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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

12/10/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #1 -- Rachel Uchitel -- has flipped out after learning how many women now claim to have had unprotected sex with Tiger, and she is telling friends she will get screened for sexually transmitted diseases, stat. In short, she's doing the right thing.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

Friends say Rachel is particularly upset that Tiger allegedly slept with two porn stars.

Probably a good precaution.

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Simone - the real one    

I don't have a job, wanting to be first on here IS my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1689 days ago


Thats what I have been wondering. Tiger must have STD's after sleeping with all those women, inclusing porn actresses. It is well known in porn that the "actors" dont wear any type of protection/condoms and they have sex with a LOT of people, thousands of people. I hope that his wife Elin has been watching the news so she is aware that Tiger has had sex with porn people so that she gets tested for STD's. Noty only is he breaking the marriage vows but he probably is bringing diseases into their home. nasty.

1689 days ago


A Ho is a Ho! But these days their too dumb to realize it.To all the Ho's out there, stop pretending to be some innocent wholesome american girl. If your a slut home wrecker just say you are and everybody may accept you.Excuses Excuses.

1689 days ago


this is too funny. if this ho comes down with an std it will say more about her than tiger. in other words, she wouldn't just be a whore, but a dirty whore. and if tiger comes up clean, then you can bet his hard as*ed lawyers will eat her alive.

1689 days ago


All the women he played were actually playing him.Tiger..I mean Cheetah is a messed up soul.He is rich but has nothing...thats the sad irony really but its an age old truth ya know...the deceitfulness of power and riches. He needs to come clean and he needs a new P.R. group. As far as Rachel and all the other bimbos he had they are a dime a dozen.They are stupid and Cheetahs stupid....the only smart ones not talking shes walking....his wife. Shes a class act and prettier than any of the gold digging lingerie porn star bimbos...sorry Rachel but your a looser and so is Tiger...your all a bunch of sick loosers.

1689 days ago


so, um, what? she didn't know he was married and then didn't realize that if he's gonna have 1 mistress, he's gonna sleep with others too? is it a squabble over who's mistress #1 or # 32? and sleeping with some married guy without protection??? so how much alimony do the mistresses get?

1689 days ago

Ewww, ick    

This broad is so sharp. Hmmmmm... let me see. A married celebrity wants to hook up with her, and she doesn't think he's romping around with other skanks at the same time? What an idiot. Now all her Manhattan men have to call for appointments to get tested. Ewww, gross. NYC testing clinics are going to be busy this week...

1689 days ago


As my favorite pastor would say: "The chickens have come home to roost! LOL... Filthy Whores!

1689 days ago


Is she really one of those girls who thinks shes the only "one"! He had a wife, if he'll cheat on her he'll "cheat" on you, even tho it isnt cheating since u are just a side hoe. I hope they all have a std (but one u can get rid of) so they can learn a little lesson! I bet if one of them have it it will come out by so guy they give it to. She makes me sick though. If he really loved her ass then he wouldn't have cheated with her, he would have left his wife, but he knew that she was better than this trash, he was just too stupid to keep his d-ck in his pants. The sad thing is his wife is waaaaaaay prettier than all the other hoes, and GRUBBS!!!! DISGUSTING. Tiger is so dumb.

1689 days ago

Ewww, ick    


1689 days ago


Woods is a phony! Pathetic human being!

1689 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Big Bird Michelle will never have to worry about Dictator Obama screwing around. No woman in her right mind would sleep with that narcissistic Dictator. His accepting the Nobel Peace Prize is a Big Slap to America. What a FARCE! Can Obama do anything except read a teleprompter, spend our money and strut around like a Tin Horn Dictator? He is incompetent as a President - he would probably be incompetent as a lover. Also, he doesn't have the Big Bucks like Tiger. Nope, Michelle has no worries.

1689 days ago


This is getting out of hand. It's all BS now! hahaha :)

1689 days ago


Just two porn stars?

Aren't they like Pringles? Once you pop, you can't stop.

It is funny that the woman Tiger (aka Cheetah) was having an affair with is upset that he was sleeping with other women.

1689 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#27 I agree. Tiger and Obama have no Class at all.

1689 days ago
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