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Tiger Gets Order Blocking Nude Photos, Videos

12/10/2009 9:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' British lawyers have obtained a court order from the High Court in London, prohibiting British publications from publishing any nude photos and videos of Tiger Woods ... and TMZ has obtained copies of the documents.

Tiger Gets Order Blocking Nude Photos, Videos

Tiger Woods' lawyers sent a letter to multiple UK papers and blogs, stating the court order "prevents the publication of private and confidential information contained in the Order.... this Order is not to be taken as any admission that any such photographs exist, and in the event they do exist they may have been fabricated, altered, manipulated and/or changed to create the false appearance and impression that they are nude photographs of our client."

The court order also covers any possible videos. It blocks the publication of "any photographs, footage or images taken or obtained of the claimant [Tiger] naked or any naked parts of the claimant's [Tiger's] body or of him involved in any sexual activity."

The lawyer's letter says, "Our client is not aware of any images and in any event he would not have consented to any such photographs being taken nor would he have consented to the dissemination or exploitation of the same."

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how do i send in questions for TMZ live? I cant find the info anywhere, but on TMZ live they are always reading questions from "people."

1742 days ago


Just wait until nude photos of El Tigre come out, someone will leak them eventually. And sex videos too - which he'll probably agree to selling, like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian did, because he is quite the businessman and needs to make up for some of his lost endorsements, LOL. This story is so juicy it's never going away!

1742 days ago

The Seer    

Wow, this is really starting to get interesting.

Tiger's "lawyers" wax Orwellian with all this doublespeak. Fascinating! I wonder if these were the same team who wrote all those hilarious statements he blathered when the lid blew off His Life, the Lie. Hey, I'm publishing this idea here first, so you media vultures keep off my ideas!

"We the veryimportantstuffystufflawyers are not saying Tiger was naked and schtupping porn stars, but if he WERE nekkid and adulturating and fornificating and wildouttacontrolmandiating we will hunt you down and restrain you from publishing these images that probably do not exist."

You just can't make this stuff up, folks!

1742 days ago


Wheres the Propofol when its needed for this guy.??????

1742 days ago


Well if Tiger's lawyers are sending out letters like this, then it must be true...

1742 days ago


I'd like to see those pix.

1742 days ago

Jerry Martin    

They'll be all over the net within a week. And his new name will be "Tiny" Woods.

1742 days ago


I know what would help. Book a date on Oprah, then jump up and down on her couch. That should give the media something else to talk about. The real scandal is this: that people are so stupid as to make someone very rich for doing such a lame and useless thing as hitting a little ball with a club. Really, in the larger scheme of things, why should this earn anyone's respect or make them a billionaire? Seriously!

1742 days ago


You know, when the PGA tour was setting itself up and getting good national attention, really starting to support the game of golf and establish standards of excellence, sportsmanship and teaching and tournament programs that were substantial social development programs over time, back in the 1940's through the 1960's, I'M SURE they had this sort of thing in mind as the standard of player behavior.

Well done, Tiger. Everyone from the venerable ghosts in St. Andrews to the youngsters aged 10 who are looking for heros, they all salute you for bringing such dignity, respect, maturity, class, courage, compassion and generosity to the image of the champion in sports.

I want to see Michelson win 7 tournaments this year, and never look back. Jesper, step up and claim some serious silver!

1742 days ago


look! tiger has crossed the pond to get laid! yikes! he won't speak up yet, he's waiting for all the sluts to come out first. if he comments on each slut, he would be doing that for the next year. he has no character at all. he's a serial cheater and he probably was getting no attention at home. he's used to the adulation and swedes are not known for being warm and affectionate (my ex-hubby was swedish so i know). so to prove himself, he had to date the whole planet. a whore on every course. the worst are the 2 idiots rachel and jamie GRUBBER - grubber was on a reality show and was dating one of the guys on the show who was cheating on his girlfriend. this girl gave her story up, and now she is going on every news program. she can't keep her big mouth shut and gave such a fake apology to tiger's wife. shove it you pig! do not patronize poor elin. And elin, now you have every right to ask for $100million plus up front - forget this $5 mil if she stays 2 years; $55 million if she stays 7 more years. Tiger you must be drunk and think you are dealing with one of your brainless bimbos....they were out for cash and you paid them off one way or another; you lost your self-respect and now you will lose your beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children - for what? one of those disgusting aids infected tramps? you blew it all.......

1742 days ago


well if the Brits can't do it sent them to Asia, I like to see how Tw's Team try to control that !?

1742 days ago


I hear the ghosts of some passed-on old timer PGA greats have been seen drifting through the halls of PGA championship course clubhouses, with erasers, trying to remove the name of Tiger Woods from the trophies. Good luck fellas!

What a gross injustice in so many ways.

OK then, let's get into the next batch of news releases and move this Tiger Woods story towards its logical conclusion.

1742 days ago


It will be interesting when these photos come out, and they will... Note to Tiger: "Crazy Ambien Sex" may lead to "Crazy Naked Sleeping Superstar Photos"

1742 days ago


Watching sports is lame. People who idolize sports figures need to find something more interesting to do. May I suggest watching paint dry? And what is it with paying millions of dollars to watch these clowns play kids games? Get out and exercise yourself, and quit clogging the highways going to spectator sports, and clogging your arteries while gobbling junk food while watching the boring crap on the tube. And the millions wasted on endorsements for these "moral" heroes, absolutely pathetic.

1742 days ago


They'll be all over the net within a week. And his new name will be "Tiny" Woods.

Posted at 11:35PM on Dec 10th 2009 by Jerry Martin

actually Jerry according to the whores Tig's well endowed....Really though shouldn't TMZ have like a black bag spec-ops team where you purchase the photos label them TMZ upload them and just claim is was a malicious act against TMZ???? This stuff would make great PR!!! just imagine the website traffic double!!!!

1742 days ago
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