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Gillette: Tiger Woods Not the Best a Man Can Get

12/12/2009 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods won't be telling American men about close shaves anymore -- Gillette is officially phasing him out of their ads.

Tiger Woods

The company -- owned by perennially G-rated Procter & Gamble -- has announced it's phasing Tiger out of its ads while he sorts out his personal life. Translation -- they're dumping him.

Gillette is the first major sponsor to cut and run from the famed golfer.

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Hey melvin polatnick, I'm an atheist and I'm grossly offended by Tiger Woods' behavior. He's disgusting. It has nothing to do with "the church".

You say in a free society Tiger has a right to exist. Yes indeed. And we consumers have a right to purchase or not purchase products for whatever reasons we choose. The companies that make those products are sensitive to consumer reactions. I sent an email to P&G to complain about them using Woods as an endorser, and I'm sure there were plenty of others who did the same. I told them I would by NO P&G products as long as they retained Woods. It's my choice, right?

Also gotta love how you blame Elin. You probably cheat too, that's why you barf out all sorts of excuses for Tiger and consider him a victim. Good luck with your relationships.

1779 days ago


Good idea Polar Bear! To everyone: if you support P&G's decision to can Tiger as an endorser, reward them by buying more P&G products, and let them know your intentions via their "contact us" web page. I buy a lot of P&G products anyway, now I'm going to make an extra effort to seek them out and buy them. (P&G is Proctor & Gamble, they have the Gillette brand.)

1779 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Every sponsorship contract has clauses allowing for ending the contract if the person behaves in a way that has negative impact on the product. Tiger's sleazeball behavior was his own decision so he can whine all he wants but every bad thing that's coming to him now is his own fault. Maybe he'll learn to be a man someday but I doubt it.

1779 days ago


Nike will hold on forever, the twits. Ladies - if it's NIKE, just say NO.

1779 days ago


I know all this must be extremely hard, for Tiger him being white and all..............

1779 days ago

Run Tiger Run    

This is kinda sad, really, but here is the home Tiger and Elin are fleeing to in Sweden. She bought it Dec 1. But I can assure you, this will not save any marriage. If you coup up in a little house in the middle of Winter, it will only make all the problems you have with your wife worse. I guarantee that Tiger will be home in a month, sans, wife and kids, for good.

Here is the house:


1779 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

STFU, Tiger. Nobody gives a rat's a$$ about what you say or think.
Oooh, like the world revolves around golf!!!! Haha.

1779 days ago


TMZ...how desperate you guys sound... You and all those legitimate news show have spent the last week (some more) begging Tigers' sponsors to drop him. How desperate you all are to create news.

1779 days ago

What if    

Do you really think that Tiger and Elin are together? Remember, 1 or 2 days ago, Rachel packed up and went somewhere... perhaps to the boat in Flordia... Don't be so sure that Tiger isn't going to pursue what he really wants, Rachel (he has a 1 - 2 year attention span). I would like someone to verify where Rachel is.. if that can't be done.. I would give it a 50/50 chance, Rachel is headed to Tiger Town and Elin is headed back to Sweeden..

1779 days ago


My entire family uses another brand, anyway....

Holding positive and long-term healing thoughts on behalf of Tiger, Elin Woods, their precious babies, and their mothers!!

Nike is an American company located in the Pacific Northwest so continue to support that first-class company.

1779 days ago


Tiger has listened to his people. I know from inside sources, he and Elin will DIVORCE. He is Paying her to stay for awhile. When he returns, He will be a HERO for staying in the marriage, and will say that they TRIED and he still LOVES HER and he will be back again. MARK MY WORDS

1779 days ago


No need to wonder about his bags, one of the swines' bags, et al.,...as Tiger, Elin Woods, and those gorgeous babies are somewhere the tabloid and female animals cannot get near them during his time away from golf and, hopefully, the healing of his (entire) life since he was a child prodigy, his marital relationship, and his fatherhood. Regarding Ughitel, she's no better or worse than the rest of the disgusting lot of females and so...no, the dark side of a Cinderella story is not going play in the new chapter of Tiger Woods' future life.

1779 days ago


It was smart for Gillette to drop him. Who do you think purchases all the razors and shaving gel for men? Men don't do it. Women do it for their husbands when they go grocery shopping. If it was up to men, they would buy the cheapest razor and gel they could find. Gillette made a smart move.

1779 days ago

What i think    

I'm guessing their marriage isn't gonna last long. She might as well take & get all she can especially for the kids sake. And, let go of the "man of the house" so he can continue to play around with these women, that people are calling shanks. The Cheetah is addicted to sex. He's not gonna change. He's 33 yrs old. It'll be awhile before he grows up. I can live with the fact if he proves me wrong and I'd rather he prove me wrong. He's got a lot of grown up to do. Believe me I know!

1779 days ago


I'm glad someone stepped up and is actaully saying that what he has done isnt good for their image! Bout time! Good for nothing men (and woman) who think cheating is ok... fraid not!

1779 days ago
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