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Snooki's Attacker -- Guilty of Assault

12/11/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The episode hasn't aired yet -- but the man who punched a female "Jersey Shore" star in the face has already been run through the justice system for the attack.

It's all over an incident captured by MTV cameras, in which Snooki -- aka Nicole Polizzi -- gets socked in the face by a man at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights, NJ on August 19.

The man -- if you want to call him that -- Brad Ferro, was arrested and was eventually found guilty of simple assault. Ferro was fined $500 and given a 6 months suspended jail sentence -- which is essentially hardcore probation.

The worst part: the attack was all over a drink. We're told Ferro tried to take Snooki's cocktail and when she yelled at him for it, he retaliated with his fists.

The episode showing the attack is scheduled to run next week -- MTV says they will run a public service announcement about violence during the episode.


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I love how eye-ties and New Joisey-ites get's called "Jersey Shore" because it takes place in New Jersey, not because the retarded guido/ettes are FROM New Jersey. I don't even believe any of them are Italian anyway.

1755 days ago


what a peice of sh*t that guy is. i bet this guy isnt going to get laid for a loooong time. he needs to be knocked the f**k out

1755 days ago


Sara Mendoza: ummm, i think you have your races mixed up honey.

1755 days ago


what a douche bag. tough guy punching a chick. ick. he even looks like a woman beater. lol. LOSER

1755 days ago


I did not know there was some many Stupid Italians (redundant) in Jersey. Now if I was dealing D-bol I could make millions there, everyone is on the juice. Not to be concerned about the future health consequences if you work at the local landfill in Jersey.

1755 days ago


Telling people to "relax" is just not right. Ten years ago, my wife was almost killed by a guy for her purse. Broken jaw, nose, eye socket and cheek, for a purse.

You may not like the lady in question because of her show, so be it. But he's a s**tbag of the highest order for hitting a woman for any reason. Asking people to relax is giving tacit acceptance to the deed, and most likely you would perform it too.

1755 days ago


Is anyone surprised? Look at the guy! He looks like he just crawled out of the primordial ooze. One evolutionary rung below neanderthal. One IQ point above a box of hair.

1755 days ago


The worst part of this whole story is that this Prince Charming/P.O.S. is a HS teacher!!! Shame on you for hitting a girl, fool!

1755 days ago


For all you losers who think this is ok why dont you show your face at a club here in the bay and try to hit a woman there and see how far you get!!

It's amazing how only the pieces of shi* on here are the ones condoning this, let some dude slap your mother & see how you feel about a**wipes!!!!

1755 days ago

For Sure    

Come on people!

Do u really believe that was a real punch??? I do not think so. If he had really punched her and it wasn't staged her face would have looked like Rhianna's...

Let's say it was true don't you think the penalty would have been worse???

Instead he got the standard $500.00 fine from the Seaside Heights Judge. They fine like 100 people a night $500.00 in Seaside Heights. Oh and by the way the bouncers down there are notorious for handling the bar fights.....More broken noses than you can count! Oh Please all staged! Don't fall for it people ....

1755 days ago


Wow he really clocked her... The clip shows her pointing and what looks like jabbing at him.. I'm sure it was all reflex and man what a shot!

1755 days ago


If "Snooki" was my daughter, my reaction would be to slap this guy across the face for not impairing her permanently. Then, when I got her home, I'd beat her back to the freaking stone age.

1755 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

i hope u do time & she drags your sorry @ss to civil court

1755 days ago


Assualt(battery) is wrong if its man on woman, woman on man, woman on woman, man on man and so on and so forth. Real talk, if you hit someone out of anger then you deserve to be hit back regardless of gender. If you consider yourself an adult(intellectual) then should possess the mental capacity to handle a situation without putting your hands on someone. Unless you ride a short yellow bus monday through friday with lick marks on the windows.

1755 days ago


Dirtbag, he looks like a relative of the "Godmother" from Real Housewives of NJ".

1755 days ago
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