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TMZ Live: Tiger, Dexter & the Price Is Wrong

12/8/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike answered your questions on everything today -- including the 911 call from Tiger Woods' home last night, the new alleged mistresses who surfaced and why he was admitted to the hospital under "OD."
TMZ Live: Click to watch

Also: Harvey's plea to "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall, "Jersey Shore" controversy and The Hoff's 911 call.

Plus -- Why winning on "The Price is Right" was wrong for Evan.


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will max ever host tmz live?

1749 days ago


Harvey you paid too much for the straws. You can get the covered ones for free at McDonalds. And I like Dexter too, but it's "NOT REAL".

Daniel ......... Toronto

1749 days ago


hi Harvey Levin,
I love your show it's my favorite. I DVR it at night so it's the first thing i watch in the morning. Since we are both Dexter fans, I think you should start from the beginning (1st episode) then you can understand him more. He has no feelings. He doesn't know how 2 care about people. You said on your show something like he's gonna lose Rita. I can't really remember but i just thought if your really into the show watch it from the 1st season. You'll love it. Again I love your show more!!!!

1749 days ago



Have you asked Marilyn Milian what her take is on why the subpoena was denied for the blood test results for Tiger? I know she was a judge in Florida and might be able to explain why Tiger got off when there was soooooo much probable cause. She has to know people on the inside.


1749 days ago


Man on left need help Doctor.

1749 days ago


First, let me just state the teen who killed his 10 year old brother in Indiana is nothing like the character named "Dexter". If the teen is a fan as he says he is, then he should realize what he did is nothing like what Dexter does on his show. I cannot excuse a person who uses a TV show as a scapegoat for his evilness. This teen apparently had issued before watching this show.
Second, In regards to Tiger Woods paying off these women, I just don't get it. His wife already knows, the media already knows. What are these women going to do, go public with their story and ruin his marriage, his public persona... it's already out there. Why pay them anything??

I must be totally out of the loop but just don't see why they expect payment for hooking up with a person, it was their choice, not rape, right?

1749 days ago


First off I watch TMZ daily. You guys are great together ( Harvey & Mike). Highly entertaining, Just want to point out to Mike on everyone of Mike's black t-shirts, there looks to be a small hole in the shirt on his left side up on the neckline where the seam is. If that is it please get your wife to sew them or your mom. If not send them to me & I will do it.

1748 days ago


Hey Harvey,

Shouldn't Tiger just admit that he has had an affair with the girls instead of giving them money. A settle ment to hush them is admitting it anyways, and is more embarrassing. If he is willing to give away hush money. Why doesn't he just give that money towards a Charity towards emotionally abused woman.

1748 days ago


when is jermaine jackson going to announce the michael tribute concert in london 2010? he said tickets would be on sale no later then dec 1st,what happened?

1748 days ago


I have an IMPORTANT question/ challenge for you and your staff.
I would really appreciate if you read this on-air.

I have to ask why you don't have a Socialvibe account yet.
You and your staff members should all create Socialvibe accounts and choose the World Wildlife Fund as your cause
(considering all the vegan talk around the office).
It's free to sign up and you can really help out.

I e-mailed the editors about trying to recruit you and they said it's a great idea.
If you and your staff join and take part in this, that may spark other people who watch your show to do the same.
I REALLY hope you take this into consideration for me.

Thanks a lot,
Dimitri Anesti

1748 days ago


Despite everything that happened with OJ Simpson, do you still like The Naked Gun?

1748 days ago


Since having an affair with other women isnt enough, What do you guys think it would take for Tiger Woods to loose his endorsements?

1748 days ago


Why doesn't Harvey use his TMZ pull to score a guest shot on an episode of Dexter next season? Something to ask Michael C. Hall about when he visits the set.

RE: Tiger - has anyone used the word narcisist to describe him and his behavior? Seems like a perfect fit to me...

1748 days ago


SC Johnson and Johnson and Johnson are 2 different companies. Not tied together at all!!! rob

1748 days ago


What happened with the zwo familiy-dogs of Tiger and Elin ??????

1748 days ago
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