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Barbara Walters More Into Girl-On-Girl

12/10/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters sees a difference between guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls.

Lady Gaga
During one of the first segments on her "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" show last night, Babs aired a package featuring Lady Gaga locking lips with another female -- it was not blurred, it was not censored, it was no big deal.

But later in the show, she made a big deal about the fact that she wasn't going to show Adam Lambert's man-on-man kiss at the AMAs.


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The biggest problem with Adam's behavior, it looked forced and meant to shock (did that keyboard player really have a choice with the camel clutch that adam had him in before adam went for it?). Meaning he went out there with the intention of exposing the unsuspecting public to his alternitive lifestyle. They call it "alternitive lifestyle" because it is an alternitive to a "normal lifestyle." The homos who complain about being stereotyped are the first ones to pigeon hole the general (normal)public or "midwesterners" as homophobes because they don't want or accept the notion of dudes puffing on dudes or simulating it on public television that they thought was safe enough for their kids to watch.

1780 days ago


What you like or don't like is irrelevant to the subject. It is hypocritical to have a stance that male on male kissing can't be shown or be pixilated, and then turn around and show female on female kissing uncensored. Personally I think the whole thing is juvenile. Our society is so hung up on sexuality in general, that it is pathetic. We are a community of children afraid of our own shadow. OOOOO he kissed a guy!!! Light the torches gang. Get over it.

1780 days ago


It was forced and totally unnecessary. Also a typical crappy AI song. yawn... and NO, an alternative lifestyle is just that. Another path. Let's leave the "normal" out of it. I thought Janet's crotch grab of one of her dancers equally unnecessary. As far as the kids seeing it... it was toward the end of the show when the kiddies should have been in bed already. As a parent, you have the option of deciding what they should watch. The music award programs are rife with foul language and boundless cleavage... your kiddies shouldn't be exposed to that either.

1780 days ago


There is no perspective that is right or wrong. Your either a non believer in gay displays or your fine with it. Leave it at that. When you denigrate the ones that are opposed, you denigrate centuries of belief. When you denigrate the ones in favor, your bigoted and small minded.

I personally don't find any of it to be proper, but that's just me. It doesn't make me a prude, or a basher, but the ones that find a way to make me or my beliefs seem either outdated or wrong are wrong themselves.

1780 days ago


Walters is a filthy old bag of dog crap.

1780 days ago


wellll...It is nasty to see dudes kiss..sorry just sayin..everyone chill and drink a chrome soda!

1780 days ago


I don't want to see this on TV because certain things are not for everyone to see. At home it's your own business. In front of an audience or on television, it's tacky, in bad taste and rude.

1780 days ago


It's because even though theyre Liberal and PC, girl on girl cute, guy on guy gross, black guy/white girl is good, white guy/black girl is bad and so on.

It's a FAKE America.

1780 days ago


I tolerate gay guys if they don't flaunt it in public with lewd behaviour. I am glad I don't have those issues and gay people, please stay away from the heteros. I don't want to catch Aids or HIV.

1780 days ago


im sorry i dont at all mind gay people at all but (hell i think i like them more then stright people at times) that was so uncalled for and sloppy and looked like he was about to hop on his d@%k.. no need to do that on a award show. the girls do it pretty much to prove a point (sex sells) he did it to see if he can get away with it.. and my little girl that LOVES music didnt think it was the greatest thing either.. sorry but o so true

1780 days ago


#80 what the hell does that have to do with anything?

1780 days ago


It all makes me want to f**king spew.

1780 days ago


The most offensive thing about Adam Lambert is his lack of talent. Which this publicity stunt has worked brilliantly to overshadow and even increase his popularity in spite of.

1780 days ago


Oh heck, now everyone, Ms. Walters likes girls and there's nothing wrong with that. Too bad the lady gag- a picture is actually a straight kiss. Do you know what I'm sayin?

1780 days ago


OMG those guy's are gay or what good luck im not lesbian

1279 days ago
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