Chris Brown Has Hang-Ups with Rihanna

12/10/2009 7:11 PM PST

Chris Brown Has Hang-Ups with Rihanna

Chris Brown was instantly yanked off a live radio interview early this morning when the DJ decided to stray from the promotional questions for a more salacious topic -- Rihanna.

Chris spent several minutes promoting his new album on the "Wake Up Show" on Seattle's KUBE 93, when the topic turned to Rihanna. Brown deflected the first question saying, "I'm really done talking about the whole situation ... I'm just moving forward."

But the DJ wasn't done yet -- and blurted out, "F**k that, did Rihanna throw you under the bus or what?"

Before Brown could even respond, his handler tells the DJ, "alright guys" -- and hangs up on the station.