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Why ABC Kissed Off Adam Lambert

12/10/2009 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC says there is not even a trace of homophobia in the network's decision to 86 the Adam Lambert kiss from the Barbara Walters special last night.

The network says, "It was an editorial decision to show very little from the performance and focus on the fresh, new interview with Adam Lambert."

Interesting, because the "fresh new interview" was all about "the kiss."

ABC went on to explain its decision to show girl-on-girl by saying, "The Lady Gaga kiss was used quickly in context of things that upset her father."

So why not a quick peck from Lambert then?

The network goes on, "ABC never had a problem showing the kiss, In fact we did not edit it out of the west coast feed of the AMAs."

No, instead they banned Adam from "Good Morning America" the next day.

And finally, ABC says, "The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years."

Translation: "Some of my best friends are gay."


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Makes you really miss Freddie Mercury. Boatloads of talent and class.I'm thinking even Elton John is cringing.

1746 days ago


AMEN #6 #11 and #12

1746 days ago


TMZ has become nothing more than an activist site for Homos.

1746 days ago


The guy has a style and talent but he didn't use either to his best advantage. He used the vehicle of a nationally broadcast entertainment to promote his gayness not the song and certainly not entertainment. It was a disgusting display that I could have done without. The entire performance was a disgrace.

1746 days ago


I think even the gay community is embarassed. You can be gay but there is no need to do all that on stage. I didn't agree with madonna and Britneys kiss.....there was no need for it either, and Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie's either, they were all done for attention and I guess they got what they wanted I don't agree with that type of publicity.

1746 days ago


1) The most objectionable part of the performance was his performance. He sounded like an amateur.

2) American Idol, the show from which Lambert hails, is a big competitor to ABC. I don't blame the network for not wanting to indirectly promote a rival network's "star."

1746 days ago


Hey TMZ, stop acting like you don't know why man-kissing is something people just don't like. It's been like this for years. Ask all those fine movie/tv people why you don't see male-on-male action in mainstream movies to the extent that you see girl-on-girl. Why is that? Certainly not homophobia on ABC's part. There's no market for it, that's why, and it makes the majority of viewers uncomfortable. Girl-on-girl is much more accepted and even enjoyed by members of both sexes, and you're fine staff will tell you as much, if they are honest.

1746 days ago


I'm sorry, "your" fine staff.

1746 days ago


Why still so relevant? Whoever don't like it ... Don't look...... I don't like see even between a man & woman kissing so I turn my eyes so place else.... Life go on people..... Let it Be !

1746 days ago


Generally people do these types of things to take your mind off of the fact that they have little singing talent. He's ok, but nothing I'd spend my money on. I can only imagine how proud he must have made his parents. *Ugh* This little pickle poker's 15 minutes are up.

1746 days ago


Every time I see this hack it makes me want to puke. The act and display was so discusting, disturbing, and without talent. He sucks. I hope all the interviews about it keeps him within this situation forever. I can tell you that if Adam Lambert is on any lineup for future award shows, I am not going to be watching them. My stomache is just now beginning to settle from the first and lat time I saw him. Gross. No talent hack.

1746 days ago


ABC - What in the world does homophobia mean? Fear of homos? Show me one other use of the word phobia that means what you want homophobia to mean. Use real words and say what you want to say - don't hide behind phony liberal language. Maybe it will help clear up your own thinking, or lack thereof.

1746 days ago


Hooray ABC. Remember folks, 31 of 31 states that voted signified that the gay lifestyle was not acceptable to the American public.

1746 days ago


ABC is right. They've shown same sex kisses before.
Look at there show Brother's and Sisters.

I don't the kiss was the big deal it was the crotch in the face issue.

It was just tastless. Does Adam really need to try and shock us to think he's got talent. (personally she sounds like a whaling cat in heat)

1746 days ago


Take off the makeup, wash out the hair gel and hair dye, the ridiculous 'fashon' suit and what to you have? A no talent idiot screaming. He is nothing.

1746 days ago
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