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Tiger Woods -- Everything's Comin' Up Roses

12/10/2009 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Tiger Woods didn't send these flowers to Elin Nordegren today ... he should have.

 Tiger Woods

The flowers were delivered to the homestead an hour ago -- where Elin, her kids, mom and twin sis are living sans Tiger.

We're thinkin' .... Tiger needs tu-lips ... to kiss her ass.

UPDATE: 7:00 PM ET Get this ... We just found out the flowers were for Tiger!!! The person who told us -- and this person is in the know -- would not say who they were from.

tiger woods photos

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I sent those flowers tiger!! Once your wife leaves you officially ,it will be me who will have her answering to ,whooose "p564986" is this??? Whooooose p89489894 is this??? ,while spread eagle -hahahahahaha!!Stupid boy!!!!!!

1744 days ago


Hey Tiger, is this the message you want to send to Black America? That it is okay to cheat on you wife!/ And people wonder why so many africanamerican children are with out fathers, easy answer! Take A look at the reighing role model! Hey Black AMERICA is this how you want to be seen by the rest of the world? Come on people it's time to start setting some real role models for OUR children. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH!

1744 days ago


Not all men cheat. Not all women cheat.

Some parents pay child support, some don't.

At first when it seemed Tigedr had a tryst or two.....well I wondered what I would do with all of that recognition, fame, and mosney... Maybe I would've dipped.

How does one get past this? If your spouse had sex with MULTIPLE people when you were working or pregnant or when you thought you two were so close.... How could Elin not think of all of his phone calls, promises.....being together in the delivery room.

Thing is Tiger was dipping whe he was doing all that. This wasn't a mistake or a phase, it was a mentality and a way of life.


1744 days ago


I love TMZ

1744 days ago

Tiger Tale    

He is lucky it ain't a candy gram from the land shark.

Maybe its a bill from Rachel Uchitel for 10 million dollars?

1744 days ago

kerry bradshaw    

Talk about stupid advice! Why would any sane man worth $500 million break his neck in order to live the rest of his life with someone he can't stand? Get real TMZ and stop the brainless "Save this marriage" malarkey. That marriage never was.

1744 days ago


He's no longer a Tiger just a plain "Cheater"

1744 days ago


53. > Look at Bill Clinton, his reputation is still in the toilet for cheating. Was it worth it, no!

Slick WIllie's reputation is NOT in the toilet, dear. The dude is a stud. I bet most guys went "Hell yeah!" when they heard about what he did with Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

Ladies, get over it. Men are not gonna keep putting up with your coldness and holier-than-thou attitudes when it comes to sex.

Get it while it's hot!

Posted at 8:15PM on Dec 9th 2009 by Cardinal Rules!

Hell yeah dude. And it did wonders for his presidency too, didn't it? But hey, forget he did a pretty good job as president and then blew his reputation to hell because of a scandal. Forget about the $40 million tax dollars spent on a sex investigation and the whole embarrassing impeachment.

He's a stud hero, so that's all that really matters. NOT!!

1744 days ago


So far TMZ and others have found out the 11 holes Tiger has played. That leaves 7 more holes. One hole where Tiger will never use his wood to drive his balls is a blackhole. What a way for Tiger to screw up his families christmas.

1744 days ago


Tiger tiger burning bright! NOT! you should be ashamed of yourself! You have a beautiful family . You have a wife and children whose whole world you are, or were. What do you have now? It is so sad how far you have fallen. Is this how you want Black America and the rest of the world to see you? Is this the example YOU want to set? If you have any shame you will pull your head out of your netheregion take it like a man, admit to your mistakes, try to heal with your family and move on. There is hope for you yet if you can do this. I hope your wife can forgive you and move on.

1744 days ago


I am better than tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have bang babes much better looking and far smarter and most importantly cleaner than tiger Woods based on the evidence. And i am not worth 500 million dollars and don't play golf*(not a real sport anyway) LIFE IS REALLY GOOD! Tiger , really sucks to be you!

p.s. white girls are overrated!! very!!!! You really should have tried Asian - they mean it when they say "me love you long time"!

1744 days ago


I think Tiger Woods is a whore and he has
kids that will know he was horrible. I feel sorry for his kids! My nephews play golf and looked up to him, and now they are old enough to know
that he is a cheater!!

1744 days ago


I will be in touch with my lawyer about sleeping with Simone and Kooky.

1744 days ago

Jim Quirk    

Everyone is worried about Tiger Woods' infidelity when there's a much bigger story brewing at thequirkzone.com that TMZ should be looking into.

1744 days ago


america's fascination with blackmen and white women continues--

Tiger is going to be back!!! we are all going to watch and we are all going to love it!!!lol

Tiger's career is over!!! some of you here are on drugs..lol

1744 days ago
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