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TLC: Jon Gosselin's Behavior 'Embarrassing'

12/10/2009 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and KateTLC honcho Edward Sabin is tearing into Jon Gosselin right now in a Maryland court -- claiming Jon's recent behavior has been downright "embarrassing."

Sabin just testified in TLC's breach of contract lawsuit against Jon.

Sabin scoffed at Jon's decision to host a pool party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few months ago ... claiming the network ordered him not to do it because "Jon surrounded by scores of bikini-clad women is inconsistent with the image of our show."

Sabin also ripped Jon for hanging out by the fence outside of his house and chatting with paparazzi, taking his girlfriend on a trip to France with Christian Audigier, and telling people his children were going to model a new clothing line.

Sabin also called out Jon for allegedly breaking his exclusive contract with TLC by accepting money for interviews.

Jon wasn't in court this morning -- but he's expected to show up in about two hours. We'll be there.


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This man does not deserve the time or the wasted space of this website or any other. His wife deserves the same. They are has beens now and they both deserve everything that they get.

1727 days ago


Yay TLC!! Jon really ruined a good thing by halting production.
It would of been a great show with Kate plus 8. A whole new audience would of watched the show, the kids would of been taken care of and old Jon could still be on the show without having to cull his me-me-me time. GO TLC GO TMZ!!!

1727 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1727 days ago


TLC wantss Jon to not work, but the Bitch can parade her ass where ever. And she says its her bodyguard, bullfeathers. Maybe Jons women are his bodyguards. Double standard, big time. End the stupid show totaally I am tired of hearing about these losers...

1727 days ago

annette fisher    

only god can judge you, leave tigar alone.

1727 days ago

M Murphy    

That channel has always just used that family to make money. They of all people have no room to talk about conduct.

1727 days ago


18. WHY is Kate allowed to make appearances all over the world but Jon can't? Shouldn't their contracts be the same?

I am assuming that Kate has/had the same contract. The only difference is that Kate is smart enough to get TLCs approval of her appearances, interviews etc. before she does it. So she is not in violation of her contract. Jon's interviews are for income, without approval of TLC and usually have been slanderous towards their program.

1727 days ago


He is so there to protect those kids he said was being abused by TLC. He was right in front of the judge doing everything he could, he was there stating the case his kids were being slaves, he was there..... Wait er what, he wasn't there? He didn't show up? Even after saying this meant everything to him, protecting the kids, defending his kids, and TLC abused his kids??? Well, he showed his true colors, and his actual devotion.

1727 days ago


I just read on radar that TLC won..Jon knew better not to tamper w/TLC...Jon just suck it up&pay....

1727 days ago


Let's also not forget that when Kate went out for public appearances it was for her book etc....NEVER for sneaking out of a school teachers house in the morning, NEVER flaunting an x-tra marital affair in front of his kids and on tv where his kids would have to see it, NEVER stood out at the gate to chop it up with the people who were saliciously searching for fodder.....SO that is why Jon has a problem- he did not maintain the family image....he got into the "I'm a victim and a party boy who is NOW complaining because I was a dad of 8 before 30". That's the difference- Kate has never bitched about the kids because she can reason in her mind that invitro is a planned event- not - surprise! we're having a bunch-o-babies & now I'm bitter. Jon actually complained that he lost his 20s being a father- so what? YOUR CHILDREN WERE PLANNED JON. Jon got lost for some reason- or maybe he never had a very good identity to begin with- he seems like a purse holder/wall flower- cuz he isn't doing too good at managing his "reality star" career. He's just been a whiner since he got the idea that he is a victim....

1727 days ago


It just occurred to me that Mr. Gosselin looks like one of those male blow up dolls. Not that I know what one reeeeeally looks's just the idea. See?

1727 days ago


@ carrie just look at the blow up Santa Claus in people yards & u will see JON..I don't know what happen to JON I do feel for Jon but he seems to be the type to learn the hard way.. If Jon had used COMMON SENSE finished the contract out with TLC & kept his mouth sealed he wouldn't be going threw this ...

1727 days ago


TLC, the supporter of child abuse and exploitation, almost child pornography, TLC the freak channel who uses anyone to get viewers of the lowest common denominator, this TLC has the nerve to criticize Jon for breach of a contract? Isn't that Jon's property, to hang out at the fence if he wants to? He can sit on top of the house selling lemonade to birds if he wishes to, can't he? Talk about selling your soul, these two have seriously done themselves in with whatever contract they signed, but the judge must use common sense when it comes to the big guns of TLC versus poor ole' Jon Gosselin, not even a community college grad. Come on. That is not playing fair.

1726 days ago


The G kids are slaves. They have been working almost since the day they were born for the financial gain of their "owners", their parents, TLC. They have no say. They are herded around like sheep and God forbid if one of them complains, the head slave mistress slaps him down with a "Man up, Aaden", etc.

How can a court, any court, not go with Jon on this? At the very least, he is trying to get his kids off that treadmill. I say let Jon work, let the bitch work, just don't let anyone enslave those children ever again.

1726 days ago


what's with everyone here using the word retarded? just wrong any way you look at it. the last time I checked retarded didn't mean stupid. next time you happen by a dictionary why not look up the word ignorant.

1722 days ago
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