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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

12/10/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #1 -- Rachel Uchitel -- has flipped out after learning how many women now claim to have had unprotected sex with Tiger, and she is telling friends she will get screened for sexually transmitted diseases, stat. In short, she's doing the right thing.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

Friends say Rachel is particularly upset that Tiger allegedly slept with two porn stars.

Probably a good precaution.

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She'll sue him for "wreckless endangerment", "emotional distress" or some other equally non-quantifiable "damages". And if she tests positive, it will be for "assault", "attempted murder" or some other such violent charge. I'm sure the others will be in line right behind her. Skank. If he'd cheat on his wife with her, what makes her think he's not cheating with others?

1748 days ago


First of all, boo f'in hoo to Rachel. One std she probably already has and it has not reared its ugly head yet on a pap smear is HPV. It is rampant for stds including in sexually active teenagers. Trying to trace where you got it from is pretty damn hard because of its incubation period and your sex life. So she has no recourse against Tiger on that disease.

1748 days ago


Hmmm... wonder if him giving his wife an STD started this whole thing?!?

1748 days ago


I'd rather do Holly Sampson than Rachel Unchitel, any day. With protection, of course.

1748 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

an adulterous doing the right thing. STDs is a consequence of doing the wrong thing. Anyway most are Americaized women are whores so Tiger could have gotten warts from his wife.

1748 days ago


# 71, I'm with you...This is the gal who vehemently denies an affair with Tiger...

1748 days ago


Andy O'Grady, her fiance back in 2001 that died in Tower 2 during 9/11 must be rolling over in his grave. How did Rachel turn into such a homewrecking narcissistic low-life slut. You really think Andy would approve of you Rachel? Best thing she could do is disappear and start life over with a new identity. You're a disgrace. As for Tiger...he's finished. The guy's an obvious porn/sex addict and needs to be in therapy. Still...who could ever watch this guy play and take him seriously? He might as well hang it up, leave the USA and hang his head in shame. I hate to say it, but both these people are the end result of the rampant porn/sex obsessed media in this country which has brainwashed an entire generation to think being a slut is 'cool'. Pathetic and one reason this country has gone to the dogs.

1748 days ago


Rachel thinks she's better than the porn stars. Not!!

1748 days ago

Mistress j    

Oh my god! I was Tigers Kiwi lover when he was here in New Zealand a couple of years ago playing golf. I thort I was the only one...Do you think i should Lawyer up? lol

1748 days ago


Tiger probably thought it was too easy. Treat his fans like dirt(ignoring kids and refusing them autographs at tournaments) but yet receive public adoration and rake in millions in endorsement money. Release a few family pictures to misrepresent himself as a family man while hooking up with women left and right without ever getting called out. Getting away with it for years upon years. Imagine if the car accident never happened. The truth would still be buried and the public would still be gaga over Tiger. However, his karma finally caught up and his real self has been revealed. Karma is a bitch Tiger!

1748 days ago


Sweetie, please. What made you think you're special? You're just like the other 50+ whores Tiger had the side. Finally this slut is put in her place.

1748 days ago


A playboy who is open about it is fine w me. But a coward pertentious hypocrite like Tiger Woods is pathetic. No intergrity. Betrayal of his life partner. A fraudulant image. It's not his promiscuity, or even his lack of respect for his wedding oath-it is his total gutless cowardly inaability to be show his true self, to pretend to be who he is not, to hide his true self and sneak around. The 'mistresses'-all who knew he is a 'married' man and the disregard for his wife and family- sneaking around as well-until Tiger got caught, Dishonest, cowardly, betrayal, lack of integrity, hypocrit , & stupid too for unprotected promiscuity.

1748 days ago

kathy s    

Tiger is a PIG and she is a bigger PIG. None of these women have substance. They are just ho's who have NO self respect. Instead of spending money on the botox lips she really ought to find a therapist to get to the root of her problems.

1748 days ago


After all this, If Tiger is the receiving end of a STD, it may be the greatest sports tragedy of this decade.

1748 days ago


Precautions? Um, since when did "precautions" mean taking action AFTER THE FACT???

Taking precautions would have been to slap a condom up his putter PRIOR to doing anything. Actually, she should have just kept her legs shut and self-respect intact.

Yawn. Gotta sleep.

1748 days ago
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