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Tiger Woods' Wife -- I Don't Think I'm in Sweden

12/12/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has grabbed her passport and hoofed it to Sweden -- but our spies spotted her just an hour ago.

Tiger Woods

The above photo shows Elin's SUV after she pulled into the couple's guest house this afternoon.


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BARBARA WALTERS HAD AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED AFRICAN AMERICAN CONGRESSMAN AND BRAGGED ABOUT IT IN HER BOOK! Did anyone trash her? NOT MUCH! Same is true of many celebrities including golfers who now appear to be so "moral" and make ugly remarks about Tiger. What skeletons are THEY hiding? "So called" certified psychiatrists have labeled Tiger as a"sex addict." Hogwash! He was urged to perfect his game of golf, at such a young age, he was not permitted to play and have fun like other kids. HE WAS ROBBED OF HIS CHILDHOOD!!! Now it has ALL come back to HAUNT him and he is being crucified for being HUMAN at this late date. He has taken the high road and begs forgiveness, not pointing fingers at anyone but himself. For goodness sake give him some slack! Additionally, perhaps his MARRIAGE needs some work. It didn't take three seconds before his in-laws barged in from their native country. Tiger is under tremendous pressure right now and what he needs is to have everyone GO HOME and permit the couple to try and work things by themselves. They need their privacy. For the Love of God, GO HOME!!!

1712 days ago


Hell she is the luckiest woman in the world now without a doubt. She is stinking rich and she can have all the white meat she wants now that she knows the dark meat is not nearly as tasty !

1712 days ago


**************DEAR TMZ***************



There are doors open to you that are not open to us fans.We would be grateful if you could put some man-time finding out the status on the "investigation". Why is Conrad roaming around, shaking hands like he is a hero, why is he not in jail?

Obtain a copy of petitions mentioned in the following video and report on the SIMILARITY OF BRANCA'S SIGNATURE TO 2 INITIALS THAT ARE ON ALLEGED MJ WILL

IS MICHAEL'S WILL VALID, Part 2 (Branca's signature looks like 2 initials from MJ will)


IS MICHAELS WILL VALID, Part 3 (2003 investigation & termination Letter to John Branca)

1712 days ago


why the guest house. heres my take. the only way tiger could possibly have dealt with his tournament in jan, 2010 and future obligations would have been with elin by his side and family intact. i think she is going to leave not stay, thus his statement to take a break from golf and repair his image. however when tiger comes back it will be a new image. he and his wife will probably amicably divorce or separate, and he will be an even better player, both on and off the course.and he will live a swinging, single lifestyle.people divorce all the time. his sponsors wont care as long as long as his golf game is on.if indeed his marriage was a sham, then this is perfect for both of them.staying together for kids doesn't aren't dumb, and they are too young to know anything now.tiger will come back with a new and improved image.

1712 days ago


A guest house???? Damn! That's a bad ass house! I could use one of those!

Hi Tiger, I got some'um for ya!

1712 days ago


I don't agree with what Tiger has done. However, I am not raising my child nor should others on the belief that those who are good in sports are a role model for them. My child can look and see how well that person does in the sport. However, I am my childs role model. If parents would stop trying to make people out to be perfect, they wouldn't have to explain and back pedal at this moment. Tiger is human.

As far as Tiger and Elin, it's up to them as to how they resolve their marital issues. It's going to be a long and hard road for them both. They're young and they have a lot going against them. Here's two individuals that have the pap. all around them, they're a couple of stature/money and they're YOUNG. Let's not make judgements as to how they should handle their marriage. They said I do in front of God. Better or Worse! Now we have hit worse. I'm not saying she should stay or leave. I'm just saying, "let NO man come between them". Let them decide their future and let's just support their decision.

1712 days ago


Spies?! You people disgust me. Go ruin the life of someone else, this is getting pretty boring.

1712 days ago


#49 Of Course a lot of other people have cheated on their wives and husbands, the problem here is Tiger was protraying the sweet innocence husband, father, son golfer.. and making millions off the ads as such.. That's the problem living a big lie that the public was paying for by buying the products that he represented.. He was supposed to be this big role model well so much for that... Now where the hell is Rachel?????
And do you think Tiger would not let Elin take the kids and go to Sweden if she wanted after all he's done to her????? get real....

1712 days ago


i am a cyber troll who is obsessed with michael jackson.

1712 days ago


Tiger Woods' wife "spotted"... Tiger Woods' mother-in-law "spotted"... Tiger Woods' mistresses #1, #2. #3, #4, #5-#10 all "spotted"... this story is as interesting as watching paint dry. Next on TMZ; Tiger Woods' fifth-grade teacher "spotted"

1712 days ago


If Braun's allegations are true, the golf-great could be in serious legal trouble, New York City-based attorney Tom Kenniff says

“He could be charged with patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor in New York,” Kennif said. “Depending on the statute of limitations, if there are witnesses swearing out statements, and there is a money trail that can be corroborated, it’s a reasonable likelihood” that Woods could be charged.

If convicted, Woods could face up to a year in jail, Kennif said.

Read more:

Highly unlikey that he would do any jail time. If Elliott Spitzer (former Gov. of NY) didn't do jail time neither will this tool. Elin, grow some brains and leave this guy, he will cheat on you again. Word.

1712 days ago


alice73--there's a problem in what you are saying --i really don't remember tiger judging other people and how they should be perfect like him--i just don't recall that coming out against politicians and everybody that has gone through what he's going through now---i just don't recall him calling a news conference and callin elliot spitzer a bad person--

"Of Course a lot of other people have cheated on their wives and husbands, the problem here is Tiger was protraying the sweet innocence husband, father, son golfer.. and making millions off the ads as such.."

i don't know about that--he has to live right?

1712 days ago


He cheated on his wife at his own bachelor party! He told one of the girls that his marriage was a "sham". So why did he get married in the first place? Public image? To please someone? Doesn't make sense if you are only going to ruin you image in the long run, because if you are doing 20 women on the side, it WILL come out sooner or later, especially with a person of his status. He should have just stayed single and did whatever and whoever he pleased, and none of this would have happened, or he could have atleast gotten a divorce if he wasn't satisfied at home. Why someone would subject their partner and children to this is beyond me. What a narcissist!

1712 days ago


Seriously, all joke aside, I think Tiger was under the influence of VIAGRA when he chose to screw around! And what put the nail into his coffin, was the fact that one of his ho’s said that he could go for hours and hours without stopping. Hellooooo! It’s called V I A G R A !!!!

Hey Tiger, beside the pain medication, alcohol, and then of course, you go and blend Viagra together with it, what do you get????

I N F I D E L I T Y ! ! ! ! !

Tiger, give up the Viagra!!!! Everybody knows, “that” particular drug (Viagra) has screwed up so many marriages and relationships, that the maker doesn‘t want most people to know about it!!!

We, older people, know it’s not important to bang every ho that comes into your comfort zone.

We, older people, made it through the 1970‘s, 1980’s and the 1990’s knowing it’s not worth it!!!!!

Just because it has a crack doesn’t mean you have to dive into it!!!!!!! And, just because it has a dong, doesn’t mean you have to insert it!!!!

Give Love a Chance!!! Love your wife and kids!!!!! That’s all that matters!!!!!!

1712 days ago

Gone too soon    

Well, Elin is not back here in Sweden or the tabloids would have picked it up. And I agree with a previous post - Tiger is not welcome here!! We support Elin 100%!

1712 days ago
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