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Nike to Tiger: We'll Await Your Return

12/12/2009 10:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nike has a clear message for Tiger Woods -- hurry back.

Just hours after Tiger announced his indefinite break from golf, his biggest sponsor was already talking about his triumphant return.

TMZ spoke with a rep for Nike, who told us, "Tiger has been part of Nike for more than a decade. He is the best golfer in the world and one of the greatest athletes of his era. We look forward to his return to golf. He and his family have Nike's full support."

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Nike.....dumb, dumb, dumb. If I had a major company, I would drop Tiger like a bad habit. I hope Nike lose money... thank you for supporting a cheater like your slogan says "just do it" He did alright 13 times. I will wear any other shoes than Nike crap for now on.

1693 days ago


STILL WAITING FOR AN ANSWER... WHY DIDN'T YOU BOYCOTT NIKE WHEN JORDAN CHEATED??? What's the matter, cat got your tongue? A "little bit" of cheating is like being a "little bit" pregnant. Why didn't Jordan's ex-wife receive the same support?

1693 days ago


Boycotting too!! Great Idea!! No more NIKE this holiday season!!

1693 days ago


WTF! I will not buy NIKE products anymore. What is this saying about your company?? That you lie and cheat! Since your main spoesmouth is an admitted liar and cheater. Bad Bad BAAAAAAAAAAD decision!

But I hear Reebok and Adidas have some great new shoes this season!

Can't wait until NIKE come out with their new NIKE CHEATAH!

1693 days ago


buy nike---Thank You--am beginning to think its not about Tiger cheating anymore---i think its now more about some very insecure white folks!!!

1693 days ago


Nike - you guys are IDIOTS if you don't drop this loser!!!!!

1693 days ago


Well the next time I see the NIKE LOGO " THE BIG CHECK " being worn by someone I will just FIGURE it is someone TIGGER BANGED, even the guys...I am sure we will soon hear about them soon. 3 weeks and all he has to say 13 TIMES is " I am SORRY" Not that he has a PROBLEM! You go NIKE maybe he will give yo a JOB cleaning his house when he sells it!

1693 days ago


Ok, since nobody can answer why Mrs. Elin Woods is more important than Mrs. Juanita Jordan, here's an easier question...

The Unites States military abused Iraqi prisoners (feel free to Google for the pictures). Should the rest of the world boycott us for sponsoring such barbarianism with taxpayer dollars? Come on Mr/Mrs Holier-than-thou..

1693 days ago


For every $1 Nike pays Tiger some kid in a sweatshop makes $0.00000000000000000001.

1693 days ago


"It doesn't matter if you do one chick or 50, cheating is cheating."

Actually it does. That's like saying being a serial killer isn't any worse than killing 1 person. Or killing someone in a car accident. Of COURSE ITS DIFFERENT YOU RACIST (or racist accusing) CLOWN. Get a clue. It's idiots like you who fuel racism by making such stupid provocative comments.

1693 days ago


Come on people, you're so vocal any other time. Do you condemn the USA for sexually and physically abusing the Iraqi prisoners? Should the rest of the world boycott all American products? Your tax dollars paid for that nonsense. So some of that blood is on your hands.

1693 days ago

Phyllis Meltzer    

Sorry that Nike chooses to support a sleaze like Woods.
Perhaps a boycott of products is called for here.
You can be assured that none of my or my families money
will be spent on a single item that go to support this trash bag.
If his wife has a brain in her head she will dump this flea bag
and think of her children first. They are going to grow up and have to live with all the humiliation he has dumped on them.
Tiger can do us all a favor and retire from golf.
We have all had enough of his huge ego and self love.
I can't imangine him ever being able to hold up his head and
face the golf world withany pride. He's blown it BIG TIME.

1693 days ago


Nikes' new slogan: "SHOW ME THE MONEY"...Tiger,you had me at the fist billion...

1693 days ago


Nike is no doubt putting on some of these pro-Nike and pro-Tiger Woods posts, but screw them both.

Nike endorses wife abusers, Nike endorses infidelity, Nike endorses sex without safety precautions, Nike endorses serial abuse of spouses and neglect of children. There is the picture of Nike, the great relentless endorser of Tiger Woods.

Nike is done. Nike stock should drop about 80% within a month. Screw Nike and their arrogant sick puppy hero Tiger Woods.

NO LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO NIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO CHEETAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1693 days ago


Damn... pull out a mirror, put it in front of people, and see how quickly all you hear is crickets chirp...

1693 days ago
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