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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- I'm No Escort!

12/11/2009 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Jungers, one of the many women claiming to have hooked up with Tiger Woods, tried to save her reputation by telling "Today" she's never been paid for sex.

Jamie Jungers: Click to watch
Jungers says she's never heard of Michelle Braun, the Hollywood madam who sold her out as one of her former escorts, and that Tiger never paid her a penny.

Dramatically, Jamie added, "I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart."


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why are all these women, White?

1777 days ago


she's a ho just like the rest. and he gives all us men a bad name. It's no wonder his wife tried to beat him.

1777 days ago


Is it just me? Or is she a bit large with a couple of chins. Did she look a wreck like this when he had sex with her. She is horrible.

1777 days ago


You mean all these White women didn't get paid, just squirted on? That's a damned shame! No wonder that's all Tiger messes with.

1777 days ago


Jamie added, "I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart."

Wake Up! How can your heart be broken...when you knew he was married. That's what happens "WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE TWO LEGS AND A HEART BEAT". If you had a brain you wouldn't have a broken heart.

1777 days ago


Herpes Alert!!!! danger danger danger

1777 days ago


Looks like Tiger needs to pay for more lipo for this pig

1777 days ago


34. why are all these women, White?

Posted at 12:40PM on Dec 11th 2009 by keisha

He obviously disrespects if not outright hates white women. You don't treat women you respect this way. I believe Tiger has power rather than sexuality issues.

1777 days ago


good God this is girl is ugly....more Chins than a chinese phone book. And Tiger f***ed basically Tiger will still his 9 iron in anything that is blond. This girl looks nothing like her pictures...she is a repulsive whore. Poor Elin, I mean if any of these women were even remotely attractive I could maybe understand but these are just dogs...crack ho's on the street look better than these skanks.

1777 days ago

Madam Obvious    

I notice this whore has the same face piercing, just beneath the eye socket, as Jaimee Grubb has. Is this a new fashion among whores? Is it a way to identify them easily? What gives with these stupid face piercings?

This woman looks like the town bike. To say she looks jaded, used up and clapped out by the working girl life is an understatement. Despite her denials, it appears she is an escort or a prostitute. Is there a difference? Tiger has some serious issues regarding sexuality and power if he favoured spending time with these ugly, low rent hookers over his beautiful wife.

1777 days ago


From my perspective, even though she is unattractive, she is MUCH less annoying to watch on video than Rachel. Also, I agree with another poster that stated that it looks more like he has power issues than a sexual addiction. He was deliberately choosing easy targets that he could bait and catch and string along.... women who might have tended to worship him. Seems like he needed to dominate

1777 days ago


She is digusting! Broke her heart? She's lucky her legs and arms aren't broken too. Does "Junger" mean double-chin in blonde?

1777 days ago


Oh my god what is it with all these women? They are all upset and saying they have a broken heart well how about thinking of Tigers wife and there kid? Imagine how the wife is feeling over all this and all these women seem to care about is themselves and making money off it.

I read that one of them claims to not even know that Tiger was a famous golfer, does she really expect anyone to believe that?

This girls are pathetic and are just trying to get there 15 minutes of fame and are putting Tigers wife threw hell doing it

1777 days ago


I thought that was drag queen.

1777 days ago

Esther Hoffman    

Man, I just saw Jamie a couple of months ago and she was cute as a button and bone thin -- what freakin happened in two months?!?!

1777 days ago
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