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Tiger Woods -- Everything's Comin' Up Roses

12/10/2009 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Tiger Woods didn't send these flowers to Elin Nordegren today ... he should have.

 Tiger Woods

The flowers were delivered to the homestead an hour ago -- where Elin, her kids, mom and twin sis are living sans Tiger.

We're thinkin' .... Tiger needs tu-lips ... to kiss her ass.

UPDATE: 7:00 PM ET Get this ... We just found out the flowers were for Tiger!!! The person who told us -- and this person is in the know -- would not say who they were from.

tiger woods photos

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No Avatar


Tiger isn't a sex addict, he's a NYMPHOMANIAC

1716 days ago


What a sleeze Tiger is. I agree with Nickey. The std's /sti's this piece of poop has exposed Elin to is unreal. Talk about a fall from grace. Tiger will go down in disgrace.Dump him Gatorade. Dump him Nike.

1716 days ago

Truth Hurts    

Tiger doesn't need to kiss her a**. He's a pimp! All these chicks knew what was up and at the end of the day they were only in it for the flashy cars, fine dining and good sex. Elin ain't going no where and if she does so what, he'll just find another low class, white trash hoe. As long as stupid selfish women open their legs for married men a man like Tiger is always going to be all right. I could care less about this story cuz it takes two! These chicks letting all the info out now when they realized he wasn't going to turn a hoe into a housewife.

1716 days ago


There just have to be 18 of them out there. Give it time, they'll all come out.

1716 days ago


Jesus...some of you here are stupid people--the media says he slept with 500 people and that automatically is the truth..LMAO...

i think some of you are talkin out of your arse!! forgive me but i don't believe everything the media says...

1716 days ago


Woods proposed to Nordegren on Nov. 25, 2003 during a vacation on a South African game reserve. According to People, Tiger popped the question on a sunset walk.

But even these scant details upset the fiercely private pair, who lashed out at the founder of the Shamwari Game Reserve for leaking the info to the press.

"It was such a great moment in our lives, and he cheapened the experience," said Woods at the time. "The only positive out of the whole trip is that Elin didn't say no."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/galleries/elin_nordegren_woods/elin_nordegren_woods.html#ixzz0ZFTYF4JD

1716 days ago


Tiger Woods is a huge dissappointment! He was once (I thought) a positive role model for young black men. But he is behaving in the same manner as those who bring shame upon his race. Why are you guys so oversexed??? Why can't you love a woman and respect her?

1716 days ago

A Person    

stfu Simone ya ho

1716 days ago



1716 days ago


elin is not going to leave tiger, and they will never share their privacy with the public. the media can try all they want-bring out 4000 women --lol..

the man has a yaught named privacy for crying out loud..

and for god's sake----other posted stories are not getting this many comments, are you all waiting in the wings for tmz to somehow post a story on tiger and then you all jump in on making comments--

ask yourself why is that?

1716 days ago


I bet every one of his sluts thinks she's the one for him. He'll divorce Elin and they'll live happily ever after. Dumber than rocks.

1716 days ago


All these celebrities (except David Letterman) first blame the media saying what they put in the tabloids is not true. Then when more stuff comes out, they give a half hearted unapologetic apology and ask for privacy. They never learn from others mistakes. The classic one was Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton called Jesse Jackson for help in healing his sex addiction, while Jesse Jackson himself was fathering a child out of wedlock at the same time. Now we have to wait and see which pastor is going to help Tiger Woods. He better find a white pastor or some cablinasian like himself. I doubt very much any black pastor is going to help him out of his mysery now.

1716 days ago


When the global temperature hits levels that eliminate life, when water costs more per gallon than oil does now, when we are killing each other for that last morsel of edible food, we can be proud that our media spent all its time examining the exposed guts of a wayward celebrity as if seeking a hopeful portent of the future from the gods.

1716 days ago


We are all HUMAN! This is a very private matter and as DECENT human beings we should respect this. What he did was awful but I feel sorry both Both of them. He has a problem and he needs help. I also think ppl forget it takes TWO too tango and these women KNEW he was married and it didnt bother them until the Tiger Train was over. Most of the women are glorified hookers. The one from perkins looks like a transvestite! Anyway, FORGIVENESS Is DIVINE!

1716 days ago


101. elin is not going to leave tiger, and they will never share their privacy with the public. the media can try all they want-bring out 4000 women --lol..

the man has a yaught named privacy for crying out loud..

YAUGHT?!! What the hell is a yaught?

1716 days ago
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