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Jackson Kids Had a Baller Thanksgiving

12/9/2009 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson family didn't spend Thanksgiving eating stuffing -- instead MJ's kids spent the holiday stuffing a basketball into a hoop in a $25,000-per-night super suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

A member of the fam posted footage of the night on YouTube, showing Prince playing around with Randy and Jermaine Jackson's kids in the biggest hotel suite we've ever seen -- complete with its own basketball court.

As Jehovah's Witnesses, the Jackson family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. Instead, we're told the Jacksons had a big family dinner a few days before the holiday.


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I'm glad to say I didn't spot Prince anywhere. People shouldn't put him or the other two children of Michael's on youtube.

I agree with the filmer - the suite, or whatever you'd call it, was ridiculously big. "The water probably comes from the Himalaya" - funny!

1716 days ago


The whole Jackson family are using MJs kids and it is horrible!... i feel sooo bad for MJs kids - they went from a loving & protective father to a family that just wants their money and to exploit them... this is so so sad!

1716 days ago


Prince is going to grow into a really cool white dude; watch and see.

He's fortunate to live and see the world through the eyes of a black man. It doesn't matter that Michael turned white, he was still a black man to all of us who grew up him, and I'm sure MJ shared with his kids all the prejudices he endured. Now, being around his black cousins, Prince is going to witness stuff he's only heard of before, if he hasn’t already. The world hasn't changed that much!

It appears that his cousins are pretty cool young men.

I hope Prince turns out to be an awesome, compassionate, empathic and successful man.

1716 days ago


MJ's kids posted on You Tube...would never happen if Michael were alive! Just dispicable! This is not right.

1716 days ago

so wrong    

50. MJ's kids posted on You Tube...would never happen if Michael were alive! Just dispicable! This is not right.

Posted at 2:36AM on Dec 9th 2009 by whatever

I agree. Fortunately, I too do not see any of Mike's kids. They're just exploiting this in any way they can. I will not watch one thing that family does. W/out Michael, I couldn't give a sh@t about any of them.

Michael Jackson was Jackson 5! W/out him there is no jackson anything, period.

1716 days ago


The family shouldn't spend Michael's money because he didn't give it to them.

Who paid for this is a valid question. Maybe Janet? I can't see the children's allowance or Katherine's allowance covering something like this. Let's hope no one touches the children's money.

1716 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

The Invisible Man Returns
Michael Jackson comes face to face with his public on his first solo tour

Posted May 19, 1988 1:27 PM

More important, though, there is a suspicion among many critics and observers that Jackson's season as pop's favorite son may have passed. Indeed, when Jackson arrived in New York this week, he picked up some bitter hints of this possibility. In the 1987 Rolling Stone Readers and Critics Poll (RS 521), Jackson placed first in six of the readers' "worst of the year" categories (including "worst male singer" and "worst album"); in addition, the 1987 Village Voice critics poll failed to mention Jackson's Bad in its selection of 1987's forty best LPs. This is a startling turnaround from a few years ago, when Jackson and his work topped the same polls in both publications.

1716 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

i don't like the jacksons i watched jackson 5 cartoons when i was 15-18
jermaine and his brothers are not my favorite i like the jonas's i pray for them every other night the jonas brothers and my dog Hanzs i have no interssts in watching the jacksons reunioun on a&E this year i like the faboulus life on vh1 of Justin Timberlake i am not on tmz today at all

1716 days ago


I don't know why, but this makes me sad. Jermaine and Randy's kids seem arrogant and I don't like how they talk. If Michael didn't die they wouldn't even have been able to afford a room like that. Those kids seem like they will be a bad influence on Michael's kids.

1715 days ago

so wrong    

I actually love to hear stories that Mike was an ass hole, rather hear that then he was controlled by everyone.

He was the biggest entertainer in the world. Anyone and everything leeched on to him, he was a MONEY MAKING MACHINE, i.e, just look at these BS TMZ stories, they're raking in the money off him.

Hell yes, build a wall for him, he should get whatever he wants. Every place he went drew huge crowds and generated huge revenue for anything within that perspective radius. Anyone associated with him benefited as well. It was all about mike because it was ALL about mike, period!

He worked his butt off to get where he was, since the age of 5. Good, glad to hear Mike was demanding. Good job Mike!

1715 days ago

so wrong    

well, i guess that 1988 article was wrong as MJ sold out more concerts worldwide, for every concert tour, than any other peform with rave reviews. Incredible live performances! MJ won so many awards for his talent they had to start making them up. Ah, how many times did Rolling Stones do features on him. Crackin up!

Mike had a vocal range above and beyond anyone else. Period!

1715 days ago

so wrong    

by Enrique

Agree, I hope NO ONE watches their d@mn reality show, disgusting explotation!

Agree too, only one Jackson, Michael Jackson!

1715 days ago


It's unfortunate that this private video has gone so public, but this does happen. That being said all the cousins seem like very nice and down-to-earth kids, good to know that MJ's kids are growing up with them. I agree that being around their black family will give them a better perspective on life and broaden their horizons, make them better and more open-minded people overall. Very sad to see some of the commenters are not so open-minded and especially shame on the so-called fans who are so disrespectful of MJ's close family. Also interesting that because MJ turned 'white', people apparently see him differently than other blacks, including his family. Unbelievable. Also wouldn't be surprised if MJ's children looked more black, a lot of these same people wouldn't care as much about what the Jacksons did with them.

1715 days ago


Only Katherine and Rebbie Jackson are Jehovahs. Michael resigned from the JW's in spring 1987. He always made sure that his children celebrated and enjoyed Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and birthdays. Now his children are being brought up in a stifling religion (as are most religions). The children LOVED Christmas and birthdays and it's very sad that these simple pleasures are now denied to them. PLEASE keep old Joe well away from them. By the way, who's paying for thie expensive hotel suite ??? Obviously it's still Michael. So many people still leeching off him. Shame on them all.

1715 days ago

so wrong    

by janicebyrne01

OMG, yes, I agree with this. I can't believe they are being pulled back into that nonsense JW religion. I think it f@cked up MJ's head for a while. Yes, MJ did celebrate all that with his kids. I hope they're following with Michael wanted.

But, again, I don't believe this story TMZ posted, who knows what they are or not celebrating,ya know.

1715 days ago
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