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TLC Muzzles Jon Gosselin

12/10/2009 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge confirmed today what we've known all along -- Jon Gosselin is officially a loser.

TLC Muzzles Jon Gosselin

A Maryland judge decided today that TLC's breach of contract case against Jon was strong enough to put a preliminary injunction in place -- which forces Jon to abide by TLC's rules ... or it's his ass. That means no more interviews or appearances without TLC's permission.

TLC honcho Edward Sabin testified against Jon today, saying his recent actions -- like hosting a pool party in Vegas, taking his girlfriend to France and talking to paps outside of his home -- have been "embarrassing."

A rep for TLC tells us, "The Court has validated our view that Mr. Gosselin has a valid, binding contract and that he has breached it repeatedly ... we look forward to the next phase of the litigation, which is to pursue our claim for damages resulting from Mr. Gosselin's numerous breaches."


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Perfect! Just what this IDIOT,WASHED ,WANNABE, PLAYBOY DESERVES! Jon is the most stupid fool walking. I hope TLC leaves him penniless & in the gutter. Kate & the kids will be great without this loser. They deserve a real man & father, not this whining, cheating, thieving, liar!

1777 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I don't get the Gosselinswithout pity it some kind of cult?? People who go there really need to get a life. The family is interesting, but don't spend you time obsessed with them - what a waste.

Sites like that that bash the family ALSO hurt the kids. So don't go on there, bash the parents and then pretend to give a rat's ass about those kids. They will see the site someday, shame on you.

As stated before, both parents have been behaving badly, but I think Kate, for all of her flaws in the marriage, has acted more maturely since the separation. She's not perfect, far from it, but Jon is like a dumb horny 15 yr old. She is still the same tyoe A, bitchy Kate, he is not the same Jon. The kids will also know that someday.

There is no excuse so running around in public flaunting girlfriends when you are not divorced - PERIOD.

1777 days ago


"79. Kate and her children will not be fine. Kate will keep on being a selfish person who cares only about HER. Her children will have emotional scars for the rest of their lives. Boy, that's an ignorant comment Frann made.

Posted at 8:59PM on Dec 10th 2009 by Simone

1777 days ago


RE: 111. What I said after quoting Simone got cut off. I reminded Simone, in criticizing Frann, what Jesus said about removing the beam from one's own eye before the mote in one's neighbor's eye. I also stated that Simone appeared to relish the idea that the children would be harmed as some sort of karmic punishment of Kate and asked Simone what that said about her.

1777 days ago


BullSh*t!!!I'm tired of all this Jon is a bad guy sh*t He took care of his kids period he isn't a dead beat dad if hosting a pool party at Las Vegas is what he wants to do then let him have fun why can't he? Parents go out all the time and drink and have fun or go to Vegas and gamble why is it Jon can't do this?I really never found one thing Jon said are done Embarrassing...What is so embarrassing about taking a girl to France are talking to Paps? This is the thing that pisses me off more than anything in America its always the Guys who get the bad rap are the bad side of things...That is why it is so hard to trust any Female nowadays cause they are sneaky and money hungry

1777 days ago


wait to go tlc bankrupt jon so he can pay his child support real smart logical move. you are only taking food from those kids table when you bankrupt Jon..

1777 days ago


first of all i think its both of thier faults. kate ad jon putting thier kids on national television. those kids didnt ask for any of this. as for for kate she is a nasty controlling bitch and dont know a man from an animal by the way she talks down on him she was his wife a wife is supposed to love and support her husband no matter what. she cant controll him so shes gunna bash on him. and if she would have stopped doing the show along time ago like jon wanted i think everything would be fine for them but money hungry kate cant stop and think whats more important my family or a production deal get a real job and then call your self the victim and as for jon i love jon he is an amazing man and father he only had his children in mind but that does not give him the right to take random girls around his kids party until the wee hours of the night and say things about kate publicly (even if they are true )he should be a man and step up to his responsibilities instead o trying to get back at her. in all fairness my advice is for them to give up the fame and take care of thier children

1777 days ago

Hammy SoSo    

I'm white and abusive. That is why I like Kate so much. *smile*

1777 days ago


Thank you TLC!

1777 days ago


Jon go apply for your old job if there no open then stand in the unemployment line saying,"How stupid I am".Jon you are back to a regular person.Jon for GOD sake kick HAILEY out of your life..How can you trust a person that pulled you down w/TLC help??

1777 days ago


#78, 84, 85, 88 saa-Jon was not required to be in court. Also it is his custody time. Where is Kate? North Carolina?

No wonder TLC lobbied for Judge Michael D. Mason. He's ruled in favor of parents who've murdered their children. Way to go TLC.

1777 days ago


If TLC is involved, I WON'T BE. If TLC is involved, I will AVOID. If TLC is involved, I will be elsewhere.....instantly!

1777 days ago


bottom line.

Jon Gosselin is a bad rep for TLC.
TLC, doesn't want to continue to take hits for his bad and embarrassing behaviour.

This is why there was a contract in the first place because it could have been avoided. But, he breached it.


1777 days ago


Douche on the loose got exactly what he deserved and anybody that supports a whining middle-aged loser who cries about losing his 20s to his children are a few screws loose. This pathetic self-loving excuse of a human brought everything he got on himself; contracts are made to be observed not blatantly broken. This was a business deal through and through and TLC enforced the contract and rightly so; the public has had enough of the antics of this middle-aged teenager. Not only does he not honor contracts, he doesn't honor his responsibilities by stealing money from the account that pays for the support of this children, lying, cheating, etc. etc. He can go back to his job as an IT analyst, if anybody will trust him enough to provide employment. TLC gave him his fame and he blew it.

1777 days ago


Maybe now jon should get a real job (not tv or magazine appearances) He CAN make money by working in the computer field he used to work in. He claims that TLC is keeping him from work - sounds to me like he's just lazy & wants easy money.

1777 days ago
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