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Tiger Paparazzi -- From Air, Land and Sea

12/9/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzi in Windermere, Florida have now gone aquatic.

A neighbor in Tiger Woods' development tells TMZ a flotilla of paparazzi set sail on a private lake with a singular mission -- catch a Tiger.

They were sitting at the back of Tiger's house yesterday -- in vain.


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Well the neighbors should feel a little more secure due to the Paparazzi being around. They don't have to worry about any break inns'. Everything will be on camera or an watchful eye in that vicinity. Thanks to the CHEATAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

1778 days ago


The faster and further the Cheetah runs this time, the faster and smaller the Plains Of Porn Pals will shrink, and no doubt he's already spinning in small circles. He's abandoned his family; no-ones reported having seen him for many days and Elin's on her own like driftwood. Thankfully it appears she's fully intent on moving to Sweden.

Tiger already moved to Hell.

My prediction is he never sees another golf tournament. How the hell can a disgusting cowardly sleeze like that be allowed around the game of golf? Bye bye, small fry!

1778 days ago

London not England    


you're right ARTOFWAR....
I Keep trying to tell this clown,(DENVER).... but his obvious racism bubbles up to the surface, and they wanna play-it-off!
It's So Obvious....
Obama can do NO RIGHT, and TIGER WOODS is the First man to EVER cheat on his wife.......for these trashy, home-wrecking white HO's!!!!! Everybody knows a FAT, UGLY, white woman will DROP ON THEIR KNEES FOR ANY BLACK D!CK, and if the Brotha has $$ COINS $$...FORGET IT!!!
Now read this SH! would think Tiger Woods Slit her throat....
And these White MOTHA F**KIN Movies Stars Like Jude Law WILL F**K THEIR NANNYS (of which Tiger's bitch was one) and NO ONE is BOYCOTTING THE NEW SHERLOCK HOLMES FLIC!!!!!


1778 days ago


A couple of questions:

1) Where the heck is Tiger, anyway? Has anyone seen him since he was taken
to the hospital Thanksgiving night?

I think he was hurt a lot worse than most reports are saying - the "snoring"
somebody described wasn't because he was tired or drunk. It sure sounds
like somebody with a serious injury struggling to breathe (and I type ER
reports for my day job).

There are also stories now that he was intubated in the ER. They don't do
that unless you're fixin' to stop breathin' on your own (or already have).

2) Did Elin buy a house in Sweden because she just wants to get rid of her
rotten husband, or was it part of some plea deal to keep from being formally
deported for felony DV?

I think she just about killed him with that golf club. I think he was hurt
a lot worse than we are hearing and I think she's in a lot more legal
trouble than we are hearing.

Having her go back to Sweden (permanently) with the kids and having Cheatah
arrange for visitation over there is probably what will happen.

1778 days ago

London not England    



She ain't going anywhere as long as there is MILLIONS of HIS money to be spent....

And he could buy & Sell YOU for 50 cents.....

Oh, and by the way, Kevin has a point..I GUESS you ALL will be boycotting the New Sherlock Holmes Movie since that CHEATIN JUDE LAW SCREWED THE WOMAN..oh I'm sorry..GIRL who was hired by his wife to watch his children THE NANNY!!!

Nope..didn't think so....

1778 days ago


Acturally Tiger is not Black as most people think he might be, he is more Asian ( namely Thai ) n a little bit of Anglo American ( yes Anglo ), Native American, as well as African American.
Stop using race as an argument cos that just don't apply to TW.

1778 days ago


Just curious:

Since this is a gated community where apparently security is very tight (guard gate won't call disturb a resident if a "drop in" is at the gate--must be on the list), how in the world are all these photographers getting in???

Or are the neighbors selling him out by sending photos & video?

1778 days ago


Tiger hope you feel better, and keep your head up, because others have gone down the same path as you. This is nothing new, and we all go threw things. Don't worry about the people who wish to be negative, because they aren't strong enough to deal with their own demons. Hang in there Tiger. This will pass, and new things will come.

1778 days ago


BOYs your slipping !!!!!!
Fake sex rehab on way !!
steriods , lets start digging .
drugs coke etc. theres got to be .
length of unit.
DUI , was he not admitted OD over dose , dont let them slide
ass kissing golf announcers, this guy made fool of them .
get after it , strike while iron is hot

1775 days ago


paparazzi's are paparazzi's, they are always there on you to make issues, to caught you in their camera, to get information from you, you can run, but you can't hide,lol...anyway please see this video..

1724 days ago
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