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Gillette: Tiger Woods Not the Best a Man Can Get

12/12/2009 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods won't be telling American men about close shaves anymore -- Gillette is officially phasing him out of their ads.

Tiger Woods

The company -- owned by perennially G-rated Procter & Gamble -- has announced it's phasing Tiger out of its ads while he sorts out his personal life. Translation -- they're dumping him.

Gillette is the first major sponsor to cut and run from the famed golfer.

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The best thing Tiger could do right now is admit he's a ho-addict, get a divorce, and be free to screw as many hos as he wishes. The problem isn't that he's a player, the problem is that he's an unbelievable lying deceitful cheat to his wife.

Prior poster got it right, Tiger should have stayed single, like Clooney. Next best thing to staying single: becoming single.

Still, the damage has been done. Tiger is the most stupid man on the planet. If any companies use him as an endorser again, I offer to spearhead the boycott. There are FAR too many other people who would make better endorsers. At this point even Chris "Beater" Brown is looking like a better prospect!

1783 days ago


this is great news. The public must stand up and say what this guy did can not be excused and no company (like NIke) should pretend like nothing happened by continuing to honor his contracts. Good for for gillette. I may now switch back to Gillette blades now. But if they bring Tiger back i'll switch blades again. Bravo Gilletee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1783 days ago


here is the true story about what happened with gillette...

these smucks dont get it right all the time


1783 days ago

b. posey    

I am so sick of this. Yes Tiger really messed up! He is trying to fix it. I don't think he can but maybe who knows? You can't fix it with money.
That doesn't change his golf game I hope, he is number ONE!
Gillette is making a big mistake there are a lot of consumers out there who won't forget that they kicked him when he was down!
Still Love Tiger

1783 days ago


Tiger got off easy. Look what happened to Steve McNair.
Get down on your knees and say thank-you Tiger
No apology necessary...this is so funny!

1783 days ago


Tag Heruer has removed all the billboards with his image within the week in L.A., all replaced with a blonde woman modeling the watches. Ads look good too now. So, what about them, I think they're just laying low but will eventually drop Tiger.

1783 days ago



1783 days ago


good get rid of him.

1783 days ago


I actually asked for an electric razor for Christmas because those Gillettes were getting way to expensive. Now I know why!
I have been paying for Tiger's hos all these years!

1783 days ago

Deep Digger    

tiger's agent mark goldbegger said they were re-negotiating his contracts. it means they held yesterday's announcement until they finalized the talks. there was not much new revelation. they could have released it two weeks ago. they only changed the word transgression with infidelity. everybody knew what transgression meant.

gillette does not make much out of tiger. so, i was expecting them to drop him. but, they will line up behind him once he starts to win and public starts to accept his new image. i guess tiger will pay elin to stick around until then. other sponsors are too small even bother to mention. so, nike is the only major one left. nike is not going to leave tiger.

marriage counseling means people to be in the same room. tiger lives in his "privacy" boat. i think he does not even see his own mom. his friends said they tried to reach him. but, he did not contact them back. it sounds like he is only talking to people kissing his behind.

tiger does not love elin or his kids. in his last three statements, he did not mention that. it sounds like tiger wants to stay indefinitely infidel.

support tiger, support his hos. he is not going to hire cheap hos after this mess.

1783 days ago


ALL Tiger's endorsers should DROP HIM
only to HIRE Elin in his place! She can
use the Gilette on her legs.

1783 days ago


It makes absolute sense to me that Gillette is dropping Woods. Truth is when a company hires someone to endorse their product, that company is buying the image he projects. Wood's carefully crafted squeaky clean image is presently in the toilet through his own making. (not TMZ's) His image is now tarnished; it says untrustworthy, and unreliable. What company wants their image tarnished, and their reputation associated with that? Great move Gilette! Women -- whose buying influence is tremendous -- will continue to support your products. Can't say the same for Nike; with so many homogenous products out there, women will be able to avoid your products, and discourage their men from from buying those, too.

1783 days ago


Time to support Gillette and all P&G products!

1783 days ago


Any sponsors who stay with Tiger show no character--that goes for his wife also. Think his children can still have him as a father but I'm sure Elin could find a better father with character and integrity that would value his time with two adorable children verses his self-absorbed obsession with questionable women. Tiger has proven to be a fraud with hypocricy beyond explanation. His children in time will certainly have more respect for their Mother if she leaves this disgusting human being that just happens to be a "golf champ". What's more important in life--Happiness or Money, Elin?

1782 days ago
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