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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

12/10/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #1 -- Rachel Uchitel -- has flipped out after learning how many women now claim to have had unprotected sex with Tiger, and she is telling friends she will get screened for sexually transmitted diseases, stat. In short, she's doing the right thing.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

Friends say Rachel is particularly upset that Tiger allegedly slept with two porn stars.

Probably a good precaution.

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Current stats show that, statistically, 1 out of every 5 people have HSV (genital herpes).

Do the math.

12 women?

Tiger has the herps FOR SURE. Probably gave it the wife.

What a dirt bag.

1748 days ago

Deep Digger    

this woman is really stupid.

1st, she said she did not have sex with tiger. now, she says she is going to take a test. hello, this means you had sex. you lied once, nobody will trust you any longer.

2nd, people were asking if tiger was using condom. now, you confirmed he did not. this is a GIANT disrespect to his wife. ok, i understand, he did not love his wife. but, at least show some respect for being with you for seven years.

3rd, if tiger did not use condom on you, then he did not use on others. you do not need to wait for a porn star to show up to take the test. it could be any of the women. instead of negotiating for $$$$, you should run to nearest hospital. actually, you said yourself, you have crackhead ho friends. you are gonna catch it one day.

4th, gloria allred is not talking any longer. so, she got paid. it means either tiger paid or going to pay rachel. since story is still hot, it makes sense for tiger to wait for a while. so, rachel is perhaps right telling tiger did not pay her yet. but, if you keep talking tiger won't pay you. you just announced to world that you had sex with tiger. why would he pay you? my guess is that you are unhappy with your pay and you want more money, so you are leaking some information purposely to increase the pay. you are a ho, you sleep with men for money. since you did not have problem tiger not putting the plastic, your other clients did not use it either. if you were so concerned catching from tiger, you should have concerned you you could catch from anyone. actually, elin should be worried catching it from you through tiger.

basically, you just want to make the most money.

you are concerned so much about yourself. what do you think elin feels?

you are just a ho. take your money and go away. you did your job, entertained tiger and us.

1748 days ago


So much for the condom ads. I was thinking that was about the only product left he might be able to endorse. Anyone know if he is on Viagra?

1748 days ago


96. So much for the condom ads. I was thinking that was about the only product left he might be able to endorse. Anyone know if he is on Viagra?

Posted at 5:20AM on Dec 10th 2009 by natalie


He still has Ambian

1748 days ago


follow me on twitter, and i will follow you! www.twitter.com/JoshJJJ

1748 days ago

time to come out    

hoowee .. that Tiger gone hog-wild! he be spreadin dat seed far and wide.. lawdy!

1748 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Here's a couple of questions to prove that no one here knows what they are talking about.

Q: Given a choice of one of the illnesses below, what would you choose to be sick with:

1) a common STD
2) H1N1
3) pnuemonia
4) stomach flu
5) 3 weeks of the common cold

Hint: A common STD generally requires popping ONE PILL. Crisis over. Discomfort over. All of the rest of those choices involve extended misery and possible death.

And spare me the lectures about HIV. Hell, with modern medication, even herpes is a big yawn these days and eventually just goes away on its own.

More proof. Go ahead and get tested for herpes. All of you. I damn well guarantee that most folks will pop up positive, but have yet to have their first outbreak.

You want me to really piss you off??

Try this with your next boyfriend or girlfriend:

Just before the moment you have sex... say, "I think I need to be tested. I may have something weird going on down there."

Oh people. TRUST ME.

Those words will stop NO ONE.

Go ahead. Try it.

1748 days ago


I have a theory on why Tiger strayed. Tiger has black blood and asian blood, and unfortunately, he was born with a short putter from his Asian side of the family. This of course has lead to an inferiority complex which he tries to overcome (no pun intended) by boning as many woman as he can.

Now to compound the problem, he marries a Swedish woman who probably in her past experience, has been boning THOR so her unit is a bit stretched out and couple that with pumping out two kids, as beautiful as she looks, Tiger who as a golfer plays by "feel" is not satisfied with the way his wife feels when "putting". So he looks for sexual satifaction elsewhere. Sorry Elin. There is a man out there for you.....even a normal man would do.

I cannot even begin to imagine the "crud" that is seeping out of Rachel's port where Tiger has his 155 foot yacht docked. How hilarious that he names it "privacy". Would that mean he docks it in lady's privates. Seems so to me.

Good luck with your sponsors although Rid x or lysol might be interested in having you as a spokesperson.

1748 days ago


Where's Kooky with the recipes? There's been no news on the Tiger story for at least 3 hours. I'm starved. Maybe I'll go to the local pub and get a Secret Sandwich in the VIP room. Oh YES! I'M INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN ORDER ANYTHING ON THE MENU AND ANYONE DELIVERING THE MENU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1748 days ago


Dumb ho....YOU could have made him glove up in the first place. And I love how she is worried about the porn stars and doesn't mention the other 6 or 7 ho's he was with.

1748 days ago


Isn't it a bit late for precautions?

Maybe damage control is a better phrasing?

1748 days ago


OMG Such a nonstory -- TMZ do you have a quota of how many Tiger stories you must run. Atleast it not on the nightly new cast - wait it proably is.. the "real" media has been giving it as much attention as where it should be on entertainment sources.

1748 days ago


Looks like she had unprotected sex with him too - Ewwwwwwwww

1748 days ago

Do the right thing!    

I seriously hope that they all end up with painful, deadly, incurable sexually transmitted diseases, except of course, Elin and the kids.

Then maybe Tiger, if he's lucky, can do pharmaceutical commercials as he wastes away. His whores won't get any endorsement deals, they'll just die.

1748 days ago


Tiger exposed his wife to Aids and other STDs after sex with a multitude of partners, she's crazy if she takes him back... he'll just cheat again & maybe give her a new disease next time...

1748 days ago
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