. We're told they went out for dinner and then returned. Tiger was nowhere in sight.

We're told Barbro woke up in the middle of the night with stomach pains. The sisters felt it was food poisoning.

Both Elin and Josefin were only at the home for a matter of minutes -- and just left the house in separate cars.

Still no Tiger in sight.


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Rici, Murrieta, CA    

Tiger doesn't owe an apology to any home wreckers, only to his wife and children. Elin is doing the right thing by staying away until she can trust him. She needs to make Tiger squirm. Paparazzi need to leave his family alone. Don't endanger his family please.

Rici, CA

1704 days ago

Is Tiger alive? Really, no one has seen him in person since the Friday after Thanksgiving...maybe I watch too much CSI, Criminal Minds and Law and Order.

1778 days ago

doc murry    

sounds like tiger is up to no good..RUN ELFIE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

am i first..not that any of tigers girlfriends can say that..heh heh

1778 days ago

Buck Naked    

She has a TWIN - freakin' sweet.

1778 days ago


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1778 days ago


I know some reports out there have said Elin moved out, but really why would she? I would think that Tiger would have been the one who was told to leave. Elin has every right to be at the house - her children's bedrooms are there, and why upset them by going somewhere else? Mind you, the house is so huge he could just have set up in another part of it without worry about crossing paths with her or her family.

1778 days ago


Yes!!! Perhaps the Tiger will change his stripes!!

1778 days ago


Who cares...

1778 days ago



1778 days ago

Kate Owen    

Elin, take the money and run. I love Tiger, you love Tiger, your family loves Tiger, but this man has a problem and your life will never be the same. He changed everything and has cheated on you your entire marriage. You are beautiful, have a full life ahead and if you stay with Tiger, it will only be more heart ache and lies. You deserve better and will have NO problem building the life you deserve!! Best wishes and prayers for you and the children!!

1778 days ago

London not England    


Okay, Dis what happened Now:

Tiger Baby Moma's Momma got there, and Tiger's Momma answers the door, and Tiger Baby's Gran Momma said: "Vere is my Daughta", and Tiger Momma said: "Bitch, don't be Bustin in here wit NO Attitude"!!!

and Tiger Baby's Gran Momma said: "Vat, Vat??" "Lissen Beech, I Don Vant Any Truble Vit Jew"...

and Tiger Momma said: "Don't Start Nun, Won't BE NUN".....

and Tiger Baby Gran Momma said: "Beech, out ov My Vay"....

And Tiger Momma Said: "Oh No YOU DI'INT"...???? BIP-BOP-BAM !!!!

Next thing ya knows:

And Tiger's Baby Momma Said: You Beech..YOU BEECH...Vat Did You Do to my Mamma?!?!

And Tiger Mamma Said: Listen ya big Viking Bitch, don't make me have to hurt you, ya already ruined my son's good name! Now go see bout yo momma in da Hospital!
And Dat's how it went down Ya'll !!!!

1778 days ago

Double Slam    

Maybe Tiger can have a double stab-fest with the twin!! Then he should get rid of his wife if that was the mother. she is hideous! Thats your wife in a few years!

1778 days ago

doc murry    

she is hot.I would do her and her sister and her a triple decker sandwish......... yum yum

1778 days ago

doc murry    

welll i didnt have sex with tiger because im already dead..thank you thank you thank you very much

1778 days ago


I bet he plyed a round with the twin.

1778 days ago
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