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Tiger's Mother-In-Law Released from Hospital

12/8/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger's Mother-In-Law Tiger Woods' mother-in-law was released from the hospital in good condition around an hour ago, this according to a rep from the hospital.

The rep said Barbro Holmberg -- who was admitted to the Health Central Hospital with "stomach discomfort" -- left the hospital in a wheelchair, but said "every patient leaves in a wheelchair."

According to the rep, Barbro is now resting at one of Tiger's houses and is "feeling much better."


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and this lady does NOT have food poisoning...she's a victim of STRESS, thanks to her worthless son-in-law. Anyone who agrees it was food poisoning is not very sharp---stress will knock you out. and im sure she's angry about the way her daughter is being treated. and her grandchildren are suffering thanks to their stupid father...their lives won't be the same. after a trans atlantic flight and all the CHAOS and emotion, i'm sure she just had a panic attack or huge stomach pain thanks to STRESS. LIKE, INSTANT ULCER.

1780 days ago


Is this how white women age? Terrible!!! No wonder they say black don't crack!

1780 days ago


You are all uneducated disgusting pigs! Why would you belittle a sick woman who is only 57 years old and has been put thru hell by her filthy lying son-in-law! Tiger Woods should suffer for what he put his wife, children and mother-in-law through. And what do YOUR mothers look like you despicable losers who have to comment negatively about everyone. What goes around comes around, remember that.

1780 days ago


AND TIGER WILL LOOK LIKE HIS UGLY FATHER....oh yeah, he is already ugly, just has a lot of money. At least she is pretty and has money.

1780 days ago


Give me a beat – boom boom boom boom boom da boom

He a beast we all know it
Got the game to show it
With dental hygiene
Make it sound so clean
All the sponsors beware
Pay the price or despair
That’s the game as we know it

So he got a problem wit driven it he say
Fire hydrants and tree get in the way
Must be the shaft in the Escallaide caused a sway
Not to worry Tiger be okay
Just chillin on the da driveway on turkey day

But the papers found out
Tiger got marriage fury snout
Got banged in the beak
Not no stearing wheel tweek
Bring him to da hospital
No speak to the police still
No drugs or alcohol
Likes to sleep on the curb dats all

Let the oxycodone wear off
Cause it will
Listen to advisors sound off
Cause they will
Bend over and cough
Cause you will
If that make it go away

But at the root of all of this
An I’ll take a stab at it
Tiger too rich to give a piss
He developed a habit
One million a kiss
Cause he f**k like a rabbit

Don’t matter what you look like
His slogan is “be like Mike”
He can buy what he want
Parking lot of restaurant
Found your four leaves of clover
All fer just bendin over

The media should obey
His advisors will say
And that makes it okay
Pay your wife to stay
Skanks got more for their lay
By five weeks from next Friday
If sponsors have their way
All this behind and ready to play
That’s what the deal is today

Yo yo yo yo

1780 days ago


One thing that is well proven is money greed sex and show biz is all truthfully the same ol thing.esp in politics, They know nothng else, pathetic people,, well proven arrogance, ,They are very insecure,and are severly damaged people caused by sick dsf parents, as Tigers, controllong faher, like Brit and her sexusl immorality, That's all she knows, till the day she dies by her moms approval and coaching for money,, like Madonna how sick she is exploiating us and becoming a millonaire,,They think were falling for it and were really disgusted at them so what goes around comes around ha ha ha how sick you all are too, for critiizn on her mom looks. Your no better for no class, your ignormanus no better , and patethic, shes is very striking to me just needs a little cosmpoltoly , dont we all?, how can you look in the mirror, at yousself you dont becaus you cant stand how you look. right ? what hpocrites I think your all just jelaous, , get a life and take class lessons

1780 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

That is one very.... unfortunate looking woman. Maybe Tiger was just thinking long term.

1780 days ago



sign it if you think his sponsors should sanction or drop him!

1780 days ago


She looks like the lady from the Housewives of Orange County (Vicki)!!! Not a good luck to have.

1779 days ago


Grubbs sassed back, "I said, 'For someone who works out a lot, you sure have small calves!'"

Woods didn't take the ribbing well. "I remember him giving me the biggest death look. He told me he was very insecure about the size of his calves. He said, 'I can't grow calves.' And I was like, 'Okay, sorry!'


1779 days ago
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