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Tiger Woods' Wife -- I Don't Think I'm in Sweden

12/12/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has grabbed her passport and hoofed it to Sweden -- but our spies spotted her just an hour ago.

Tiger Woods

The above photo shows Elin's SUV after she pulled into the couple's guest house this afternoon.


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Mikey :)

She is jumping up and down for joy right now thinking 'This is my chance'.

I really hope Tiger stays with his wife and sorts out his personal issues. His wife is the onely one who never, ever talked to the press or friends or neighbors ever. Never used him to raise her profile. He is a dumb dumb to risk losing this woman. For Elin's sake I would like her to have a happy life so divorcing him might be best for her...but not yet. Not until that Uchitel B is out of the picture.

Nice meeting you!

1784 days ago


sorry !!fashion diva---but am tired!!!

1784 days ago


The Dude abides....

1784 days ago


i think we have real life "obsession" starring Uchitel, You know the movie beyonce did--lol, i was just thinking about it, the way she carries herself. its almost like she's waitin in the wings for all to collapse and then she moves right in--

that girl just robs me the wrong way!!!esp. hiring Gloria--i mean this girl knows alot..

Nice to meet you too..

1784 days ago


That rug really tied the room together....

1784 days ago


Mark it 8, Dude....

1784 days ago


sorry sam88, will wait and see!! i don't believe of this crap about --oh friends say this and friends say that- nonsense---i don't think elin is telling nobody jack---that woman is one private person--do you know --hardly anybody know what she really sounds like--freaking amazing..snl had to come up with some accent---don't even think she has one..

1784 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Thanks, Tiger, for giving us something to think and laugh about. We need all the giggles we can manage in this recession. People are out of work, Christmas is coming and they have no money to buy presents for their kids, our military is overseas away from their families. So thanks for letting us know that you have a billion dollars and are more miserable than we are.

1784 days ago


For God's sake leave it alone! The press has nothing better to do so they take a personal, nonstory and blow it up into a huge event. They, and we should all be ashamed for playing into this feeding frenzy. This happens in families every day, it is a private personal matter. Without the press/paparazzi we would have forgotten it days age. And we should have

1784 days ago


No doubt Elin makes a very high quality wife for him, nothing negative to say about her. The only problem is. . . . she bores the hell out of him. It appears that Tiger is an absolute sexual freak. Nicey nice housewife and mother isn't going to satisfy this guys sexual appetite. Tiger obviously prefers threesomes and hair pulling sex to the mundane family life. She needs to throw in the towel on this one, go back to Sweden, and Tiger goes back to golf and wild sex. Who are we kidding?

1784 days ago


18. TMZ, is anyone tracking Rachel? Where is she? Isn't she packed and gone to (where) with two bags and 4 cases of dog food no less (food for the dog, you know who I mean). Remember, Tiger wants what he wants... according to the alledged text messages... Rachel is his current event!!

Elin is toooooo good for him!! We support you Elin!!!

Posted at 2:26PM on Dec 12th 2009 by Where is Rachel

Exactly! TMZ find out where Rachel was going with all that dog food.

1784 days ago


Phil Mickelson is laughing his ass off right now, but Steve Williams (Tiger's caddy) isn't. Hopefully Phil can win a couple of majors next year while Tiger is screwing some white hooker in Vegas. By the way, how come all of the women are white? Are black women not good enough for him or something? What a pathetic loser....

1784 days ago

The US hypocrisy continues    

More shocking Woods revelations here:

According to, Elin is leaving him and going back to Sweden early in the new year.

1784 days ago

excretive producer    

Over the river and through the Woods to Elin's house we go...

1784 days ago
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