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Tiger Woods -- Everything's Comin' Up Roses

12/10/2009 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Tiger Woods didn't send these flowers to Elin Nordegren today ... he should have.

 Tiger Woods

The flowers were delivered to the homestead an hour ago -- where Elin, her kids, mom and twin sis are living sans Tiger.

We're thinkin' .... Tiger needs tu-lips ... to kiss her ass.

UPDATE: 7:00 PM ET Get this ... We just found out the flowers were for Tiger!!! The person who told us -- and this person is in the know -- would not say who they were from.

tiger woods photos

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tiger's now turned into another mike tyson,dennis rodman,o.j.-m.c. hammer type of pathetic character.- next: a reality show...that gets cancelled after 3 weeks. "roids" will make ya stupid.

1777 days ago


61. People keep commenting that Elin will take the kids to Sweden. I would if I were here but can she legally? I highly doubt that Tiger is going to permit his children being taken outside the US. Thoughts???

Posted at 8:08PM on Dec 9th 2009 by CJ Taylor

F$$k the legal sh*t get them out any way she can the people in Sweden will understand and not extradite he for it! Besides what can Tig really say about it I WAS A GOOD FATHER AND THIS DASTARDLY WOMAN KIDNAPPED MY CHILDREN..... gimme a break!

1777 days ago


It seems that Tiger has a deep-seated hate for white women. It doesn't help that they present themselves as dumb, slutty whores. Most of the ones that I see with black men seem to be this type. His wife is no better because I doubt that she would have given him a second look if he had no money.

I have to give black women credit, when you see them with white men, they are educated, professional, respectable men. Tiger looked like he picked these women up in a trailer park. Embarrassing.

1777 days ago


JohnS--I think you are confused---the only comments that tiger ever made about the affair was "he hasn't been true to his vows"=hmmm==i think that's him saying he cheated on his wife---

i think because he has decided not to talk---people are now imagining things..lol

1777 days ago

Letter Daveman    

NY Daily News reports that a 3rd party has naked photos of Tiger that they are shopping to Playgirl Magazine.... We haven't seen the bottom yet... This is the tip of the iceberg

1777 days ago


oh oh--here comes racist denver...lol....do you like wait for tmz to post a headlline on tiger woods, then you come in---do you have a JOB?lol

1777 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

If Tiger really cared about his children, he wouldn't have screwed all those women. He won't mind if his wife takes the kids to Sweden. Just gives him more time to play around with his bimbos. He's a DUD!

1777 days ago


What a complete loser!! What a vile, disgusting piece of human flesh he is!

1777 days ago


He probably wrote the same text message to the other sluts too. With men, you can't go by what they say. It's what they do that counts.

He bought his wife a $2 million dollar home and sent his slut a nastygram. Once the wife takes off, she gets millions. The sluts get zero. All she has is a wet ass and a text message to keep her warm on frosty nights. Go figure!!

Posted at 8:37PM on Dec 9th 2009 by Miss Universe

Having images of him using the "bcc" option when sending the email to his ho's...so they each get the same email but their names are HIDDEN from each other. Ditto for cell texts...mass text to all 50 of them.

1777 days ago


"It was such a great moment in our lives, and he cheapened the experience," said Woods at the time. "The only positive out of the whole trip is that Elin didn't say no."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/galleries/elin_nordegren_woods/elin_nordegren_woods.html#ixzz0ZFTYF4JD

Posted at 9:27PM on Dec 9th 2009 by Trish

Poor Elin has probably kicked herself several hundred times over for that sunset walk outcome. Did he at least not sleep with a ho the day that he asked her to maryr him?? Cuz given the porn video star lady, he was bed hopping AT his bachelor party...where was his concern about "cheapening" that night?? WHAT an arrogant ASS.

1777 days ago


Well he has joined the ranks of d***e l***man, et al. I hope things turn out ok.

1777 days ago


Hey Tiger. I aaaaammm so better than you! I don't have to sleep with deceased carrying scants, no matter how horny it gets. My library of women is so much better stacked than yours! Sucks to be you and oh.. .Goff is not a sport. It 's just a past time to talk money and p89894sy!

1777 days ago


Who the hell is voting 8% YES the flowers helped.... Damn Harv, you got a bot old time don't know about generating fake no votes.

any leads as to the drug addicted steroid using AIDS freak yet?

WTF! where is he?

1777 days ago


105. 101. elin is not going to leave tiger, and they will never share their privacy with the public. the media can try all they want-bring out 4000 women --lol..

the man has a yaught named privacy for crying out loud..

YAUGHT?!! What the hell is a yaught?

Posted at 9:40PM on Dec 9th 2009 by Kay

it's a floating Harem Kay! Websters is adding it to the dictionary next year just for tigers sake!

Privacy muhahahaha yea muhahaha when i'm bangin porn stars i need my privacy!

1777 days ago


Hey flava flav & kanye west...ya'll got a new homey !!!

1777 days ago
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