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Tiger Woods' Wife -- I Don't Think I'm in Sweden

12/12/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has grabbed her passport and hoofed it to Sweden -- but our spies spotted her just an hour ago.

Tiger Woods

The above photo shows Elin's SUV after she pulled into the couple's guest house this afternoon.


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YOU IDIOTS WANTING SO DESPERATELY TO BRING TIGER DOWN BECAUSE HE IS HALF BLACK AND FOR NO OTHER REASON!!! Because men will f*ck outside marriage if they have money and opportunity, so what the hell are you white pale ass people fussing about??? Why give this so much attention???? If a man ca f*ck 200 persons instead of 2; guess which number he will take??/
Moreover, this man is clearly not happy with this marriage. Maybe the damn wife is as cold as ice!
Tiger should leave Elin, give her the 20 mil in the pre nup and go live the George Clooney lifestyle!! Leave the gold digger Tiger and go live life the way you want to live it!

1782 days ago


How sad that the press won't let go; will they never put themselves in the shoes of someone who has had their lives - their every move - put under a microscope? If they used that much energy to uncover sex traffickers our world would be a lot better place in which to live and raise our children.

1782 days ago


NO, HARRIET, #202, I'M WITH YOU, TOO! Please read my comment, #58. Thanks!

1782 days ago


My bad #207. Elin twin is identical. I was looking at a picture of
someone else that was with her & its caption said "her twin
sister". You don’t need to attack me by calling yourself "Madam
Obvious". I was going to thank you for the correction, but with that
sarcastic name of yours I will not. By the way I'm #201 not #205
smart ass.
I can’t figure out who is worse the Douche bag or the sluts. I could
not agree with you more Billabong #198. Its always the right wing
bible thumpers that are always preaching forgiveness, because they
are the ones smoking meth with their masseuses getting happy
endings, usually man on man or with young boys. Family values? Republicans make me
I don’t know what # you are- you idiot. Obama inherited this F****D economy & 2 wars. He
was probably just as shocked as you were when he found out that he
was being considered for the Noble Peace Prize. When President Obama
was a student at Harvard Law school, he was head of the Law Review. That is
HUGE. He is probably 1 of the most educated and intelligent presidents that we
have ever had. Oh I guess if you think a "C" average for a president
that only got into an Ivy League school cuz of daddy makes a better President; I could understand your change to a Bush supporter. I am delighted that you left the Democratic party. We are not proud of your kind of thinkers.
Bush is a LOSER who made me embarrassed to be an American for 8 very long
years. Who else is trying to promote peace more than Pres. Obama? Chaney, Bush?
What school did you go to, what were your grades & what have you
done for this country? Probably not much.
As for Bianca #204 who thinks that Tiger is being trashed cuz he is
"half black" is such a cop out statement. He could be green, I don’t
give a S**T. He is still one of the top 5 people I would consider an
idiot right up with stupid Bush! Why speculate about the strength of
Tiger's marriage? Elin is not a “gold digger”. It is NOT clear that she is cold as ice. That is your pathetic way of attacking a woman who did nothing but love her husband and carry his children for over 9 months. He perused Elin remember? She probably didn’t even care at the time. Now that she is stuck in a marriage with 2 very young children, that makes it even more difficult to walk away. Regardless that is no reason to cheat, especially with that many women.
I still cant figure out who is more stupid, Tiger for having all of
these stupid sluts who say how much he cared for them, but yet didn’t
even give them a b-day card for years of pleasing him or Tiger for
screwing these bimbos. These girls actually thought that was love. If
they are that stupid, then they deserve to get F**KED without a courteous reach
Why leave that cheating bastard alone. He alone created this mess & I
am glad the truth about him finally came out.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions with the exception of
Tiger & a few other idiots.
By the way, taking Ambien or Vicodin or both together would not enhance sexual pleasure. You could have kinky sex with Ambien but you would be asleep & not even remember the sex. Look it up. What stupid people. That’s why he is worried about sex tapes.
#181 Steve said it best. I could not agree with you more.
I honestly thought that Paris Hilton & Co. where stupid, but these whores make Paris & Co. look like Brain Surgeons.
Good job TMZ!

1782 days ago


i think you people need to stop hating,leave them alone no ones perfect,stop making it more than what it is,like GOSH,they are human,what you all need to worry about is how bad the economy is and how terrible its getting,life is to short, and tommrow is not promised,stop judging people no-body is perfect,GOD didn't make no-one better than him.leave the WOODS family alone,Tiger be stronge keep your head up always be ahead dam them wannabees that can't be.peace have a great x-mas and a HAPPY SAFE NEW YEAR 2010?

1782 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Why is Tiger still taking Vicodin? That is an opiate like post-operative pain killer, and his knee surgery took place well over one year ago. Is his knee giving him such excruciating pain that he would still need to be on something this strong, or is he addicted to? I agree with smartypants re the rumoured sex tapes. No wonder he's worried, if he was banging these whores whilst under the influence of narcotics. He would have been so out of it that he wouldn't have a clue whether he was being filmed or videoed. I'm stupefied by his recklessness.

I live in Australia and I heard an interview on the radio this morning with a guy from Sky Sports channel New Zealand who interviewed Woods when he was in Australia last month. The interview is being run on New Zealand TV at 8.30pm tomorrow night. Apparently, Woods was asked about his family and the guy who interviewed him said that Tiger looked him straight in the eye and told him his family was the most important thing in his life, period. No squirming, no blusing, no looking away. Yet we know he flew his whore of choice, Rachel U, out to Australia specifically to spend time with him whilst he was here for "make-up sex". He is a stone cold, narcissistic sociopath. I can't wait for footage of this interview to turn up on YouTube later this week. Or perhaps TMZ could get the footage from Sky network in New Zealand?

1782 days ago


Tiger goes beyond a simple mistake or something he did in a weak moment. He had dozens of whores and cheated on his wife many, many times. Elin needs to dump him and get away from him. He's a sick man. He does not love her. He loves only himself.

1782 days ago

l kirby    

My whole thing is who cares that he cheated? Now, what i want to know is would people had cared if his wife would have been black? No it would not have been all over television! People would have cared less! So what i am saying, as a female myself i could care less about what he is doing!Most of these athletes go outside their race and marry. Now when something happens, then they want support. But, just think about it, if they married in their race, would they have all these problems? No they wouldn't, because who cares when its done to a black woman!

1782 days ago


Elin and the children have landed in Sweden. Her mother is back at work today. Efficient as always.

1782 days ago


I really hope that their is some "Learning" from this whole "Tiger Woods-as AMERICAN HERO/IDOL"...fiasco...

PEOPLE....just because someone can play a "sport well" or "act in a movie", they are not "Better than you or me". Why do we call a "Football player"...a "Warrior"? He is "NOT". A "Warrior" is any man or woman who decides to volunteer to serve their country in the Armed Forces, knowing that decision can result in their "death". (*Or even our Police that have to protect us from "thugs" everyday...risking their lives in the process.)

Tiger just a guy who hits a round ball, with a stick. PERIOD. Maybe if we did not "invest so much of our lives in worshipping PRO SPORTS AND MOVIES...then, we would not be so "IN LOVE" with these "FALSE HEROES", that .we would not be so shocked and dissappointed when they show they are "Not Heroes At All"....Just...SPOILED BRATS MAKING A LOT OF MONEY"...!

1781 days ago


For Loredana Jolie pictures that the press does not know about, check out this site: ^-^

1780 days ago



1778 days ago


Madam Obvious: wouldnt u take vicodin to spaz out when you had someone nagging at u all the time..

1778 days ago


Now we learn Never judge a book by it cover,or a hungry tiger in heat looking for fe tigers P*** food ,, This guy in very low in IQ a real assH***.. what goes around comes around Pig, He did Menn too, the madam said,, Hope he enjoys the rest of his life with dirty trashy Hos , At least he will be loved well , the wierd ways , ha ha and in his true element., . Who else would want his dirty Pr***
,Imagine big bucks paid for dirty pu***Y , not even for the highest price ones, who never talk, One geat thing many of us have learned is , HOw to apprcaite your health and family., and pity celebrities and all their miserable millions,as tey all proved Money is the root of all evil in politics as we know, and the lives of many celebrites . so dont become a celelbety ,, letthis be a big lesson to us, ha ha

1764 days ago
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