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Barbara Walters More Into Girl-On-Girl

12/10/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters sees a difference between guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls.

Lady Gaga
During one of the first segments on her "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" show last night, Babs aired a package featuring Lady Gaga locking lips with another female -- it was not blurred, it was not censored, it was no big deal.

But later in the show, she made a big deal about the fact that she wasn't going to show Adam Lambert's man-on-man kiss at the AMAs.


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There goes Barbara feeding male fantasies of girl-on-girl. Sick and shameful.

1746 days ago



1746 days ago


I'm pretty sure it wasn't Bawbawa Walters decision. I think it was the networks decision. THey also decided not to let Adam come on Good Morning America. Either way, it's stupid! Adam rocks!!!

1746 days ago


It is every mans fantasy to see 2 girls getting it on, it isnt every girls fantasy to see 2 guys stuck together like dogs. Adam wants to be openly gay then fine, but leave your sexuality at home and be an entertainer when on stage. Barbara screwed up by showing the girl on girl video. She should not have shown anything and all would be well.

1746 days ago


double standard America

1746 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    

We don't want to see skanky man on man stuff. Bring on the skanky women on women action. That's the good stuff.

1746 days ago


There is a difference between to women kissing for entertainment and 2 homo's kissing

1746 days ago

jeez luise    

me personally all gay ppl kinda creep me out. i have nothing against them wutever or whoever they want is there business. and am i thee only 1 that picked up on the fact that that the 7th person to post wrote he would like to see his sisters go at it??????????????? wtf? thats just DISGUSTING, SICK, UMMMM, INCEST!

1746 days ago


IT WASN'T THE KISS! it was the simulated oral sex that got
everyone's panties in a bunch. I don't want to see it and i
don't want my kids to see it. IF I WANTED TO HEAR THIS CRAP
I'D BE ON PEREZ'S SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1746 days ago


I am becoming concerned by the guy-guy/girl-girl double standard. I also am concerned by the apparent homophobia being stirred-up by some sections of our national media and also by some of the right-wing church/politicos. This day in age any person, regardless of their fame, should be able to come-out and it be no big deal. Sadly, I suspect with the network acceptance of the "girls coming out" and the network's homophobic rejection of the "guys coming out" we are seeing may soon mean it was easier to "come out" in 1970 than it will be in 2010. Kudo's to Meridith Baxter, Adam Lambert, and others like them that have come-out. Thumbs Down to the Homophobes.

1746 days ago


I don't think it was her decision, her show aired on ABC... I don't think they wanted to piss people off again... DUH...

Doesn't make it right, but there's your answer.

1746 days ago



1746 days ago


Glad you all really read what is posted. My point made. Thanks

1746 days ago

Madam Obvious    

I agree with you, #47. I have no desire whatsoever to see two men making out on national television, nor do I want to see two women making out on national TV. Does nothing for me. There are thousands upon thousands of websites where people can see that sort of thing if they want to, it does not need to shown on free-to-air TV, simply for its shock value. I am totally over the media chicness of gay/lesbian/bisexuality. The whole thing is a massive yawn. I don't even understand why it is still so trendy. Who gives a fat rat's a**? Why are people so titillated by it? Gay relationships are just as mundane as straight ones.

1746 days ago


Stupid decision.

As a female heterosexual I am offended by it. It perpetuates the myth that all females are a little bit lesbian, which is stupid. If you are going to show girls kissing, you have to show guys kissing. This is 2010, why is this an issue?

1746 days ago
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