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Gillette: Tiger Woods Not the Best a Man Can Get

12/12/2009 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods won't be telling American men about close shaves anymore -- Gillette is officially phasing him out of their ads.

Tiger Woods

The company -- owned by perennially G-rated Procter & Gamble -- has announced it's phasing Tiger out of its ads while he sorts out his personal life. Translation -- they're dumping him.

Gillette is the first major sponsor to cut and run from the famed golfer.

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This is just the beginning.
Tiger will lay low. He'll beg Elin to at least "make it look good". And she'll get more money. The entire time more sponsors will either dump him, ramp down their exposure or renegotiate lower. At some point he'll return to golf. Mark my words IT WONT BE ON AMERICAN SOIL. If and when he does play in a PGA event he'll face a type of pressure never seen on the tour before. From now on he'll be dogged by hecklers just as he is her eon TMZ that will take endless verbal shots at him. Sure he can putt under pressure when the crowd is cheering for him along with every announcer on CBS's payroll. But how will he respond when he's booed? How will he respond when the fans that had always sighed when he hit one in the water are now laughing in delight?
Regardless of what happens with his marriage from now on he wont be able to order a cup of coffee from a female without someone with a cellphone taking his pic. Not a pic of him...a pic of the possible 50th or 258th skank.
I hate this guy but if I was advising him I'd tell him you need to take a beating from the public, the sooner you get it over with the sooner you can get on track again. Hiding and speaking through lawyers on your website is just winding the rubberband tighter. He should get on the course and man up.

1775 days ago

A victim of high testosteron level    

Well done, everything else would be a bad marketing decision at this point, I am sorry to conclude.

Remember Tiger's parents reportedly said he was the chosen one? One like Buddha or sumtin'?
Maybe the best is to quit golf, wash the mind and start on a whole new business like saving humanity and stun the world...

yap, turn tables once more...

I thought I was a poor, forgotten, unfortunate soul but right now I must be doing better than Tiger Woods, money notwithstanding.

I hope it works it out for the Woods family.....somehow....

But please, go to Seychelles, Barbados or somewhere in the south Pacific and spare us the paparazzi invasion in Stockholm around Christmas time. I live nearby the flat Woods owns and I want my local shopping mall left in peace.

It's dark here in Sweden anyhow...and getting cold....forget about skating, ski, mittens and all that winter stuff. Take to swimming and sunbathing, building sand-castles with the kids...cute.

Oh my, It's so sad I need to joke about the whole story.

1775 days ago


The only ones complaining are the bitter old women who are afraid their "man" is going to cheat with the woman in the next trailer.

1775 days ago


Translation -- they're dumping him.

Gillette is the first major sponsor to cut and run from the famed golfer.

That's funny, I interpreted it as a clever marketing move. Ease up on his advertising at a time when they would have done so anyway, offer a non-committal statement to appease the angry mobs while not alienating the people who think business and personal lives should remain separate, and wait until this whole thing blows over. I don't recall reading anywhere that they "dumped" him.

1775 days ago


Gillette made the best decision, hope other companies follow soon. Why support a married man and father, who played around with PORN stars. That was a huge mistake by Tiger. Why ruin your golf career for a few slum, porn queens. Tiger will find out it was not worth the past few years. I was hoping Tiger had some smarts but guess not. Being famous and loaded with money, they think they can be above the world.

1775 days ago


YEAHHH men like sex, we get it! So he should have either arranged an open relationship, left his wife, or stayed single and George Clooneyed it.

1775 days ago


They didnt dump him TMZ they just are cutting back on commercials why would they put him on commercials if he isnt playing wow you guys someone isnt reading properly they didnt dump him at all its just different season now wow sounds like who ever is writing this stuff wants to see tiger just loose all and is jealous belive me tiger is set for life already !!

1775 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    


All he did was bone a few sluts. Whats the big idea?

1775 days ago


There was a movie released in 1998 about the The Tiger Woods Story, and it shows he was a playboy back then. I thought it was weird that I never heard anything about his secret life till now. He had good friends protecting him I guess.

1775 days ago

republican mensa    

He's dumped.....they are just using words to not seem insensitive to his needs just in case there are fans still rallying for him. Remember, theses big company's have pr too and working over time in the tiger case....misha nobady is worried about " their man going to the next trailer", but iam worried about your intelligence!!!!!!!

1775 days ago


How funny. On the Gillette site under Tiger's BIO his list of favorite gadgets includes "a cell phone for texting" Wonder if Elin will let him keep a cell phone now... http://www.gillette.com/en-US/#/entertainment/gillettechampions/en-US/index.shtml/

1775 days ago


In something of a reverse logic move to what's going on with Nike, I'll participate: as Gillette phases out Tiger, I'll phase in Gillette and make a point of buying Gillette products for that nice clean shave, for a few months anyway. I'm not one to obsess.

1775 days ago


Hasnt anyone in the media considered women from other countrys that tiger has been involved with??? He owns multipule homes all over the world and I'd bet anything there are others out of the USA he has been involved with. Why would country lines stop him, nothing else has.... the ivory tower is crumbling

1775 days ago



It's refreshing to see a company penalize their 'stars' who exercise such poor judgment in their personal life. Tiger is FAR from "The best a man can get".

1775 days ago


he's not getting paid to golf any more so why bother.

1775 days ago
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