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Snooki's Attacker -- Guilty of Assault

12/11/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The episode hasn't aired yet -- but the man who punched a female "Jersey Shore" star in the face has already been run through the justice system for the attack.

It's all over an incident captured by MTV cameras, in which Snooki -- aka Nicole Polizzi -- gets socked in the face by a man at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights, NJ on August 19.

The man -- if you want to call him that -- Brad Ferro, was arrested and was eventually found guilty of simple assault. Ferro was fined $500 and given a 6 months suspended jail sentence -- which is essentially hardcore probation.

The worst part: the attack was all over a drink. We're told Ferro tried to take Snooki's cocktail and when she yelled at him for it, he retaliated with his fists.

The episode showing the attack is scheduled to run next week -- MTV says they will run a public service announcement about violence during the episode.


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Is it really important    

Now there's a man that actually deserves a nobel peace prize.

1775 days ago


What's the problem?. . . . it represents Jersey Shore (Guido Beach) in the summertime, exactly as it's titled. Go down there on any weekend and you'll see these fist pumping juicehead guidos everywhere.

1775 days ago


THis is the kind of bs that the show promotes. Did the JS guy who punched the guy that pushed his friend get arrested? No. Put together a bunched of juiced up guys who have huge egos and brag about how tough they are and this si what you get.

As for Snookie, that is the type of guy she was looking for. She thinks she is going to find a HOT loud mouthed juiced up guido who is loyal, kind and respectful she's going to be looking for a long time. It is a contradiction that does not exist. Idiotette.

1775 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

I cannot believe that a Battery charge was not brought against him (a closed fist).....maybe Ms. Polizzi has other Jersey connections to tell this idiot guy to have a nice day after getting hit with a baseball ball....just saying that he'd better be praying that this show doesn't upset the wrong people that go beyond the reach of the law. If this happend here every guy would have pinned him to the ground and put him under citizen arrest and wait for the police to cuff him. I look forward to the follow up stories about how MTV video crew or night club crew get sued by Ms. Polizzi for failure ot protect her.

1775 days ago

maria tortilla    

ok, Due to all the negative publicity I watched the show for the first time last night to see what all the hype was about. I guess the saying is true.. "bad publcity is better than no publicity". Anyway, to my point, I know this article isnt what I am about to comment, but, its TMZ, so who cares
My comment is to all the Italian groups up in arms about the portayal of their people. The way I see it, this is not a portrayal, this IS their people. These are not scripted lines. This is how they dress and act regardless if there are any cameras. So why the big upset for something that is the truth? Sure they are trashy and have zero class, but how fun is it to watch proper Italian young ladies and gentlemen who were brought up right. And anyone with sense knows that all Italians DONT act like this. Every race has a group of people they are ashames of and TV always exploits it.

the end

As far as snookie getting punched, well she doesnt deserve it no matter how annoying. I mean honestly, she is a girl for petes sake. If u would see how he just punched her out of the blue, it is really shocking.

1775 days ago



1775 days ago


They are both dumb animals who deserve what they get. It's been a long time since the US conducted a nuclear test. The Jersey Shore would be the perfect testing ground. Let's ramp up nuclear tests again.

1775 days ago


Can we get a camera on this guy to watch the beat downs he will get over and over again if he comes out in public Hope enjoys his life of recluse.

1775 days ago


MTV should've paid his legal bill. That punch equals MILLIONS of viewers.

1775 days ago


My guess is that MTV paid him to do it. But be that as it may, the only real tragedy here is that "Snooki" isn't spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. What a waste of carbon that sub-human piece of filth is.

1775 days ago


I hope this guy gets his a&& kicked buy a bunch of italian mafia goons. Show them this

1775 days ago


If women are fit enough to serve in military combat, then they're fit enough to have their lights punched out when they behave like azzzholes. Period.

1775 days ago


Feel sorry for this guy. Now the mob in Ny knows exactly who he is...good bye tough guy

1775 days ago


Too bad he's NOT going to jail...where a REAL man could get a hold of his ass and give him what HE deserves!!!

1775 days ago


Maybe the show will get cancelled before this episode airs????? We normal NJ folks can only hope!!!!

1775 days ago
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