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Tiger Woods' Wife -- I Don't Think I'm in Sweden

12/12/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has grabbed her passport and hoofed it to Sweden -- but our spies spotted her just an hour ago.

Tiger Woods

The above photo shows Elin's SUV after she pulled into the couple's guest house this afternoon.


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Mikey has a small "membrane".

1776 days ago


okay--am gay now because am tired of bashing tiger--i have done so--hate-DEB, i just can't keep it up like you guys(no pun some point, it starts to look ridiculos--am a human being with my own flaws--i can't keep pretending..

i must say you are the first saint am meeting--nice to me you hate-DEB.

1776 days ago


What I really don't get is why so many women (attractive or not) would want to sleep with Tiger -
and then boast about it. So he's got is money and fame-which isn't much, just ask Elin if she's happy. Not much to look at, not much upstairs, never thought he was a nice guy (just watching him play golf), and sure is missing a heart. And clearly the only thing he really wants is one thing, and it doesn't seem to matter who he gets it from. So why bother, ladies?

1776 days ago


Mikey just doesnt want you to see his SEX TAPE with Tiger woods!!

1776 days ago


Hey Mikey, You got it going on dude!!!!!

Pay no attention to the haters, they're just jealous!!!!!

1776 days ago


Originally scheduled for the 25 December, this story won’t wait… Draw your own conclusions.

Tiger i got no words for you..

1776 days ago


"hate DEB" and "Mel" get each other in the booty everyday, that's why they keep talking about gay sex!!!!

Just admit it and come on out of the closet!!!

1776 days ago


How does a man & a woman have GAY SEX???!!!

1776 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

Mikey is so gay,how gay is he?He is a hole in one!

1776 days ago


Never stopped 2 think Mel stands 4 Melissa & Hate Deb is a HOT MANLY LOVER??

1776 days ago


I miss the good old days when TMZ posted Michael Jackson stories everyday.

1776 days ago


Notice what the madam said, "he like to get it on with the MALE friends as well". I knew it. He likes both sides of the world so to speak. Been lickin on some "lollipops" as well. LOL!

1776 days ago


tiger will start a major indoor mini golf league.

1776 days ago


Hello Ms Elin:

Please don't allow this human foolishness/weakness and celebritism to break up your love, marriage, & family. All of us mess-up, at some time, all of us need forgiveness (from the very top to the very bottom). Please continue to love your husband, who loves you: stick with your own family: slap him upside the head a few times: lay down your ground rules: forget them hoes, 'cuz don't nobody love them! They're just doing the only thing they know how to do. ..And he was just being 'lil boy foolish; which does not refect how strongly he feels about you, the kids, and your marriage.

I'm a young, fine, educated, & wealthy BLACK woman, from Mecklenburg County, NC. My many family members & friends from various states (north, south, New England, mid-west, west, & even Germany)all feel the same; I was chosen to make the written comment. Don't let none of us steal your joy, break-up your family, and hurt your heart! We love you and Tiger, and the kids. Please forgive him, but let him know what time it is; he ain't gone do that no mo'! ..And Tiger, ask God to forgive you and strengthen you, then pick up those clubs and keep being who you are WITH YOUR OWN FAMILY! We ain't mad at'cha, we love y'all!

..With All Of Our Hearts, Peace! Ms. SuzyBelle

1776 days ago


Why all the comments about Elin. No one as even heard what her voice sounds like, much less know what she is about. Does it ever figure that perhaps do not have a good marriage and it may have little to do with Tiger. It seems tome that spying on Tiger and his wife and other women friends is not the proudest job to have in the world. Living off other people's interest in other people's misery or problems- is that the best we can do as a society. Why is what Tiger doing in the bedroom such an important issue vs. his playing of golf. Is everyone commenting here having their own lives and marriages in perfect order??

1776 days ago
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