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Tiger Woods' Wife -- I Don't Think I'm in Sweden

12/12/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has grabbed her passport and hoofed it to Sweden -- but our spies spotted her just an hour ago.

Tiger Woods

The above photo shows Elin's SUV after she pulled into the couple's guest house this afternoon.


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Seriously, all jokes aside, I know Tiger was under the influence of VIAGRA, when he chose to screw around! And what put the nail into his coffin, was the fact that one of his ho’s said that he could go for hours and hours without stopping. Hellooooo! It’s called V I A G R A !!!!

Hey Tiger, beside the pain medication, alcohol, and then of course, you go and blend Viagra together with it, what do you get????

I N F I D E L I T Y ! ! ! ! !

Tiger, give up the Viagra!!!! Everybody knows, “that” particular drug (Viagra) has screwed up so many marriages and relationships, that the maker doesn‘t want most people to know about it!!!

We, older people, know it’s not important to bang every ho that comes into your comfort zone.

We, older people, also, made it through the 1970‘s, 1980’s and the 1990’s knowing it’s not worth it!!!!!

Just because it has a crack doesn’t mean you have to dive into it!!!!!!! And, just because it has a dong, doesn’t mean you have to insert it!!!!

Give Love a Chance!!! Love your wife and kids!!!!! That’s all that matters!!!!!!

Oh yeah! Let God find you! He’s not the one that is lost; we are!!!!!

1773 days ago


Wish you all the best Tiger, but You are going to have to go through some more pain. You are asking american's to move on from what they have been secretly obsessed and fascinated by for ages, and thats the "BLACKMAN'S PENIS", so hang in there tiger , it will take some time possibly even a TERRorist attack(unfortunately) for american's to move on from the blackman's penis(lol).

even that is no guarantee..

1773 days ago

melvin polatnick    

No outsiders will ever know what Tiger and his wife were quarreling about. The last thing on the couples minds were his cheating ways. Tiger has had hundreds of women while married. Only an idiot would believe that she was unaware of what Tiger liked best. Their sexual secrets would shock church goers.

1773 days ago


And another thing; All you sons of bitches, that want to pretend that you’re so righteous, consider your own ways!!!! Every one of us has done crap that should not be repeated; so stop judging Tiger!!!!

We may not have done the “exact” same thing as Tiger, but I know each and everyone of us has done some crap that we would like to bury under some kitty litter!!!! I shutter when I think of 1974!!! So, knock off the “Well, I’ve Never!!!!” Yes you have, and so did I!!!!!

1773 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

WillotheWisp,STFU!He lied to all of us!Dumb aZZ!

1773 days ago


hateDEB---how did he lie to all of US about this affair--i missed the finger waging--when did that news conference take place?

1773 days ago


How long can this story go on for? A rich celebrity cheating on his wife with numerous women is not a story. If he bragged that his wife was his one and only then you can go after him but there are thousands of celebrities who cheat. The only difference was that Tiger smashed his car and got caught.


1773 days ago


Other gossip outlets are reporting that Uchitel will pose for Playboy for the right price. Cha-ching! Tige's making all of these girls rich!

1773 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

He lied about being a family man.His life at home,being there for his little girl.)People mag.2009

1773 days ago


everybody get on Nike's boycott and tell them you will boycott all thier products until they drop Woods. Link to contact page is here

1773 days ago


Woods is a complete LOSER in the things that count. If you stay with him another minute you're losing too. Take the $$ and run.

1773 days ago


She cant go anywhere with the children at this moment with out Tigers permission.
So dont call her a gold digger at this moment, you have to give here time.

It would be a criminal act to run with the children too Sweden at this moment.
This is why she are calm, she is not stupid,just wait and see she will tear him apart.

Mark my words, he will wish he was never born when she is done

1773 days ago


I think right after accident, Tiger booked out of town. I don't think he even returned to the Florida abode after the accident. I also think the guy is in some rubber room somewhere. Maybe, in Europe/Sweden. Strange that NO ONE has had a sighting of the guy since the accident.

1773 days ago


WOW--hate DEB--i don't think GOD likes what you are saying right now, cause you are telling him , he should have created a man with no flaws--i don't think GOD would appreciate what you are saying right now---NO ONE IS PERFECT--deb--no one--including YOU.

You have to learn to forgive people-deb--so GOD can have mercy on you when it's your time.

1773 days ago


I feel so bad for this young woman! My heart just aches for her. That tiger knowingly & willingly hurt the mother of his children like this is beyound belief to me. And just about as bad is all the kiss & tell whores. I can not image the balls it would take to admit to the world that you are a whore! Karma is a bitch. I hope the whores find no place on earth to hide their whorey selfs. On the other hand I hope every where Elin Woods goes she finds peace & harmony.

1773 days ago
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