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TLC: Jon Gosselin's Behavior 'Embarrassing'

12/10/2009 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and KateTLC honcho Edward Sabin is tearing into Jon Gosselin right now in a Maryland court -- claiming Jon's recent behavior has been downright "embarrassing."

Sabin just testified in TLC's breach of contract lawsuit against Jon.

Sabin scoffed at Jon's decision to host a pool party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few months ago ... claiming the network ordered him not to do it because "Jon surrounded by scores of bikini-clad women is inconsistent with the image of our show."

Sabin also ripped Jon for hanging out by the fence outside of his house and chatting with paparazzi, taking his girlfriend on a trip to France with Christian Audigier, and telling people his children were going to model a new clothing line.

Sabin also called out Jon for allegedly breaking his exclusive contract with TLC by accepting money for interviews.

Jon wasn't in court this morning -- but he's expected to show up in about two hours. We'll be there.


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1776 days ago


FIRST!!!!!!! ...BAD DADDY...

1776 days ago



1776 days ago


Tiger Woods wishes he was Jon Gosselin, this guy gets tail and then some and doesn't get half the grief that Tiger does. Perhaps Tiger needs more kids befor it becomes acceptable for him to doing all the girls on the side.

1776 days ago

doc murry    

thats like the drum calling the kettle black,,he is no better than john..he does a reality show where they employ obviously 2 retarded adults and a bunch of retarded looking kids,how low class is that?

1776 days ago


So he isn't the smartest guy. But, being constantly and publicly berated by his wife would break any man's spirit. So he wants a piece of the pie. The whole argument that they made a ton of cash off the kids is water under the bridge. Geez, no one put a gun to TLC's head and said give them a show and pay up! It's tiring seeing how kate is the saint and he is the bad guy, she was a 100% bitch to him all the time - it got to him. Jon and eight would make for an interesting show.. jon and eight. or Tiger ate eight. either or, would be entertaining.

1776 days ago


While I'm no fan of Jon's, you've got to laugh at TLC's hypocrisy. TLC is upset at Jon being himself because it is not the image they want to show on their "real life" REALITY show!

1776 days ago


Let's not forget, he was into having all 8 kids. Then when the reality of having all 8 hit home, it was time to bail. Yes Kate was constantly berating him but most of the time it was because he was like kid number 9. But don't worry Jon, now Kate can handle all the day to day of having 8 kids and you can go out and play and cry poor me.

1776 days ago


What's truly embarrassing is the way TLC exploited this family... destroyed this family... all for profit.

So, they're upset that their "reality" star finally got sick of them exploiting his children and being trashed by his wife in approved interviews but unable to say anything on his own account?

Tough cookies. The kids love their Dad. And if TLC had any concern for those kids, they'd back off... put a bunch of money into trusts to pay for their education, security until their 18, and counseling... and go away.

1776 days ago


There are a crap load of people downtown right now wanting to catch a glimpse of him.. I lived in Maryland for 20 years and just moved to VA last summer and some of my friends are down there waiting to catch a glimpse of him.

1776 days ago


Please, what makes anyone think Kate is a good example of a wife and mother when she exploits her children to be a celebrity? Neither Jon and Kate set a good example for anyone to follow and by the way let's add TLC in there as well. I stopped watching this train wreck of a show long before their divorce. I could see where it was headed to the dumpster!

1776 days ago


They are in court, mud slinging is part of the game. Tlc will sling mud at Jon and Vice a Versa. I am interested to see what ding dong Jon has to say...if his lawyers are dumb enough to let him open his mouth under oath.

1776 days ago

Simone - the real one    

At least the kids love him, which is more than I can say for Kate - the kids don't love her. And her behaviour is far worse than Jon's, so stop sucking up sheeple! She had an affair with a married man!

1776 days ago


WHY is Kate allowed to make appearances all over the world but Jon can't? Shouldn't their contracts be the same?

1776 days ago


Kinda hope he doesnt get in to too much trouble..for his childrens sake..he really should just always stay home and drink chrome soda!

1776 days ago
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