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Gillette: Tiger Woods Not the Best a Man Can Get

12/12/2009 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods won't be telling American men about close shaves anymore -- Gillette is officially phasing him out of their ads.

Tiger Woods

The company -- owned by perennially G-rated Procter & Gamble -- has announced it's phasing Tiger out of its ads while he sorts out his personal life. Translation -- they're dumping him.

Gillette is the first major sponsor to cut and run from the famed golfer.

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So he lost Gilette and probably Nike (soon). All is not lost. Maybe Trojan will offer him an endorsement contract, as well as the Chicken Ranch in Vegas, Viagra and Cialis. His wife could contact the show "Cheaters," to revive his career, OR he could become a porn star!

It always darkest before the dawn, Tiger! HAHHAHHA!!!

1752 days ago


What does Tiger's personal life have to do with the advertisements. You all made money off him... Now just cause he in in trouble you don't care what happen just the lost of your money. Wow MOMEY MONEY MONE!!! I know what he did is not right but whom am I to judge anyone.

1752 days ago


Gillette should capitalize on the free press - obviously Tiger has already paid for "the best a man can get" and hey baby, sex sells!

1752 days ago


Okay, Tiger did what he did. No I don't agree with what he did, but there is nothing that we can do about it now. It's over. He has asked for forgiveness, which I think was sincere. Now is not the time to kick him while he is down. All of you that are kicking him, I bet if welooked in your closets we would find some skeletons that would get you guys fired from your jobs, friends cut relationships with you etc.....Okay so what he lost some endorsements. I promise you he'll be alright, he has a billion dollar nest he can snuggle in right now. He'll be back. Just pray for him, that's what he needs now.

1751 days ago


Kudos to Gillette!!

1751 days ago


The f---ing you get is never worth the f---ing you get. That saying is as old as the hills.

1751 days ago


I love seeing guys like Tiger, Kobe, O.J and all the rest of them getting what they deserve for thinking some people are so in love with them only to find out they really care nothing about these guys when they screw over certain women. I'm sitting back waiting for the black women to come out of the woodwork claiming they had affairs with Tiger. Yeah right lol. I'm sure there's none because they probably all had to much attitude for him. I'm wishing all those with attitudes are laughing their heads off seeing how much of a stupid fool he looks like right now. As for that golfer who feel like Tiger was the wrong man for Elin, who i feel only set her up with Tiger because of what Tiger had, needs to just be quiet. I'm sure he wouldn't have set her up with any ole regular joe that looked anything like Tiger who didn't have money.

1751 days ago



1750 days ago


world will lost the best golferif he retired...i love woods since i 7 year old...pleasa..woods...please come back!!!

1750 days ago


I guess Gilette wasn't the closest shave the man ever had then.

1750 days ago


All of you so called god fearing people disgust me! What happened to forgiveness? Tiger is going through a phase in his life and none of use really knows the entire story as to what was happening in his relationship, evidently they were having some issue's. Celebrities are placed on a pedestal and when they experience a problem we tend to demoralize them, think about all the mistakes that you have made growing up? Did you want your friends and neighbors in your business? Tiger is still Tiger, THE BEST DAMNED GOLFER ALIVE, like it or not. Tiger has to please only himself/family not a bunch of hypocrites whose only goal in life is to make money off of another person, this isn't news, it's a witch hunt.

1749 days ago

Back To Basics    

I applaud Proctor & Gamble for taking a stand and dropping Woods. My opinion is that all of the other companies who do not want to take a stand should be boycotted. The morals of the USA, as a whole, are almost non-existent. When Clinton told the World that he did not have sex with that woman … and all the other lies he told … and nothing was done … I guess we shouldn’t expect anything else from AT&T, Golf Digest, Tag Heuer, Upper Deck … all the sponsors who do not want to take a stand. They are waiting for Woods to make a comeback and I think it is despicable. What are we teaching the children of the United States? We are teaching them that it is okay to lie, cheat and steal.

1749 days ago


The Country at War and everybody worried about Tiger......please.

1749 days ago


Glad to see that sponsors are coming to their senses and ridding themselves of the yoke around an association with the double-life impressario.

1747 days ago


Are you trying to tell me that no one from the Gillette company has never or will never or is not cheating. Give me a break, they did not use Tiger based on any agreement that he wouldnt cheat. They are all cheaters in my book. They are not perfect, just like Tiger is not perfect. All this came about because they new he was going to be voted for the #1 athlete of the year, they didn't want it to go to him this is why all this happened. All these women they are not telling the truth. Yes he admit to cheating, but he did not with everyone that is sticking their head in is business. This is between Tiger and his wife. Leave the man alone, he's not the first to cheat.

1745 days ago
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