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Tiger Gets Order Blocking Nude Photos, Videos

12/10/2009 9:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' British lawyers have obtained a court order from the High Court in London, prohibiting British publications from publishing any nude photos and videos of Tiger Woods ... and TMZ has obtained copies of the documents.

Tiger Gets Order Blocking Nude Photos, Videos

Tiger Woods' lawyers sent a letter to multiple UK papers and blogs, stating the court order "prevents the publication of private and confidential information contained in the Order.... this Order is not to be taken as any admission that any such photographs exist, and in the event they do exist they may have been fabricated, altered, manipulated and/or changed to create the false appearance and impression that they are nude photographs of our client."

The court order also covers any possible videos. It blocks the publication of "any photographs, footage or images taken or obtained of the claimant [Tiger] naked or any naked parts of the claimant's [Tiger's] body or of him involved in any sexual activity."

The lawyer's letter says, "Our client is not aware of any images and in any event he would not have consented to any such photographs being taken nor would he have consented to the dissemination or exploitation of the same."

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Some of you are so irrational. Most of this is sensationalism. I do not believe everything I read or hear. Stop hyperventilating like you all get a vicarious thrill.
Sweden is a soverign nation.

1716 days ago


so why can't they be published in Russia or a country that doesn't recognize British Law?

1716 days ago


The financial repercussions caused by his transgressions will pass, as they should. Tiger made it because of his talent, and he'll prevail because he's talented.

I wish his family the best.

1716 days ago


The media must have known about these women all along, but kept silent all these years! Don't we all feel taken to the cleaners?

hmmm...how about they made them up!!! You think that is not a possiblity.

Too bad , tiger believes in his privacy, so we are never going to know who he really cheated with..

i don't beleive everything the media writes---they will do anything for ratings--and i mean anything, its to the point that they can accuse anybody of murder if they have to--they just have to throw in ALLEGED--annd anything goes.

1716 days ago


Photos and video? Tiger, you are as stupid as the day is long.

1716 days ago


Those of you who are so tired of hearing about Tiger, why do you keep clicking on the "Tiger News Network" and posting on it? You sound like one of Tiger's mistresses who says "I felt bad about being with a married man". She was probably saying that everytime they did the do.

1716 days ago


Elin is staying for the MONEY and lifestyle. She also HAD to know he was not a moral husband before now.

She will use the kids as an excuse for WHY she is staying. She has zero self respect and apparently can be purchased and was at the onset.

Tiger does NOT love her. She does NOT love Tiger. They have a strange dysfunctional relationship and would like to believe it is love.

His family and PR agents and attorney's are all over these boards posting positive notes or telling bloggers to stop with the stories.

Tiger is complete fraud of a human being. Elin was starstruck and was basically purchased as arm candy when she agreed to marry him.

Tiger should voluntarily resign from endorsements stating he is undeserving. Why act so desperate to save them when you know you are a fraud. Have some shred of decency...

Tiger - you would have kept this lifestyle up - however, you were caught and now you want to be a changed man. NO, you are forced to want to be a changed man.

Elin is no better after the truth is coming out about her.

1716 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

You know what's so STUPID about Tiger's call to whichever of his bimbos asking her to take her name off her phone .....

HE'S THE ONE who would have to take her name off the phone # in HIS CONTACT LIST in HIS PHONE! Right?

What a dumbass!

1716 days ago


so this guy really likes white chicks and ...
doesnt really like black ones?????

1716 days ago


The LAST thing I want to see is The Cheata naked!!!!

1716 days ago


98. The LAST thing I want to see is The Cheata naked!!!!

Posted at 10:26PM on Dec 10th 2009 by Janet

Yea but it would be nice to see another nail slammed in his coffin! it's interesting this is happening in England and the order is about the British tabloids what about American papers?

1716 days ago


30. Isn't Sweden part of the UK? Don't tell me he was cheating Elin on her home turf......

Insult to injury.

Posted at 7:43PM on Dec 10th 2009 by su

Are you f**king serious? Sweden part of the UK? Go back to 3rd grade and learn f**king geography. Get off the internet immediately and go find a teacher to teach your dumb*ss some geography!!!!!!

1716 days ago


Thanks Tiger, now you have my woman asking all kinds of Questions, cause a guy like you could do no wrong... guess what?? if you can I can.. My wife wants my black book, aa credit card receipts, my PDA etc......... thanks you sorry Basstard..

1716 days ago


The difference in Santa Claus & Tiger Woods is that Santa Claus stopped at 3 HO's

1716 days ago

Patrick M.    

I want to announce I fathered a child through Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods.

1716 days ago
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