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Nike to Tiger: We'll Await Your Return

12/12/2009 10:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nike has a clear message for Tiger Woods -- hurry back.

Just hours after Tiger announced his indefinite break from golf, his biggest sponsor was already talking about his triumphant return.

TMZ spoke with a rep for Nike, who told us, "Tiger has been part of Nike for more than a decade. He is the best golfer in the world and one of the greatest athletes of his era. We look forward to his return to golf. He and his family have Nike's full support."

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jim milleage    

To the head of the Nike organization:
If one Playa makes your whole team then I suggest you return to school
for a refresher course in Marketing 101.
I can see your "Just do it" ad go to "Just do it but don't get caught".

1775 days ago


I have not been on TMZ for about 5 days because of their treatment of Tiger.

#1. There are people who never liked Tiger and they were always looking for a reason to bring him down.
#2. I will continue to buy from Nike. What a great company for standing by Tiger.
#3. No Tiger=No Golf. Didn't watch the game before him and won't watch it without him. Neither will anyone else.
#4. The PGA better rally around Tiger, because if they don't, they'll lose an entire generation of income -- they can't afford to lose Tiger.

1775 days ago


Nike bites! Their idiot statement regards the only thing they care about-SALES. No morals, no values, no care for women and children.
I'm happy I switched to Adidas after I twisted my ankle twice in Nikes. Stupid expensive and shoes were cut too low.
As for Woods-I never liked him. Aloof, impersonal, rude, abrasive. He isn't guilty of just infidelity. He has a personality disorder and needs alot of counseling.
Just not an "athlete" that could sell me a thing. Tag Heuer dropped him and I appreciate that.
Charles Barkley makes mistakes but, he's honest about it. Generally a good guy with a funny personality! I'd probably buy something he's endorsing.
The only victims are his two kids. They didn't ask to be born to a sick, twisted, spineless twit.

1775 days ago


66. Ok, since nobody can answer why Mrs. Elin Woods is more important than Mrs. Juanita Jordan, here's an easier question...

The Unites States military abused Iraqi prisoners (feel free to Google for the pictures). Should the rest of the world boycott us for sponsoring such barbarianism with taxpayer dollars? Come on Mr/Mrs Holier-than-thou..

Posted at 10:16PM on Dec 11th 2009 by Support Nike & Tiger!!!

I remember the abuse very well and the entire world hated our guts for it, but what the hell does that have to do with Tiger treating women like pieces of meat? It's very obvious that you're a man or you would understand that an affair or even two is way different from Tiger's serial behavior and hatred toward women.

1775 days ago


Greatest golfer, or greatest cheater?! That makes me really wonder if he ever cheated at the game of golf at all. Just sayin' since he is so great at deception!!!!

1775 days ago


68. "It doesn't matter if you do one chick or 50, cheating is cheating."

Actually it does. That's like saying being a serial killer isn't any worse than killing 1 person. Or killing someone in a car accident
. Of COURSE ITS DIFFERENT YOU RACIST (or racist accusing) CLOWN. Get a clue. It's idiots like you who fuel racism by making such stupid provocative comments.

Posted at 10:21PM on Dec 11th 2009 by moi

There is no grading system for sin, IDIOT. No sliding scale. CHEATING IS CHEATING. I assume you're basing your morals on the BIBLE (otherwise, take your hypocritical butt elsewhere). The same BIBLE that says ONLY GOD judges, we must FORGIVE, and everything else self-righteous bastards like you love to throw in people's faces. Oh, and for the record, it wasn't only one woman with Jordan, but I wouldn't expect you to know that because you obviously didn't give a damn about his wife like you do Tiger's. So yes, I do think you are a racist. Can't help (and don't give a damn) if the truth hurts.

1775 days ago


Send your Nike equipment to Beth Gast. It's not about Tiger, it's about lying and cheating and what we want to model for our kids. Our housefull of Nike is going back to Oregon. Don't just boycott Nike, send it back to Beth and let them see how bad this decision was. An insult to us. Maybe women aren't their market. Funny, my clubs, bag, balls, shoes, clothes....all Nike...all going back; but they don't need women to support them? OK

1775 days ago

who dat    

Just wait til it is revealed that Tiger wrote off all the whores as "business expenses" on his tax forms.

1775 days ago


Nike would NEVER have endorsed Tiger if they had known about his whoring around. They're going to dump him.

1775 days ago


Do you consider adultery and sweat shop labor to be wrong? If you buy Nike products you are supporting it. Contact Nike and let them know.


Nike World Headquarters
To reach the Nike World Headquarters, please contact us at:
- 1-503-671-6453 - (7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday (except Holidays)).

World Headquarters

Nike World Headquarters
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005

1775 days ago


No one in my family has worn Nike in the last 25 years and we certainly never will now.

1775 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Indefinite, infidelity. Hmm...

1775 days ago


Why does he get a pass just because he's good at golf?

Boycott Nike.

1775 days ago


What I spent on Nike in 2009: over $5,000.00
What my husband spent on Nike...ever....$0.00
Just Do It, Nike
Drop him, pay the nut for cancellation and move on

1775 days ago

FOR HOWARD THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!    

So Tiger admitted his affair. Why? Cause it is a part of his image rehab? So Nike has the reason to hold on to him? It is a part of his marketing strategy so Tiger will not lost his sponsors as we all know by now that if Nike and other sponsors drop him that means lots of loses (money)in part of Tiger. Tiger is a loser. No matter what. Will see how long can he keep his pants on. He proclaimed he is jealous of his mistress Rachel, cause he is always thinking of her. What a liar. I can only say say that Once a CHEATER will always be a CHEATER!!

1775 days ago
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