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Nike to Tiger: We'll Await Your Return

12/12/2009 10:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nike has a clear message for Tiger Woods -- hurry back.

Just hours after Tiger announced his indefinite break from golf, his biggest sponsor was already talking about his triumphant return.

TMZ spoke with a rep for Nike, who told us, "Tiger has been part of Nike for more than a decade. He is the best golfer in the world and one of the greatest athletes of his era. We look forward to his return to golf. He and his family have Nike's full support."

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Thanks Nike for being fair to Tiger. Tiger like the rest of us is only human. In my eyes he will always be a winner. It is wrong to cheat on your wife. I find that all these relationships were not all Tiger's fault. How many of these women knew he was married?

I'm glad Tiger has asked for forgiveness and is trying to be a better person. Good luck Tiger!!!!!!!!

1743 days ago


Ohhh puhleeze people!
I buy Nikes because they are the most comfortable and fit the best! Been wearing them since the 80's.
I personally buy things because they fit the best, are the most comfortable, or because that item is the best for the reason I need it. I don't buy things because "Joe Blow" endorses it! I buy it because I like it, I use MY needs when deciding to buy something. But, I see a lot of people can't use their head for buying things. They have to have someone else tell them this is perfect for YOU because **I** endorse it. Pitiful!
Yeah, so TW screwed up, this should matter only to him and his wife. And they should have the privacy to decide whether to walk away or work it out. I don't ever recall hearing or seeing TW stand up and say, "buy what I endorse because I am PERFECT, I do not CHEAT on my wife, I am SQUEEKY CLEAN?" I think that's just what you chose to believe, so..don't blame Tiger!
What that endorser (whom I don't care about anyway) does in their private time is none of my business!! And really, none of YOURS either!
Love my Nikes--best shoe EVER for nurses!

1743 days ago


People are amazing. Tiger cheated on his wife. He didn't beat her or kill someone. Get off your F---ing high horses. He's a golfer; the best there is or was. He owes the public NOTHING. NOTHING. I hate he's taking time off. I was hoping he'd go out there and channel his energy into breaking Nicholas' record in 2010. I hope he's back by April, strong and hor--y and show the world why we spend 3 or 4 hours 4 days a week in front of our televisions when he's playing and why we (I) don't when he isn't. Good luck to you Tiger. Hurry back. Elin keep your head up. (your husband is a cad of a man; great golfer)No reflection on you. I'm glad Nike is sticking by him. I hope the others will too. Gillette is spineless. He showed he's human (1 or 10 irrelevent) and you tuck tail and run. After all, he's the first man/athlete to cheat. Cowards.

1743 days ago


As a Harvard MBA and marketing director for one of worlds leading wearing appareal I have extensive experience in the area of mass commercial marketing. Simply stated, women control the purse strings in this country and the loss of profits from women who prevent their children from buying Niki products will not support or justify keeping Tiger. It's time for Nike to move on. Change is the grease that oils the wheels of continues business profits. Nike will terminate TW contract within 60 days.

1743 days ago


AmeriKKKa has a problem and it's not Tiger Woods. The problem is the keyboard/internet bigots that infest this country. If your gonna type trash over a website why don't you say what you feel in public. We'll see how far that gets you. Half of you have "Black" friends. Disgusting... LOLo, carry on bigots!

1743 days ago

Saylor Roman    

I being the sole shopper of our household and having two children that plays in many sports will NEVER AGAIN buy anything with NIKE on it. If they want to stand behind Tiger Woods so be it. Most mothers do all the shopping for their husband's and kid's and I can't really see alot of women supporting his actions. Every spring and fall we take our children to downtown Chicago and spend at least $1500.00 in Niki and never again.
The guy is the biggest looser I have ever seen. I met him when he played in his first golf tournament in the Midwest and he was an ass then. Nothing has changed.

1743 days ago


You people just don't like black people. All this negativity is because Tiger is a black man. Shame on all of you!

1743 days ago


The man is human. He has made a mistake. There is NOT one person out there who has not made mistakes. It is what we do and learn from them that makes up a better person. Until you walk in Tigers shoes, you have no right to judge. I do not condone what he did but then again if he was not Tiger we would not hear about it. It happens everyday. Tiger I hope you get the help and support you and your family needs to get you thur this.

1742 days ago


It takes two blame the WHORES that won't keep their legs closed

1741 days ago
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